mg os: love life

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul that you touched that day tthat blissful day of my life’..

Not only you saved my life but you filled me with your love and the concern that was on your face that day seeped into me through your love. The delightful moment that changed our lives for ever that made two different bodies one soul’ I know how had you feeled when you saw me in that condition’I was so near to death bed ‘ I knew you had no other options then that”.

Today I am the most contented and pleased with my life I couldn’t have even that in my wild imagination that our life will be so beautiful and cherished ” not only this today I am dying to meet him to tell him to we are going to have our symbol of love”

Then geet gently place her hand on her tummy as to she is caressing and loving their most beautiful and exciting moment of life ‘.as she is going in the phase of experiencing motherhood in her life a tear slipped from her eyes’..tear of happiness , that joy which once they have lost  in their life is now in their life finally”’

Geet: you know baby I am very eager to tell to your papa that his princess will be with us in few months’.. but shona you will not leave us na ‘ this time your mama will not be able to live without you’..

Talking to her unborn baby gives her a feel of satisfaction’. A cheer in her life”.

Geet: shona you know your daddy will be delighted hearing this and will not leave me for a second and will again not allow your mama in office ‘.you know last time when he came to know that about you’.he was very conscious about his little princess”and then that incident ”. He still considers himself for that incidence’.but you know na that he was not at fault”.it was me I was adamant on learning driving’..first he didn’t listened to me but then due to my anger he just melted and I was driving then suddenly ”’

While geet was in her past remembering their sweet and sour journey tears started flowing from her hazels unknown to her”

Geet: baby you know Sometimes all is  need is a loving hand to hold and a caring heart to understand and I got that I found my peace in your daddy”or he just let made his way in my dull life ‘ know honey we were together in college and infact were friends , good friends’..


Maan and geet had been studying in delhi’s best architecture college. Maan was in his last year while geet was one year junior’.but both of them share a good friendship and respect each other”

Once maan and geet had been given the project in which they were paired up with each other as it was the last assessment of seniors and teachers had made the juniors and seniors to work together”.

Maan and geet had taken their given the reference from”’.. KHURANA CONSTRUCTIONS”.. since they have completed most of the work including final presentation before time they needed to submit a report on the company’s management for which they needed to go to shimla as the MD that is maans dad had given them permission for shimla’s branch”.

Though maan was the heir of khurana’s business but he was not given any special preference and infact  maan had contacted many firms for their project before they got the approval from KC’..

So they were off to shimla because only fifteen days were remaining for project submission”

Their work completed before the time duration and still they had one whole day left ‘so geet being jovial decided that that will explore the place before heading back to delhi”

That day both maan and geet enjoyed to their whole while coming back geet accidently slipped in the river   and was drowning in between somehow maan managed to save her and suddenly it started snow to fall from  since geet was  drenched   fully”..suddenly due to sudden change her body temperature she went limp into maan’s arms’..

Due to her sudden uncociousness maan was in high panic and started to rub her palms and body’..then on no response he quickly scooped her up in his arms and take her to their cottage ‘on contacting the doctor there was no response as due to heavy snow fall all the lines and channels were blocked”

Maan: on god what should I do know’..( then he again started rubbing ther palms) ‘..

Maan: geet ‘. Get up’ geet for god sake open your eyes ”

Then maan look at look and realized she still have wet clothes on her’.maan again started tried to make her conscious but was of no avail’..

Maan st : what should I do know”how can I change her clothes???…no If I didn’t then it could have affect her , her condition can became worse than this’.no I have to do this’.

 He gently dimmed the lights’covered her with the blanket and changed her clothes into some warm clothes’..and continuously rubbed her palms and toes to generate heat’..but there was no improvement infact she started to get shiver ”.

Maan was in a sudden fear seeing her like that’.. he thought’.

Maan st: geet I can’t afford to loose you’in these days you have came too close to me that I can’t loose you’..i am sorry geet I have to do this  ”.

Then quickly he get both of them devoid of Their clothing and maan slipped beside geet and her in his embrace and started giving her his body heat’..

After some time which seemed like ages geet was responding and was getting warm ”

But it stopped not only at this ”.. seeing geet’s innocent and angelic face maan was lost somewhere’..whereas geet didn’t object and gave her consent and they occurred the most blissful mistake of their life and were drowned in their own estacy’..both didn’t release what they have done they were just in the most cheerful moment of their life”.

Next day when both  get up in each other embrace maan was shocked to see both of them I that state”

Maan st: how can this happen ‘.how can I cross my limits that too with geet ‘ will I face her now’.ohh god what have I done”

Maan was lost in his own thoughts’..when geet woke up’.and there was a new glow on her face ‘.

Geet: (smiling)good morning maan’.

Maan: shocked to see no anger on her face’..didn’t replied’after some time he blurted out in regret I am sorry geet’..i am really sorry’.and he closed his eyes in pain’.while geet looking at him in shock’.

Geet: thank you maan’..thank you for saving my life’.i owe my life to you’..saying this she collected herself while wrapping duvet with her and went to washroom’..

When she came back after taking the shower

 Maan: (he was still confused with her behaviour so he directly asked her) ‘.geet you are not angry with me for'( he left his words incomplete)

Geet: completing his sentence’.for last night’..i am not angry on you infact it happened with my consent also’.i am equally responsible for it’.and please don’t held yourself guilty’.

Maan: how can you say that geet you were unconscious and I literally forced myself on you’..with that geet shouted MAANNN!!!!!!!!…and left from there ‘..

They reached delhi’..there project was a big success’.but they didn’t meet , not even saw each other except for that project work’..for one month”geet became dull and gloomy’.while  maan was angry and frustrated on himself on not realizing his love’true love’ he decided to talk to his father as he was his mentor , guide and best friend’..maan  told everything that happened in shimla with both of them and told him that he wanted to marry geet”

While his father was proud for his son’s correct decision’.he  talked with geet’s parents and fixed there marriage’.

Although geet was not at all interested in marriage but she couldn’t deny’.she even didn’t see the groom’s photo that was given to him’.

There marriage was held with a grand celebration’..

That night while maan entered his room his bride was standing near the window’..she when realized his presence turned and get the biggest shock of her life ‘

Geet: (shocked) maan ‘..

Maan: yes geet its me maan and started walking towards her’.while geet”

Geet: maan you married me ‘ married me because of that night ‘..because of your guilt’..tears formed in her eyes realizing that she was married to the person she’s been head over heals in love with’..

While maan didn’t say anything ‘.he just captured her soft rozy lips in a soul shearing kiss’.making her doubts clear ”.making his realization clear to her’..after the gentle yet passionate kiss ‘.maan confessed”geet I married you because I want to live with you’..i want to share the most beautiful and blissful relation with you”because I am In love with you misthy”.

Listening to his confession geet just hug him tight’ she’ll let him go he will vanish into thin air”..

And they soon drifted into their passion’.and passionate love life’.

After one month’..they came to know that geet was expecting and was two months pregnent”both of them were very happy as their first love is blossomed into a symbol’.their symbol of love’.


While geet was reminiscing her life maan entered their room and saw his mishty talking to someone’..slowly came near her and hugging her from waist’..maan whispered into her ear’..misthy to whom you are talking’.

And geet just got shied and turned quickly and hugged him’.and said confidently’.

Geet: maan I was talking to shona’.telling her about her parents love ‘..

Maan suddenly got alert listening to word shona and look expectedly into geet’s eyes while geet with tearful eyes nodded and place his hands on her tummy’.

Maan hug her with all his love and geet reciprocated with equal fervour’.no words were required between them’.they just remain as it is cherishing the most awaited moment of their life which has ended their longing’



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