What happens when you fall in love with your biggest enemy and both are having quite similar personalities.. It is heard that opposites poles attract but what if thwse two similar poles instead of repelling starts coming closer to each other.

their reluctance will be their first step of feelings

their attraction will be like a fire that will lit the light of passion and desire..

for the first time words will not speak but their eyes will convey their feelings..

if he is fire than she is the spark which ignites fire…

if he dies to be with her then she knows how to make him alive…

both are similar with their fire of love ready to burn them in the passion that will ignite once they will knew that their feelings are actually that thing that stupid emotion called LOVE , ISHQ , AUR ISHQ ME MARNE AUR MAARNE WAALI MOHABBAT…


he was in a bad mood extremely worst again he had messed up with a girl in the campus was it his mistake that girls swoon over him.. Was it his mistake that he was drop dead handsome and was ready to kill with his looks again another proposal and he blasted on the girl it was not that he didnt like this daily routine of his but there was a certain limit .. After all he is THE MAAN SINGH KHURANA the younger or san the youngest one in the family , most pampered and the apple of his family maan as his name suggest the pride of his family…

maan came in the same tashan with glares on he look killing in that crisp white shirt and black denims … Studing in barch third year .. He is the cool dude and most preferenced hunk of the college .. He loved to hang out with his friends he is polite as well as a roaring lion … No girl has ever denied him of everything least he never asked anyone about anything.. He believes in himself and his skills .. Being the son from an influencial family he never let that position to dance on his head ..

she was looking at her notebooks all were having curry stains she wanted to kill the person who had done it.. It was two days hardwork that was spoilt by that spoilt brat.. She looked at the girl who was responsible for this her eyes which will look good while it glitters were having a good spark anger filled ready to kill.. Mind just telling her to chop off the heads of those idiots who did this.. Even her favoorite dupatta was having yellow stains she took her messed up things and slowly just like a tigress ready for its prey went towards her.. Her hands were made in a fist ready to punch straight on her face.. It was huge and she will make it an extra large event .. What the hell did she think of herself …
geet just went towards her and took the mug filled with chilled coke and the newly ordered snacks.. She just emptied it on the girl and a loud gasp came out of the mouth of the viewers …

geet duated away her hands and with a pure and an innocent smile she answered back..

geet : sweety you should have thought atleast ten times before messing up with me.. Do you think you can use my things and spoilt them..
the girl looked slightly disturbed she was bathed in the eatbles and geet was insulting her in front of the whole college…
sameera: geet!!!!! What do you think of yourself … What did you do.. You will pay for it…
geet : shut up.. Do you think that i am afraid of this poor and touch me not sam baby … (kisi ke baap se bhi nahi darti hai geet handa … Jise bulana hai bula le…) do you think i am scared… Go and call who ever you want to.. I am just here ready to meet your so called supporters …
the girl looked at geet with her attitude dripping she pointed her fingers but the next second it was like something was squeezed badly… And she cried in pain the crowd was quite amused and some were giggling it was nice scene …
geet : what happened dear … Is it paining …

the girl cried but she didnt left her hand.. Some were murmuring in the crwod enjoying..
guy 1 : who is she yar.. Ek dam bomb hai.. Look how sam is crying…
girl 2 : yar its not her day first maan insulted her infront of the college and now her.. Waise who is she…
guy 2: fresher.. She joined the college this year only.. Attitude and ego wise she is too tikhi mirchi but good natured and clean at heart…
girl 1 : how do you know.. Now dont say me you are judging her from her clothes .. Even salwar kameezz is making her look too hot …
guy 3: she is a total rowdy or say gundi hai… Dont listen to any kind of crap of anyone and here sam spoilt her hand written notes i am amazed tht geet didnt made burta of this sam..

geet was intendly looking at sameera who was right now not in a mood and condition to listen or say anything…
geet : toh now tell me where should i meet you.. You will be there to let me meet your ruffians na.. ( chal jaldi bata kahan milna na.. Aakhir tu mujhe aise toh chodegi nahi abb bata kahan beheji apne chamchon ko…)
total entertainment was there and it made poor sam worried she looked down and tried to whisk away leaving everything which made geet to laugh but she had more work in her kitty now double hardwork just because of some jerk.. And right now she need to find that idiot and stupid who made sam to spoil geet’s things..

geet came and looked at her things she hurriedly kept them in her bag and took her foodie friend pinky who was right at that time muching a big veggie burger and was having juice..
geet : chal pinky how much do you have to eat now… She picked her chocolates and pinky her burger…
geet came towards the sport area she looked into the playground .. She had bunked her physics class to meet that jerk who was actually responsible for her notes..

geet went near the group who were actually having some important thing or if you look correctly in it it says these were the certificates provided by the university to the player of the basketball tournament geet was alone and the guys{players}were amused to see a beautiful girl clad in a pink sleeveless salwar kameez she wore the traditional jooties which were making her look like a barbie doll ( a desi one )
guy 1: true punjaban.. Bas palat ke dekh le…
guy 2: kinni soni hai..
but they didnt knew that what this soni kudi gonna do when she will meet the person whom she is searching..
geet came near the second guy she battled her eyeslashes suppressing her laugh and urge to kick that jerk no 2 on his crotch but she somehow controlled her urges..
geet : suniye ji…
guy 2: ji kahiye…
the next moment the coach called all of them and the guy was not interested in going but geet was geet.. She very efficiently hit his knee making him squirm with pain.. She went near a group of guys standing they were actually practising for the coming match and were holding their friend’s certificate..
geet went near them and a guy was in red shirt and having a white towel around his neck he was having his ball in his hand when a sweet voice disturbed his thoughts..
geet : can you tell me where i can find maan singh khurana..
the guy looked at geet she was plain and simple and the best thing straight foward but today maan was in his worst mood due to sameera .. Even he was missing from the practice..
arjun maan’s friend looked at her and answerd her politely..
arjun : sorry he is not here but you can meet him at 5 when the college will be off he usually goes at that time..
geet looked at arjun with her furious eyes she thought that he is inviting her to meet maan alone but she is not scared as she knew how to deal with these kind of idiots…geet was about to go muttering profanities to both maan and arjun when arjun stopped her as he saw maan coming changing his clothes..
arjun : wait a second miss maan is here…
maan looked at arjun and the girl who just turned to look at him for the first time he was like stood rooted on his place the girl looked absolutely divine with her pinkish lips curved in a frown eyes filled with anger and mischief.. Pupils dilated yet she was looking gorgeous in that short kurti with salwar and those teasing flicks and her half tied hair … Maan was amazed to see a beauty infront of him…
but the girl came and she took his certificate and took the water filled bottle and emptied on the certificate if this was not enough she took out some curry from her tiffin and made his certicate bath in it… All were confused and maan’s anger towered his senses ..he just grabbed her from her shoulder and shouted at her..
maan : what have you done you saneless girl…pagal ho gai ho.. Who are you to spoil my things..
geet looked at him with engraged eyes and answered him back..
geet : thats it… Maine wohi kiya that you did with my handwritten notes jante ho it took me 48 hours sleepless night to make them and you and that b**** sam threw all the curry on them..
maan : thats not me you idiot girl.. That was sam … And who are you to spoil my things.. Do you know who i am and what can i do to you…
all the while their faces were an inch apart and geet was under his steel grip.. She was not wriggling not crying like other girls she was equal with him..
geet: who are you.. Minister son or wait president’s son… What will do expel me from college or sent some goons behind me.. Tell me.. Kya karoge MAAN SINGH KHURANA
maan didnt took a second to think he just pulled her in his embrace fully making her shut and took her rosy lips forcing her to surrender to his luscious demand… A collective gasp came out of the viewers and it was like a hot and demanding kiss was going on.. His hands made her to hold him and his tongue entered the canal of her mouth she was numb and hypnotised by his grip he was not forcing or doing any kind of zabardasti but his charm of making her loose her entire rowdypan was the plus point…
maan’s hands mkde patterns on her stomach he didnt want anyone to see what he was doing except that kiss.. His tingue twirles and lips nibbled her sensitive skin.. She was tasting of chocolates geet was just giving to his demand maan whispered in her ear before parting…
maan : next time dont eat milk chocolates and dont worry i will make you learn how to kiss next time…
maan left her but instaed of crying or anything she tearoff his certificate and left from the place making maan to look at her going figure she was damn cute yet angry , innocent yet bold and he liked this wild tigress who is ready to fight for her rights and face everything…
it was almost three days that geet was not seen maan knew that this could actually make her shut in her home but knowing her he knew she was planning for something big..
he smiled when the third day he dound hi sherni all ready late running to get to her class she must have woke up late and her curly wet hair tied with two hair pins were telling him the entire thing.. And instead of seeing her again in desi avatar he saw her in white and golden frock which was till her knees small sleeves and a gold chain with a diamond pendant and what amused him that she wore jootis of golden pattern and a knee length legging complimenting her frock.. He had seen many girls but she was the only one carrying herself so gracefully…
maan had gathered all the information about her and the reason of her outburst ws quite justified
she goes to a orphanage and spent her four hours with the blind and the notes sam spoilt were for exams and she really had worked hard.. Maan who himself share same personality with her couldnt help to admire her.. Though she was running late but couldnt help to stop in between and greet whoever she found she was not aware of him staking or she would have broke his head till now..
a week later he was sitting alone after his practise all the members of his team left just he was there practising when he heard the soft melodious tune of ankelts he looked at her and found her coming with something in her hand..maan was deliberately not looking at her but the next moment he found her sitting next to her.. And made a guilty face she looked at him and his face was filled with some excitement thatmade her to glare at him..
maan : hmm so you came to see me.. I must say you are an efficient student khud hi aa gayi
geet was confused and made a pouty face she looked at him with big doe shaped eyes..
geet : huhhh… What are you saying…
maan faking his innocence and making her to jump on the spot or say precisely she bounced on him showing him her big eyes and making a cute face that was filled with anger..
maan : haan dont you know how to kiss wahi seekhne aayi hona hai.. Dont worry ill make you perfect.. He winked and she was ready to punch him but he just pulled her with his hands caressing her lenght of arm she gasped for air parting her lips slightly.. He just brought her more close slightly licking her upper lip with his tongue today no one was there to see them.. His one hand was holding waist and his other one supporting her shoulder the next moment he made her comfortable on his lap and she was frightened she looked at him with those terrified eyes she knew that what it could lead to she wriggled and whispered in his mouth..
geet : leave me…
but he proceeded to slow the kiss and started to make her drown in the pool of budding love and appreciation for her..
maan slowly let het to take the lead when he found her slowly melting..
maan : thats correct.. Waise my wild cat why are you here .. He whispered geets senses snapped and she looked at him.. Slowly getting up and with guilty eyes she handed him an envelope..
maan looked at her with curiosity he opened it and found his certificate ..
geet : sorry.. I didnt knew that it was sam and i poured my anger on you..
maan was amused she knew to apologise too
maan : but i am not at all sorry..
geet : come again i didnt get you or your words..
maan : that milky kiss the perfect one with one of the most gorgeous beauty.. And even i dont repeating sam’s mistake again..
with angry eyes geet was about to tear the new certificate too but she composed herself..
geet : shameless flirt… Sharm nahi aati..
maan : maan aati hai na.. Wo bhi bahut isliye i promise i wont kiss you in public after all my image will get spoil na..
geet was getting frustated and maan was enjoying teasing her..
maan softly pushed her starnds of hair and whispered in her ear..
maan : you know that was the first kiss of mine aur wo bhi itni sweet… I dont mind having you in my life and making you my dulhan maan ki dulhan..
blush crept on her lips and her lips curved into a smile .. Second meeting and this jerk is making her loose her sanity..
geet : dont talk rubbish i will marry someone who will be ready to look after me and help me in my work.. Tum kya karoge.. You will later join your family business .. And then will put restrictions on your wife… She was going on and on.. And he was amused he too knew about him but least she knew that he will establish himself …
geet : why i am saying you this.. Main bhi pagal hun.. Chodo mujhe.. Mere bache mera intzaar kar rahe honge..
she thought that he will be shocked to hear but he was a step ahead..
maan : just wait a second let me change phir chalte hain.. Let the bachas meet their daddy to be…
maan was hiding his laughter but she was embarresd and left immediately…
it was three years since they last interacted and her talk about him to establish himself..
it was the last day of the college both of them were graduated maan was having degree of architecture and geet bachelor of administration.. He put his 5 yr hardwork and she 3 yr .. They however crossed each other many times but both of them ignored or say she ignored and he started…
last day it was in the same playground she was sitting alone today she was leaving for her native hoshiarpur and was quite sad as the children of the orphanage will be gloomy to know that their geet didi is leaving, maan came dressed in his formals she too was in black and white saree it was last day farewell party.. Maan came and sat beside her he knew she was leaving today only he had her every single information
maan : so what are you thinking now.. Feeling bad to leave me..
geet suddenly found her eyes darted towards him she was in her sandles today and those high heels wont mind beating him black and blue if he didnt kept himself quiet
geet : go and enjoy that boring party i am already depressed why are you spoiling my mood..
maan : itne saalon me bhi nahi badli..bas you have grown into more beautiful.. And i am damn sure you must be blackbelt now .. Kitno ki dhulaai ki hai..
geet angered and with amused smile..
geet : tum jaise bahuton ki…
maan : oh really but they didnt have surrendered themselves to you.. And here i am just offering you myself without any expections.. What do you think of my proposal.. Yaad hai na..meri dulhan..
geet : you are crazy maan… I am getting married in a month so your chance is off..
maan looked disturbed and he made a saddened face..
maan : who is the idiot.. Who took maan ki dulhan..
geet averted her gaze truth was she didnt know just talked with him once…
maan : so i guess you dont know.. Dont worry wild cat dulhan to hum hi lejayenge.. Waise bhi i am eager to have two miniture cats for me exclusively soon.. Dekte hain kon hain..
geet didnt looked happy with his words but she stood up to go.. She was confused she feels good around him but she was not aware of her feelings..
geet : i am leaving and you better forget me .. I am not of your types kisi sam jaisi ko dhund lena..
maan didnt say anything he just let her go..

the preparations were going on but today geet felt like crying she wanted to feel maan kiss him restless and make him hers.. She want him she was crying hiding her face in the duvet.. She feels something for him and she have to stop this wedding even if it means threatening her groom.. There wasnt any day when she didnt remember him she was felling jitters when she remember those slow and gentle kisses…
geet angrily wiped her tears and stood up..
geet : you wont get anything from crying.. Do something geet.. She knew where the grrom and his family were residing it was pitch dark four in the morning she knew how to threaten the groom and then phir he wont be able to do anything .. She will punch him.. And threw him out of hoshiarpur if he didnt listen to her..
maan was feeling cold in the cool wind he was there just because of her he knew the day she is getting married and he will make her his.. He walked down the farms it was looking so green he stretched his hands and looked at a barn there he saw her sitting while he could hear her sniffle..
maan let her cry and smile while he pulled her down making her fall on the hay. She looked perplexed and seeing him she just returned his gestured by kissing him softly..
geet : the teacher taught me so well.. But did i pass..
maan pulled her more close and kissed her tears..
maan there is more to taught then will take your exam fully.. She melted in his touches and he flipped her on him covering her with his arms..
geet looked into his eyes they were definitely mad and looked like made for each other ..
geet : call off the marriage ..
maan : why i dont think there is any need … I will marry you in the same mandap on same day..
geet : no.. You are defintely mad.. How is it possible…
maan : just wait and watch .. Now let me enjoy my would be bride in my arms..
geet : tumhari dulhan ko koi aur le jayega she teased him and he in his sheer anger answered her back..
maaan : dulhan toh hum hi le jayenge…
geet : nahi aaye toh..
maan : ghode pe bhagakar le jaunga..
his words were no less his actions as he will do what he is saying..

it was the time of the pheras and she knew that he lied he was not there and owning to him she hadnt even said anything to the groom least you can say that now his life will be hell for some days till she will cool down her anger after all poor guy was not at fault..
maan looked at his geet looking ravishing in her bridal attire but the smile was missing just a frown was there
maan st : just an hour more baby then your wait will be over its your saza for leaving me without even acknowledging my love.. He had supposed to not to wear any sehrara but to hide his face he had wore and she was with much efforts not able to look at him..

they were in their farmhouse alone maan knew that his sherni will pounce on him but least he knew that geet will made his bhurta and would fry him alive if he dared to lie to her again.. She had looked at his hands when he was filling her maang their engagement ring which was sent by her family since they didnt had an engagement.. She knew now why he was cool and this was now making her head spin..
geet st : so my dear hubby you knew this all the while .. Maan you are gone honey…
maan opened her side but found her snapping his hands.. But he scooped her in his arms throwing those flowers from his face..
geet glared at him and he knew that this will be the start of his new life…
maan and geet were settled on the bed she was pouting and was harshly pulling off the attire .. First her jewels were off. Now it was the turn of his smile to wipe off..
geet : maan dont run now… You know what you have done..
maan : but baby i did what you wnated..
geet : yes you wanted me and you were marrying me.. Didnt even told me…
geet : i am not going to talk to you.. And ..she was thinking..
maan closing the distance between them and pulling her in his arms settling on bed..
maan : aur.. He asked slowly pulling off the pins off her hair he looked at red mark of heavy jewellery and kissed it..licking the portion..
geet was hypnotised… And was not able to say anything..

the night was passionate and melting..
maan looked at her.. This was the spark at she creating and today it was ignited into wire buring them in passion…
geet stirred in sleep and he pulled her in sleep whispering in her ear knowing she isnt sleeping…
maan : kaha tha na that you will be my bride… And i proved myself…
geet softly kissing him on his abs..
geet: hmm.. Par on the first day i thought you as the jerk and you still the same…
maan : kya karun i am having a sherni with me na..

life goes on with their cute and romantic banter..loving and teasing each other…



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