“Mat jaiye hame chod ke…….ruk jaiye mat jaiye hame chod kar…….hum vinti karte hai aapse mat jaiye ………….

Ruk jaiye……..”

A girl was crying badly pleading to him to stop not to go to the battle field……….

She will not be able to bear the distance if something happens to him…….


Suddenly maan woke up sweating he was totally drenched ………tiny pearls of sweat beads on his forehead…….he was panting heavily……he closed his eyes ……and tried to relax himself……

It was the same dream he had been seeing since he was five …….same  vague images same words ….same begging………… a girl begging  to stop……but to whom she is saying this…….this was  the question that has not been answered till yet……..


Maan: damn nineteen years ….nineteen years I have been seeing this  dream……but it is always like this………. Blurred images…….faint and unclear pictures always…….

Why there is only reflection ……….why????????

Why I am not being able to see clear…….


Maan  when after his self introspection and confusions ………

Yes confusion he’s been  puzzled since the day he came to understand these dreams…….. went for his daily physical  routine… he couldn’t sleep sleep was now far away from him…….


So he started his tai chi to get rid off the sweet voice ringing in his ears…….

Yes sweet …..her voice is indeed melodious that had been ringing in his ears since nineteen years….but it now seems to be poisioning his eyes making him vunerable …..

That he can’t do do anything of this…..

He has lost his peace of mind ………


He had consulted may physiatrist but the result was same none of the medical advancements were able to tell him the answers to his unwanted questions about that blurred vision of his life………


On the other side some where a girl was mumering in her sleep she was constantly crying and saying not to leave her……she was continuously crying ….tears were flowing unknowing to her she was shivering…….

And suddenly got up with a jerk…….

And wiped her tears………wondering why she is going through this phase …… is the worst nightmare that scare her to death daily……….

Those hazy images are making her weak…..she is helpless that she can’t DO

anything for herself……nothing …..

It was an usual day like always for maan….maan singh khurana…..,……a 24 year old business personality who had taken over his family business at the young age of eighteen due to sudden demise of his parents and his siblings his elder brother kunal and younger sister shreya ……shreya khurana she was only fourteen and kunal twenty … was an unexpected plane crash ….yes unexpected planned by his business rivals …….

That day he lost his most precious belonging that he treasured all his life ….., his mom nisha khurana she was the only one who was aware of his dreams …, is blurry visions…she was the one who consoled him when he at a time wake up from the his dream and get scared but all the things got changed……….he lost his only pillar with whom he was going through through his tough phase his strength his mother left him………


Well some losses make us different changes us…it changes our perspective of living …..thinking….. ….thats what exactly maan had faced in his life………after his mother’s derparture to heavenly abode maan has locked himself …..confined his feelings and emotions within him…….the sweet and a little hot tempered maan had been transformed into a man with tough and arrogant attitude …..however he is having a charming personality that can make any girl  drop down on her knees for him but he …..he never even pays any attention to anyone if its not related to his work……


That ‘s how how had find an alternative to keep himself away from those dreams .but .in this process….he has somewhere lost the maan that he used to be……..


The thing that often annoys him is the ringing of those words in his ears …… is not only that he saw the same thing again and again but there are some broken incidents…incomplete pictures that often make him annoyed and sometimes it gives him headache………..


After doing tai chi getting himself exhausted maan tried to get some sleep it was three in the morning and somehow after a while he drifted into sleep …..not peaceful r contented but a wanting sleep …a sleep that he needs to get himself fresh however he also knows that in this lifetime that time will never ever come when he’ll be able to drift into a blissful slumber…………….



On the other hand a girl waked up screaming……..


““Mat jaiye hame chod ke…….ruk jaiye mat jaiye hame chod kar…….hum vinti karte hai aapse mat jaiye ………….

Ruk jaiye……..””


This was the fourth time in this week that she had been woken up from her sleep…..she quickly get the lights on and looked at herself in the mirror…..

Her face covered with sweat ……her eyes had turned red from crying………

Her face was red…….it was not new for new she now often cries ……sobs very loudly that even her brother and grandfather once got started hearing her whimpering in the deep sleep……..


Her nightmares are the worst part of her life …it was almost regularly she had to experience that part of her life which she even doesn’t know had existed even….but these had became a part of her life like fish who cannot imagine its life without water …… which if is wants  can’t get rid of it……….


it was then geet wake up…….

Geet singhania….a girl with immense beauty …..her personality her gorgeous eyes which can capture anyone’s heart by her innocence and bubbly nature but not many knows her …..people doesnot know the real geet who is lost somewhere ……somewhere in her own dreams ………


Geet: I  always wanted to get into a new day by seeing the shining sun rays making my sleep disturb but see how cruel my fate  is  instead of seeing bright morning I am lost in the dark …..the dark and deep nightmares ….. coming out of her thoughts geet went to freshen up ……since a new day awaits for her she has only one hope that one day her babaji will get her a new vision which will be free from these dreams……


These hallucinations ……had made a great impact on her life this has really made geet short tempered ……she gets angry on every little thing which is not according to her…… actually happens when you are controlled by some one….and she’s  been

In the unwanted circle of these dreams that had made her vunerable that she even finds it difficult  sometime to set her mind to correct place……..


Geet is the daughter of late vanraj singhania who was maharaj of Udaipur who along with his wife nitya singhania left the world leaving there two precious hearts behind  geet and uday …….


Well now a days this kingdom and all doesn’t matter it is just a ritual so geet is technically rajkumari geetanshi singhania …..a beautiful twenty one  year princess who doesn’t like if anyone addresses her as princess…… She is the apple of her family which now only consisted of her grandfather maharaj randhir singhania and her brother uday ………

a little rude with her behaviour but knows how to behave and deal with the situations……



geet get up and after making herself calm she got ready for the college .The 21 year old was studying interior desingning because of her bhai saa’s wish and having a keen interest in knowing the history of the kings and queens of rajasthan….wanted to visit all the palaces and the rajmahal that were built ages ago and are as fresh with their aura and the atmosphere still can take anyone there with the feeling of as if the the person is living there ………

geet was highly fascinated about visiting palaces and knowing about there culture people and all but her bhai saa never allowed her to visit the beautiful palace of rajgarh….she has insisted many times to let her visit the beautiful place infact it is only few kilometers from  their haveli but she was never successful…..


geet is though a girl of this generation but the culture and her morals and her way of living is highly traditional with a glint of modern appearance which truly makes her appear like a princess…….


After getting ready geet went downstairs to the hall to greet her grandfather ……although everyone in the family knows about geet dreams that vague images and her whimpering in the sleep and are always by her side to comfort her  but  were not able to the way it should be used to……..

(may be the one who can clear her answers is not known to her…….)


After getting ready in a dark blue skinny jeans with a beautiful pink colour kurti having a rich texture with a stall round her neck…..with a pair of matching jootis geet went to the dining hall …………..she always managed to hide her puffy and red eyes by a thick layer of her kohl  that she applies in her eyes making her looking stunning dressed simple and sober but with a attitude that she has in her blood being from a royal rajput family……….


Geet frowned seeing the breakfast and shouted at the servents immediately…….


Geet: lata didi( a maid that cooks food at the singhania’s ) whats this…..i have told you hundred times to prepare something light for daadu …and look what you have prepared…… know na daadu is having cholesterol problems…..

Prepare something light for daadu and bring it here before he comes…….


Lata: geet baby I have not prepared this on my own sir told me to make all these….


Geet: whatever didi you go and prepare and be fast and use oats …..i have heard they r good for cholesterol patients…. and where is daadu now…..


Lata: sir is in the hall baby…..


With that lata went to prepare the breakfast with oats and geet went to meet her daadu….

Geet went and greeted her grandfather ……though she has a high level of anger but the naughtiness and the bubbliness that she possess is worthy that can melt anyone’s heart



On the other hand in delhi….


Maan woke up from his sleep the sleep that has reduced the physical stress but emotionally he was still drained…….

Now he is used to it….has mold his life according to this…..

After getting ready in his usual business attire maan was going for breakfast ……. Suddenly his phone  rang it was from the aditya the project consultant of KHURANA CONSTRUCTIONS…..


Maan picking up the call……


Aditya: good morr…nnn.ii..nng sir….sir the project for government institution construction has been approved …..i have received  the approvel letter …..and  have arranged the meeting with them for tomorrow ……..

But there is a problem sir….


Maan: good morning adi….thats good…this project will be highly profitable for the KC

It will increase the market prize three times the present ……but whats the problem….


Aditya: sir …..they have replaced one of the place from west Bengal to rajasthan…and the remaining places are still the same in Karnataka….himachal Pradesh and Punjab…..


Maan: what!!!!! How can they change the place at last minute and moreover they want us to work with their norms and conditions…..

Adi I am coming to office right now then we will discuss further I can’t let this project go out from my hands……


With that maan ended the call and started walking without even having the breakfast…thats when savitri devi maan’s daadima intruppted and called her grandson to have his first meal for the day and then go……


Daadima: good morning maan where are you going this early morning son……


Maan: morning daadima I have an important work at office ……the government project that I have talked about has been approved I need to complete some formalities regarding so need to go ……


Daadima: work can wait for some few minutes and congratulations for your success I am sure this will take KC to new heights… come I will serve you the breakfast…….


With  that having no other option maan had his breakfast first and then he went to KHURANA CONSTRUCTIONS….


Since maan is a complete discilplined and marks punctuality with his every work so he expects the same from his employees and having a tough demeanor makes him a strict at workplace…..


When maan entered his office all the staff greeted him and he just walked giving a single nod to their greeting and asked adi to come to his cabin with  the govt project details….…this was the similar routine since maan has joined …..he had taken up his responsibilities at a very young age after sudden demise of his parents…..somehow that is also responsible for his cold and rigid attitude that he possess now……


Maan : adi … tell me what they have demanded and what are the changes that are demanding….


Aditya: sir they have changed the placed from west Bengal to rajasthan and they want us to continue the project with this…..


Maan: adi…denial to this project will cause loss to the company and moreover are there any other demands …..


Aditya: no sir just they have changed the place… we need to find a suitable place for construction …..other than land there will be no problem in starting the project since in udaipur and jaipur our projects are going on so labour and other machinery won’t be problem….


Maan: hmmm…… have you seen places for the same…..


Aditya : yes sir here are the details of the land that I have shorlisted that will be suitable for the construction…….with that adi hand over the file to maan to let him see and choose accordingly…..




While maan was seeing the  details of the land their details and the owners to whom the property belongs……

He has seen the finalized the three land for the construction purpose and then called aditya to his cabin…….


Aditya: may I come in sir….

Maan:hmm..come in adi


Maan: adi I have finalized these three properties and I want you to collect the complete information about the place ….. facilities available…security related information of the place as the place should be suitable for institution……and moreover do fix my meeting with the government official who is assisting us in the project…..


Adiya: yes sir I will fix the meeting right now…..

With that aditya left the cabin to accomplish the given task that is given to him……


While adi was busy in collecting the details of the finalized lands on the other side……


In Rajasthan….


Geet after making sure that the breakfast is ready she went to call her daadu who was talking to some of the ministers regarding the further progress in the udaipur’s  development…….

In the mean time geet joined her grand father and gave him a naughty deadly look which clearly shows her state of mind and on seeing the medicines untouched the naughty glare changed into an angry look seeing the carelessness of her daadu……


When  maharaj turned towards his darling granddaughter he instantly knew that today he is going to get the big lecture on his health and noone can spare him today as his grandson is also out of town due  to some work….and now rajkumari will surely  not leave him……but sometimes he also like this ….his dearest granddaughter caring so much for him…..that he sometimes thinks that why has lord given her that punishment  which is sometimes unbearable for his little daughter…….and moreover he fails consoling her taking her out the pain of those miserable whimperings that sometimes take her to another world…..where she just forgets herself and when she gains her conscious from those hallucinations the colour of her face…even paler and worn out ….her terrified eyes…..those unanswered questions that always remains in her eyes……but he is proud of his brave and courageous geet that she is living her life with her cheerful attitude….she had not let her dreams conquer her most of the life….mainly thoughts……..


Her sparking nature is her one most appealing quality that truly makes her the princess of Udaipur in everysense…….she is completed as the most beautiful with simple and sober attitude…..the hidden quality to run a kingdom if given an opportunity…….to understand each and every problem and work out accordingly that he had noticed once three years back when rajkumari sorted out the problem of the farmers of the nearby villages regarding the irrigation and  she also kept in mind to help the villages with all that commodities available for their survival at that time due to drought that year which had ruined the crops and herself had made efforts regarding the matter……


That was the time when he realized that he is really gifted by a gem by the almighty but he has always one complaint against god that why it was only his granddaughter to given such  horrible nights when she totally deserved every happiness of her life……also at that time the dreams were less comparing to now….as once he had  faced that situation with his naked eyes…his sweet pothi was crying mumbling something it was such loud whimpers that it took more than one hour to calm her and her wordings were  clearly indicating that something is terrible was  going on in her dream…..which is making her restless again and again ……it was like she was mourning on someone’s death……that night maharaj and geet’s brother were with her whole night……..


However is is belived that our dreams are the insight of our future life that our sixth sense clearly sees and that is what we experience in our dreams…….but it is also somehow believed that our past life is also related to our present  like Shree Krishna said in geeta updesh that we are intended to get all the sweet or the bitter fruits of our deeds in this life or maybe our deeds can affect our next birth….this is only happening to geet…….


Maharaj randhir has accepted the truth that his granddaughter is  futured with this kind of life by the lord and he just wished that these unknown suffering will come to an end one day……..


On the other end in delhi…….


Savitri devi was in the temple praying for her grandsons …..she has only them her family and life is only comprised of them……and she is more concerned about maan ….she knows about maan his endless dreams but is unable to console him … say that som everything will be fine soon……. But is unable it was the once she has seen her daughter in law maan’s crying silently in her room and cursing god about her son’s condition….it was then she came to know about her dearest grandson pain…….




It was the sometime fourteen years ago ……nisha was patting and consoling her ten year  son in his sleep he was sweating very badly  mumbling something it was then nisha finally wake up her son…..


Nisha:   maan wake up…..make son wake up…..seeing her son’s condition tears were flowing from nisha’s cheeks…..


Nisha: make wake up son….please maan utto…..finally she was able to wake up maan and seeing his mom maan hugged her tightly he was sweating very badly she wiped his sweat …she noticed that her little baby was trembing under her embrace……..

They remained like this for sometime until maan calmed down……it was the first time maan had woken up ….after some time he came out of her embrace and noticed his noticed her tear stained face….he quickly wiped up his mothers tears and asked…


Maan: mom why are you crying…..look I am fine…..


Nisha: again hugged him tears again made there way from her eyes………maan again wiping her tears consoled his mom that he is alright and nisha smiled at her brave kid maan never showed his feelings to anyone he always remained to stand up and face everything in his life without any complaints…….thats what amazes nisha sometimes but mother’s heart cries seeing her own part like this………


Nisha: maan you are fine na son…….i know your dreams makes your nights haunted…..maan you can tell me anything everything son… know your mom is always by your side …..


Maan: mom I am fine its just blurred images that came regularly but sometimes they scare me mom…..sometimes there is bloodshed all over….sometimes I see a girl plucking flowers…..and a battle ….a girl crying…..


Mom its all very horrible I cant understand anything  I just scare me with that maan hide himself in his mothers embrace protecting himself from all the worries from all the bad nightmares….somewhere he believes tat no dream can haunt him when his mother is by his side……


Nisha’s heart cried seeing her baby’s pain it was the first time he has said anything to her she just want to keep him safe from these endless miseries…….


From that day nisha was the one who at night consoles maan …….it was somewhere  maan’s insecurities that prohibited nisha to share about him to anyone …this was the truth that was known only to nisha and now savitridevi when she once saw her daughter in law crying and cursing god…….


It was only after a month of maan’s confrontation when maan’s daadima went to meet nisha to discuss about some upcoming festival and what she saw there made her worried….


She went to her room nisha was siting on the bed crying she immediately asked nisha what had happened to which nisha hugged her cried a loud …..


Savitri devi: nisha what happened beta …why are you crying beta…..


Nisha: maa…maan….wo maan…


Savitri devi: maan….is maan alright kya  hua hai maan ko……


It was then nisha told her everything to her mother in law including maan’s attitude…….and savitri devi was the one who always consoled nisha…make her understand……




Maan doesnot know that his daadima knows about his dreams and his attitude doesnot let her to talk to him about him….


She is waiting for the day when maan would come to her …her every day is just she is praying for his happy life and free from any burdens……


But she is not aware that destiny has now planned to end there life suffering………






In rajasthan geet was looking at her grandfather she was quite angry on him for not taking care of himself……

Doesn’t he know  that how important he is in our lives…..geet cannot forget the day when her parents left her and her bhai saa…… then it was her daadu who brought them up……

He means everything to her…… but what she can do when he himself doesn’t care …..


Geet was angry on her daadu ……but can’t do anything except keeping an eye on him……


When maharaj ended the call he was awarded with the angry glares of his granddaughter….


Geet: (speaking sweetly) good morning daadu…did you take medicines ……


Maharaj: good morning sweetheart( thinking he is spared) I am just going to take those medicine….


Geet: (handing him the bitter medicines and glass of water) here take these… know this is the third time this week that you forget to take your tablets….daadu why you do this…you know na that these are important for your cholesterol check……

Come have breakfast then I need to go to the college for the project…..


With that the grandfather and granddaughter headed towards the dining table…..on seeing the breakfast which geet served he knew that it was definitely being prepared by geet for him……and he can’t deny knowing what upheveal can be create by the brother sister and the poor man was being made to do the things of their wish…..which is actually for him and the love which his grandchildren showered on him through their care was something that make him the richest person in this world……


After  their  breakfast geet was going to the college when maharaj stop her after getting a call ……


Maharaj: geet I want you meet the owner if Khurana constructions regarding the land ….uday is not here and I have to go to attend a important meetings… you will have to go….


Geet: but daadu how can I go…I don’t know anything about the land though it is on my name…..and why do they want that property….


Maharaj: geet that you have to dicuss with them…they want to make a women educational institution….remember I talked with the CM regarding the same….that project have been passed and the land that they have choosen includes our share…

So they want to buy our share…..


Geet: ok…daadu…princess geetanshi singhania will meet them but right now I have to go to college for my project and I will meet the person tomorrow……

Maharaj: geet beti you have to go to delhi to him…… I will arrange for the flight tickets…


Geet: how can I go daadu to delhi …he wants the land so he have to come moreover this year you know these projects are most important and I can’t leave them ….. it will include the grades and if he wants to meet me in delhi only then bhai saa can meet that arrogant person that too after whole one week….how dare he demand from princess…let alone from you…doesn’t he know that all have there own schedules and it can’t be postponed on his wish…..


Maharaj was actually amused with his granddaughter who for the first time addressing herself as the princess…the geet who used to get super angry if anyone calls her rajkumari is herself talking in with that attitude…..that too for an unknown person….

Alone referring him as arrogant as if she knows him since ages……


Maharaj: (mockingly)as you say princess geetanshi……..

Your wish is our command…..

And lovingly patted her head….


Geet: (annoyingly) daadu why are you saying me princess when you know I hate it….


Maharaj: but beti …you only directed yourself as princess…..and that too for the person who even don’t know…..


Geet: daadu I don’t know why I said that …let it be…I am getting late bye…..

With that geet went to her college and mahraj informed aditya about geet’s decision…..


Here in delhi….


Maan came home frustrated he was seething in anger …..his daadima was amazed seeing her grandson coming home this early…no actually coming home within two hours since he left…..and on seeing him it is clearly evident that he is very much upset from something …….

Daadi came near him and sat beside him caressing his hairs lovingly…..


Daadima: maan is everything alright……why are you so disturbed…


Daadima was thinking that her grandson is again disturbed because of his dreams….but she didn’t know that the image that disturb him in his sleep Is here in person and started to make his life disturbed…….


Daadi always wanted maan to settle …may be in that way he will get some peace but her grandson is so stubborn that listening to the word marriage he runs from there as if a cat is having fire in its tail……

He is such a devil sometimes that makes his daadi ready to do things according to his wish….but somewhere daadi also knows that it is due to his muddled up life he doesnot want to settle…..


Maan: (actually yelling ) daadi how dare she… dare that girl to order MAAN SINGH KHURANA to tell him what to do….i only told to arrange the meeting for the land…..and she is showing me attitude….

It was for the first time maan was being annoyed that too because of a girl…..this can be the source of distraction for maan daadi thought…..


Daadima: which girl maan …and whose property you want to buy….tell me clearly….


Maan composing his anger started telling her what had happened when aditya contacted the owners of the property that maan choose for the contruction since it was the best with best location and facilities…….




After discussing with geet maharaj informed  aditya about geet’s decision and meeting….


Since aditya had finalised three locations and maan chosen Udaipur for the university …..and had asked adi to talk to the land owners…..

Aditya had talked to all the land owners and whenhe called maharaj …….. maharaj of Udaipur assured him that they will help in every means…..


It was after sometime after his conversation ….actually he himself was scared about his boss reaction since no one has ever order him what to do….but he has to do …inform him…..


Aditya entered maan’s cabin….


Aditya: sir ….. all the land holder are ready we need to make the official deal and ask the lawyer to get the papers ready…..


Maan: that’s very good adi….. so we can start the construction as early as possible…


Aditya:(shuttering) hmm….ac…tually sir there is one problem…the major shre holder of land princess geetanshi singhania…..has denied for meeting in delhi….she wants you to go to Udaipur or the meeting can be fixed after one week with rajkumar uday singhania….


Maan: WHAT!!! How can she deny…adi didn’t you tell  her that this project is very important for it is because of there demand only that the project is shifted to rajasthan…..

And why can’t princess geetanshi attend the meeting in delhi…..


Aditya: sir her grandfather informed us…..

What I have to do sir now……


Maan: nothing adi you can go…I will see it myself…..




Maan: daadima now I have to wait for whole one week….and it will delay the further process……

I don’t know why this girl is like this….no wonder she is stubborn and I can tell you daadi she will be rude as well….


Daadi: how can you tell maan you didn’t even know her……


Maan: I don’t know daadi …… I just don’t know what to do with this girl this land is very important for us as it will be for the hostel purpose and accommodation…..and no other land is available except this…..


Daadi: maan why don’t you go to Udaipur…you have not been there since a long time and you can supervise the project yourself and attend the meeting with your rude princess…..


Maan: daadima I can’t go…. Lots of work is pending and moreover vishal is also not here and I don’t know how long will he take to complete that project….for god sake daadi its been two months and he haven’t return …..


Daadi: maan not everyone is perfect like you and vishal is doing his best …don’t forget he is still doing his MBA…..


Maan: sorry daadi…I know vishal’s capability…its just that PRINCESS GEETANSHI SINGHANIA who spoiled my mood …….. ( maan said sarcastically)


Daadi: come have lunch then you have to do packing for Udaipur…..


Maan: UDAIPUR!!!! Daadi I am not going to Udaipur……that girl has to come here….


Daadi: maan you are going and shortly me and vishal will join you… can do your work and aditya is here to handle everything…..

Come on now have lunch I have prepared your favourite…..


After the  lunch maan went to his room…..

He was sitting on his rocking chair with his eyes closed …suddenly some thoughts and images filled his mind……


A girl nearly twelve or thirteen years old was in a garden with variety of flowers wearing a cream colour saree covering herself….with no ornaments……having pallu on her head picking flowers ……pure serene atmosphere in the background …….


A huge building …like a temple behind her ……. Loud voices of HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA…… KRISHNA KRISHNA HARE HARE……

Was  echoed at the place the girl was singing the same…..


A boy wearing a dark green turbun having a sword with him …dressed like a rajput prince is seeing the girl from far away……

Someone came from behind and forcefully snatched the flower basket from her hand….she just smiled and the before anything could happen


he wake up from his sleep which left him with countless questions…..


maan st: I think daadi ma is right atleast I can get away from these images……


with that maan completed his pending work to leave for Udaipur…..he told nakul to do his packing ……and set the luggage as he has to leave early in the morning and asked aditya to fix the meeting with the stubborn princess…………..





Maan was all set to leave to Udaipur to meet the stubborn princess ……. It was early in the morning almost at seven he got ready to reach his destination……after taking daadima’s blessings he went to meet his lost destiny…


Whereas on the other side geet got the news that she has to meet the rude and .haughty owner of the KC…who is intented to buy her land……and the time he has given for meeting made geet super angry……


Geet : ( in her room fuming in anger)…only this man in the world has guts to  ruin my day…..look at the time he has given for the meeting….sharp at eleven…..does he think all other persons are idle….they have no work except meeting him….oh god I have an important presentation for the finals…..i can’t miss it….he has to wait for me…..thats it….


Geet went and informed aditya about the changed schedules of the meeting…..


Whereas on the other hand when maan crossed the boundry of Punjab and entered the rajasthan his mind seemed to be relaxed…like he knows the place…it was for the first time he is feeling something like that although he had been here before also but the peace that his heart and soul is experiencing today is not something he felt before…..


Maan: today this place looks different to me ……. I am having a peace and contentment coming here…. No restlessness nothing….. sure serene feeling I have never encountered in my life…..may be it is because of the pleasant climate….it seems that there had been raining a lot….thats why the sweet smell is all over and the greenery ……… why I haven’t notice this before……


When maan was enjoying the pleasant sight seeing with his conflicting thoughts on his way with certain jest….geet was preparing and looking for as if something she has left to know for the presentation……


When she was all ready to go to the college….


Then her grandfather asked her or better reminded her of the meeting with Maan khurana ….for the land and the new project…. When geet took blessings of her grandfather…..


Geet: daadu I am going to college for the presentation…..

( guys..geet didn’t touch her grandfather’s feet coz girls donot took blessing by touching the feet in her parents place where she’s been born and brought up…..or cay say at her peher or maayka…..)


Maharaj: well then all the best …. Do your best he put his hand and blessed her with his best wishes and geet in turn hugged her daadu….


Geet: thanks daadu …I really need your blessing today…after all you are my lucky charm….


Maharaj: don’t worry you will do very well….but geet remember you have to go to meet Mr. khurana… don’t forget ….


Geet: ( slightly smirking) I jnow daadu you don’t worry…..bye ..i am getting late….


Geet went to her college and on the other hand maan reached his mansion….it was the ancient palace built during the reins of the rules of the kings who once ruled Udaipur….and is now khurana possession since almost hundred years…..

A well maintained…. Mansion…with a beautiful .lawn still well maintained with different types of flowers blossoming and sending different types of messages in the atmosphere by their pleasant fragrance…..


Maan was having the meetings so after getting fresh he reached the rajasthan branch….first the staff was surprised seeing the boss without any information …. Maan was greeted by the staff and he asked the office coordinator to brief him the progress of the ongoing projects…..


Once he was statisfied with the dealings of his staff…..he asked for arranging the meeting with the govt. official….

Keshav  was the person who handles all the matters of this branch ….. the most

trusted….and MSK having his each and every background detail….

When keshav asked about any further meetings maan told him about the meeting with his arrogant princess … and asked to schedule  the meeting  after lunch…..


It was when his phone rang and aditya was on the line…..


Aditya: ( stuttering as always scared of his boss’s temper) goo…ood morning sir…..


Maan: adi is everything alright…why you have called I have told you about each and every detail… anything important…..


Aditya: wo….actually sir…. Your meeting with the maharaj’s granddaughter has been postponed to two in the afternoon…. She has changed the  timing…..


Maan: ( getting angry) WHAT!!!!!…. how can she change the meeting …… and when did this happen…..


Aditya: half an hour before sir….she said she won’t be able to attend the meeting at such odd timings….


Maan: alright….then…anything else…


Aditya: no sir…..bye


With that adi hanged up the call ….. taking a breath of relief…..


Maan:(turning to keshav) keshav …… make the meeting timings at one….and I don’t want any further changes in the schedule….


Keshav: right sir…and went to arrange the meeting….


On the other hand maan….


Maan st: so the princess changed the timings … now you will have to wait …. And I’ll make sure that you will be here for atleast two hours…. It will be enough for you to understand that maan singh khurana’s time is very precious…..


Geet was heading towards KC after having a brilliant and successful presentation…..she answered all the queries of the students and teachers confidently….and is now very tired just want to go home and sleep….but here she has to go to meet maan….. so here is our princess to the way of her destiny…….


Geet reached the office and asked the receptionist about maan…


Geet: ( smiling) hello…I want to meet MR Maan Singh Khurana…I have a meeting scheduled with him at two….

Receptionist: can wait in sir’s cabin..he is busy in a meeting right now….


With that she showed geet the way to maan’s cabin….


Its been twenty minutes since two….. and geet was just waiting for maan…she is not interested in anything other than the meeting she is hungry and moreover feeling sleepy….having no other option geet dozed off sitting on the couch waiting for maan…whereas maan was actually stuck in the meeting…..


After sometime geet actually started smiling and her hands went to her tummy on an accord……she was actually surrounded by another dream….


There is a girl may be seventeen or eighteen….. dressed in the heavy jewels and lehenga choli…..looking extremely beautiful ….. wearing anklets toe rings….a waist chain but loosely around her stomach…. Having a slight  nudge and sitting on a bed with velvety bedsheets….. the room is having ancient architecture….. different carvings on the walls beautifully painted….


Girl is having her one hand on her nudge… and seems like talking… taking to her baby….


Girl: hum aapka…bahut hi besabri se intzaar kar rahe hai….. jaldi aa jaiye…..hum bas aapko apni baaho me uthana chahte hain….jaante hain aapke pitaji ko bhi aapke aane ki prateeksha hai…. .. hum intzaar karenge kab aap hame maa kehkar pukarenge…. Hamage haath se khayenge….. hamare saath khelenge…..


The girl is talking to her unborn baby…here geet is smiling … infact there is a glow on her face…


That’s when maan entered its been four …when he entered his cabin….and couldnot help himself from staring at the girl in his cabin sleeping…. Smiling and glowing….


There was a small sound that irked geet and she woke up…. And her hands went to her stomach as if checking something….


She came to her senses when maan called her… seeing her lost expressions…..


Maan: are you alright….miss…


Geet: rajkumari geetanshi singhania…… and you….


Maan: Maan Singh Khurana….


Something happened with geet and she started going out of his office……


When maan interrupted…

Maan: I think we have a meeting to attend miss geetanshi ….


Geet: I don’t think so Mr. khurana… I do have to attend a meeting at two but now its half past four… so nice meeting you….


Maan: I don’t think so rajkumari….


Now that made geet furious and she shouted at him…..


Geet: what do you want now you wasted my two hours…. And I don’t find anything here to discuss now…..and don’t call me rajkumari…..


Maan: well then what did you do…. You postponed the meeting and I cannot do anything coz I was having a very important meeting with the govt. official….now if you are done can we discuss about your land….


Now geet was certainly angry….. and answered him that….. she didn’t do it on purpose she was having an important presentation at college…..


When their anger finally mellowed down…. They discussed about the land….


Maan: well miss geetanshi I want to buy your land as it is covering most of the area and all the land owners have accepted the proposal except you…..


Geet: Mr.khurana I don’t have any problem in selling you the land but I would like to know the project details….first…..


Maan: ok…. I will take my project incharge to give you the entire details….anything else or shall I proceed with the legal documentation….


Geet: Is the construction started…???


Maan:( getting confused with the girl’s behavior) yes…..


Geet: so can I look to the progress….. if you are comfortable with it….


Maan: not knowing what to do…. Accepted … ok…. You can go and see tomorrow…


Geet: ok… shall I leave now…. Ok… you can do the legal procedures now …nice meeting you Mr. khurana..


Maan: same here rajkumari geetanshi…..


That made geet angry and she left the cabin tapping her foot and maan smirked…..


***********************************************************************Geet walk out of maan’s office in a quite angry mode’.certainly maan has spoiled her mood by calling her rajkumari but there is a vibrant thread today that will surely change her mood infact it has already left its impression on her’.

 She was very tired and absolute starving so geet went straight to the palace

Geet was absolutely delighted even after having the most annoying meeting with her Mr arrogant ‘..

 After having to her favourite dish she just went to the terrace where a beautiful evening was awaiting for her after sleeping for almost two hours geet wants to refresh herself ‘..

 She was in a cheerful mood but doesn’t knew the reason’..

 While roaming around the garden and taking in the fargrance of her favourite roses she plucked a pink one just for herself’..

 Geet sat on one of the chairs relaxing and soon her thoughts drifted to the meeting with maan ‘.. most importantly the sweet and weird dream that she saw today’..

It was not always that she hallucinate wherever she slept it was actually the first time that geet has experience such a beautiful moment of her life’.

 But somewhere she was having some worries which cannot be neglected ”

 Geet st: why I saw that dream it was the first time that something didn’t left me in a certain kind of pain infact it gave me relief a strange feeling like it was me in the dream and talking ‘.

Geet : NOO!!!! How can it be me ” these dreams are making me mad I am becoming  crazy with these nightmares’.. nightmares ohh god these are not night mares anymore I am seeing them in daytime’..

 Thank god I didn’t acted weird during the meeting or when I woke up ” or what would MR khurana have thought about me’.. a girl with loosing mental balance ”..NO!!!!! geet you are perfectly fine just get a hold on yourself’..   

 A certain fear gripped geet since will the sweet dream make her unstable will she be counted among those disabled”. A certain mental truama ”. That she should be suffering right now’..

 But she didn’t knew that her medicine and cure has reached infact she is the only one who forced him to be at her service”.

On the other side maan was in a jovial mood after  a long time’.. after teasing his deary princess and annoying her to his heart’s fill he did enjoyed her cut angry face ”

Maan was in the mansion after completing his work and doing some final checking in one of his project sitting on the lounge ”.

 When his cell ringed and he answered it ‘.. he was actually happy seeing the caller name and immediately pick it up”.

 Maan: hello’..( with a short smile adorning his face)

 Caller: hello bhai its me vishal’..

 Maan: I know vicky its you ” tell me have you reached delhi’..

 Vicky: bhai I am absolutely fine and I am calling from delhi’.. but bhai that’s not fair you were not here when I came ” I wanted to meet you and see you are on another business trip”

 Maan: vicky stop frowning ”..vicks this time its not my fault its daadima’s she sent me here ‘.. you knoe na we got that government project so I came here for the land issue” and now it is sorted I ‘ll be coming in two days”.

 Vicky : fine bhai see you after two days’..

 Maan: hmm bye

 Maan after his parents demise shared a cute and healthy relation with his brother vishal’. Vishal is still doing MBA but handing some projects of KC for the learner experience and maan is fuuly supportive to his brother”.

 Since it was the last presentation so geet was having holidays and as she requested maan about the introductory details of the project he sent the copy to her ‘.

 It was afternoon when she finally finished reading the files and decided to go on the site where the project is started and take a quick view if the progress after all she too have some responsibiltity towards the people of udaipur being maharaj’s granddaughter and moreover she has formally taken the permission from the owner so it won’t be a problem’..

 Geet got changed and after taking all the files with her and informing her daadu she went to the construction site”..

 When geet reached the site it was lunch time so the workers were not to be seen around ‘. She was inspecting the ongoing process when maan spotted her”

Maan was going back to his office when he saw a girl dressed in a blue top and balck jeans and with a pony looking for something and when he was about to shout at her for disturbing and intruding she turned and maan got spotted at the place”.

Geet : ( with same attitude but this time with a polite nature) good afternoon Mr khurana

 To which maan only nodded ‘..

 Geet was  definitely adding maan’s quaties of being rude and haughty in her list of being Mr arrogant but she indeed doesnot know that it is her who make him react like this”

 After coming out fom a pleasant surprise’..

 Maan: so what brings you here miss.. sorry princess geetanshi ‘.

 Maan said with a naughty smirk’. While geet just wanted to burn him in the wild anger that he has awoke in her  by calling her princess again’..

 Geet : ( with certain rude attitude) well you see Mr khurana it is my duty to see that whether my land is being used judiciously or ”..

 Maan didn’t like her questioning his work and told her in same attitude”

 Maan: so are you satisfied after all I have purchased this land in absolute higher cost than it holds”

 The cold war will surely continue if a girl nearly seventeen would not have interuppted them ”.

 Girl: ( to geet ) didi you here what a surprise nowadays ypu didn’t visit our place’.( by place she means village)

 Geet: will come gauri you know na that I do have studies but will come shortly to meet you’.. and how is your maa and baba and your sister jyoti’. She is fine na ‘..

 Gauri: didi all are good jyoti is also fine’.

 ( jyoti was suffering from typhoid once but the villagers being ignorant didn’t payed attention it was geet who happened to visit that village and took jyoti for medical treatment’..that’s why  the university project was changed to rajasthan as it was geet who made them agree for the college in udaipur itself so that girls can also get higher education”that is why geet is more than interested in this project and wanted to be a part of It indirectly’.)

Gauri: didi what Is going on here’.

 Geet with a huge smile answered”.

 Geet: gauri they are building a university here’ so that you all can study ‘.

Gauri: didi is that true’. How long it will take to complete and we can continue further with our studies”

 Geet turning to maan who was also standing there seeing the different shades of his egoistic princess and getting amazed by her conversation with a mere village girl that too

if she knew her from ages”

 Geet: ( with a charming smile that can make anyone slave of her) Mr. khurana how long will it take to complete”

 Maan: ( lost in her gestures turned to gauri and answered) six months to complete the construction work and then some government formalities ‘. I think it will take one year to open this college’..

 Gauri was seeing geet with a questiong gaze like asking who is he”

 And geet very politely answered her’..

 Geet: gauri meet MR. Khurana he is making this university so that you all can further accomplish your dreams”

 Gauri folding her hands: NAMASTE’.. aap bhi aaiyega didi ke ke hamare gaon ‘.sab aap se milkar bahut khush honge’.. aayenge na’..

 Maan just nodded with a slight smile at her warm invitation and gauri went from there’..

 Then maan turned towrads geet and geet handed him the files he has sent to her’..

 Geet: thank you Mr khurana the project and the progess is indeed appreciable’. I amy take your leave now nice meeting you again’.

 When geet was about to go maan stopped her’..

 Maan: geetanshi wait ‘.

 It was the first time maan called her without any further tags ‘..

Geet : hmm’. You can call me geet’..

 Maan : ok geet ‘. Actually the legal documents of the land need your signatures so you have to come to rajasthan high court for the final transfer day after tomorrow’.. if you want I can sent you the driver ‘.

 Geet: no its ok I will come what’s the time that I have to reach ‘..

Maan: that I will inform you tomorrow after talking to my lawyer’..  nice meeting you geet ”

 Maan went to his office and geet to palace from there”’


Maan was definitely attracted towards the different shades of her personality….. she was no doubt egoistic , rude but at the same time something in her triggers him that pulls him towards her like a bee is attracted towards the sweet honey……


Maan was in his thoughts the day he heard about her … her demands from that moment she is indirectly ruling his thoughts …… she has occupied his mind …..maan didn’t even realize that her thoughts somehow have drifted himself away from those terrible dreams ….. those nightmares which once day and night haunted him by the vivid images …… whimpering sounds and blood….. somewhere his pain and suffering has been lessened because of his impolite princess who is everyday giving him a nice surprise by by her presence only……


Maan didn’t went to office after meeting his fiery princess who showed him a calm and a new face of her charm to him……


The bliss and the pure estacy that was visible on herface while talking to that viallage girl cannot be ignored ….. the belongingness that was showing in her actions cannot be compared to any princess…… maan was going back to the mansion…. He was now not in the mood to dig himself in those lifeless files and documents…… he for the first time in his life after his mother’s demise wanted to go somewhere …… to visit places….


Udaipur has finally awaken the real soul in himself……


When he was about to turn to the road leading to mansion….. his eyes glanced at the forbidden narrow path where …. No one can be seen no person…. Even it was deserted like the natives had not used it since years and even if they had been there its only once or twice a years ….. the road leading to RAJGARH….


A small village as he read on the board ………


Something in him told him to go and visit and explore the village….. unaware that his destiny is taking him to the same place where his soul has spent hundread’s of years…… wandering waiting for its new owner…..


Maan stopped his jeap and walked ahead to that empty road and saw on dried leaves and figs on the road …..


MAAN: it seems that the people of this village were not using this path for a long time….


He was looking around for someone who could guide him about the correct path leading to the famous abondaned palace of rajgarh….. “JALSTHAL” …… but no one was around … so he went to the Mansion….


Maan was in deep thoughts when he came …. The caretaker and the servants were looking at him in surprise…….. and got scared of his anger when he all of a sudden asked about rajgarh ……. Servants disapperared from there within seconds leaving the caretaker Ramsingh…..


Maan questioned Ramsingh about the places that he could visit in Udaipur ……


First ramsingh answered him genuinely …..


Ramsingh: Hukum you can visit lake pichhola….eklingji temple it is very famous in here and the people visiting there are blessed with any of there wishes that they asked from the almighty…….


Maan: aren’t there any palaces Ramsingh….????


Ramsingh: Jiiii kukum there is kumbhalgarh  fort  ….. sajjan garh ( Monsoon palace) ….Fateh prakash palace………


Ramsingh was telling him about all the other’s  fortress except Jalsthal…… when maan asked him……


Maan: what about Jalsthal ramsingh I have heard that it is the most ancients and beautiful palace in here and very unique architecture……. I want to see it ……… we will go there tomorrow….. make the necessary  arrangements ……..


After ordering to him maan headed towards his room …… where in downstairs


Ramsingh and other servants were sweating getting scared how to tell him the truth…..


When a servant suggested….


SERVANT: ramsingh ji ……. We all know that Jalsthal is a cursed palace…… even now villagers didn’t use that use which passes through jalsthal…… you have to tell Hukum…… that it won’t be right visiting there……


Ramsingh in a trance : hmm you are right I will tell hukum right away…..

When maan came to his room he was in his thoughts that why he wants to go to that ancient fort….. moreover his biggest confusion was … did he know about that citadel …… he never had any interest in knowing the  boring history of kings and their palaces…. Then why did he asked Ramsingh about it….


Maan was confused and super annoyed at himself….. he was not getting any answer….


Maan: how on the earth I know about that palace….. even name …. Nothing was written there on the  way except the route and here I said to Ramsingh the details like I have been to the place many times in my life…….


He was  perplexed and sitting on a rocking chair with his eyes closed when again his princess started ruling his mind but this time he was imaging her in a bridal wear ….. a deep dark blood read lehenga a girl sitting on the middle of the bed with heavy and traditional jewellary …. Looking extremely gorgeous a child women as a  bride …… may be in of twelve or thirteen year…….


His dream would have continued when a slight disturbance brought him back out of his thoughts  ….. again blurred images….. now maan was used to it so …. He took his laptop and tried to concentrate on the files …. He had brought …. But his mind went towards

geet ….. reminding him of his meeting with her……


Maan: I have to inform her about the timings so that she can reach on time….. else I have to face an angry beautiful princess …… maan chucked with a slight smile ….. and called adi asking about the details and timings he had fixed and was about to tell him to inform to geet but stopped in mid …….


Maan st: I will inform her myself……


And ended the call…….


Ramsingh knocked …maan turned ramsingh came ……


Ramsingh: hukum….. wo….


Maan: I hope all the arrangements are done…. I want to visit the fort tomorrow itself…..


Ramsingh: hukum  you can visit other palaces….. But Jalsthal…..


Maan getting frustrated ……

Maan: whats the problem in visiting RAJGARH palace …….


Ramsingh: hukum…. Please …. That place is not good to visit….. even the natives of that village didn’t go near that place…..


Maan: what’s the problem in that place……


Ramsingh: its cursed….. from some last hundred years …… some strange voices can be heard from there but no one lives there……


Maan: are the voices heard still….. I mean do the villages still hear those voices…..


Ramsingh with haed bowed : No…. from some last thirty years there are no voices but still ….. it will not be good to go there……


Maan: ramsingh we are living in twenty first century and you still believe in this superstions ……. There’s nothing like that ……we will go and nothing will happen……believe me……


When the caretaker didn’t answer maan snapped ……


Maan: fine….. just go…. No need to make any arrangements……


Ramsingh just went from there leaving maan ……


Maan : what kind of people are there …… I just can’t understand…… and dialed geet’s number to inform her ……..


When maan was engrossed in his geet’s thoughts ….geet on the other hand …tried to make something special for her family mainly daadu….. so after coming from construction site she freshen up and went to the kitchen ….. the servants and cook were astounded seeing her in the kitchen and tried to tell her that they will be at her service and she just needs to order them….. and also were dead scared of her anger that could make anyone shiver and at the same time the calmness and composure she had in her could make anyone fall in love ….deep like sea with her……


{ME: being a princess atleast this much attitude is needed in our dearest princess }


Geet with a  authentic and real smile went near servants and told them to go ad do some other work….. today she will prepare the dinner and asked only Lata to stay with her…..


Geet was not a perfect cook but she knew how to prepare basic food and specially learnt to make her daadu’s favourite’s ……..


She was looking truly like a papa’s daughter who always wants to make something for her dearest father as a token of gift from her side……

When she was in kitchen after preparing two dishes for her daadu herself took them to the dining when her cell ringed ……  her daadu was on dining waiting for her ….. when she asked him to pick up her call as she was busy…… finally maharaj picked the call …..


Maan : hello ……. Geetanshi…..


When from other side maharaj greeted him……


Maharaj: geetanshi is busy …. I am his grandfather …..


Maan: sorry… sir this is Maan singh khurana ……… umm I have brought geet’s land …..


Maharaj: I know son…. You are the one who is doing the university project….


Maan: umm…. Yes … I wanted to tell her that she have to reach at the registrar office at 10 am ….. ccould you please convey the message….


Maharaj: ok….. but is it necessary for tomorrow itself…….


Maan: I can’t understand sir…..


Maharaj: I mean tomorrow is the local festival here and will be very crowed and I can’t sent her alone…. So can it be postponed…….


Maan: actually I am going back to delhi day after tomorrow itself ….. so it will be difficult to postpone…..


Maharaj: I can understand……  ok don’t worry….


Maan: if you don’t mind I can pick her….. and after the work is done will drop her…..


Maharaj: it will be fine son…. So see you tomorrow…..


When maan and maharaj was on call geet didn’t realsize it and with a loud and childish voice …..


Geet: daadu …. See what I made for you….. today you will have to eat what I made for you……


Maan was amused listening to her literally forcing….


Maan  on the other side st : interesting she knows how to cook….. not only  her politeness but her personality is having multiple colourful shades ….. hmmm nice combination…..

Maan ended the call after bidding bye…….. to see his childish angry beautiful and naïve princess tomorrow……………..




The next day maan and geet both were ready…well geet was excited as the local festival in the state is starting from today….and now she is having holidays so she can enjoy the local folk dance…food and jewellery shopping…although geet didn’t like waering them but to have a good collection she buys them and sometimes on festive occations wears also……


Whereas maan got dressed in a short sleeved shirt clearly showing his well built physic and a blue jeans looking smoking hot……

For some reason he didn’t dressed in his formals….he had already decided to take an official leave from the office and visit Rajgarh palace… but didn’t informed any servant …

He reached geet’s place and was mersmerised looking at the huge mansion….infront of him built in an old rajasthani style… he knew that now he has to be polite infront of maharaj…. And went inside…geet’s grandfather Maharaj Randhir singhania…. Maharaj recognized him as he entered …. He knew maan probably…and knew his roots too and welcomed him warmly….


Maan folded his hands and greeted him….


Maan: Namaste…. I am maan….Maan singh khurana….


Maharaj smiled and replied  him with a smile….


Maharaj: maan..i know… come have a seat…


Maan politely make himself comfortable….. maharaj was talking casually about his business and the university project that he had taken….


Maharaj: it was geet’s efforts that the govt officials have passed the project and at the last moment rajasthan have been included in the tender…..


Maan was silent just listening and was just waiting for her to appear…..since it was an almost festive day….geet got herself dressed in a blue and white anarkali…with matching bangles and anklets…. Making jingling sounds…her hairs half tied and jhootis matching her simplicity and innocence…


She came and without noticing maan hugged her daadu…


Geet: good morning daadu….how I am looking ????…


Daadu/maharaj: just like a beautiful pari….

Maan was intently looking at her drinking her naivity and innocent beauty with his naked eyes….he can’t deny that looking at her or thinking about  her is all new to him….and he doesn’t know the reason why he always feel helpless before her….she always attracts him towards him sometimes due to her anger…sometimes maturity…and sometimes by her bossy attitude towards her loved ones…..


Geet when noticed his presence…felt something seeing him ….first of all he is looking totally different of his usual formals he wears and first time she noticed something in his eyes…those eyes were dark….hiding so many things ….an unknown pain in them….and with a cute smile welcomed him….in her old princess style that was just for him…..


Geet: good morning Mr. Khurana…..


Maan was frowning within listening to Mr. khurana instead of maan and replied her with

the same devil smirk…..




That was enough for geet to get her temper high and  before she could blast on maan infront ofher daadu maan took leave with her…..


Geet was annoyed and cursing him within….


Geet: what does he think of himself…how many times I have to reming this Dusht danav..not to call me princess but nothing goes into his head…geet was mumbing ..but her voice was loud enough …that maan could easily hear her praising him….for the first time in his life he was not getting angry….but enjoying and thought to annoy her more…


Maan: So princess….before he could complete geet gave him a deadly glare and he immediately stopped the car…..


Maan: hey..hey why are you giving me that look….what I have done..hiding his smirk superbly…..


Geet shouted at him with such intensity that even a deaf could hear ….




Maan didn’t expect such behavior from her …and in a very calm tone asked her…..


Maan: geet why didn’t you like being addressed as a princess…..when you belong to a royal family…. Even your grandfather is addressed as maharaj…. Then why not you….


Geet was definitely loosing her anger and with her frustration answered him…..

Geet: I don’t know….you know when I hear people calling me princess…it kills me…I felt like stabbed by weapons…it burns my soul…..i can’t even tell you what I feel…by now tears were stinging in her almond shaped eyes….. and she turned her face to other other and said with a low voice….


Geet: please move ahead we are getting late…..


Maan couldn’t believe that the girl sitting beside him is having so much ache ……she is having so much grief that is killing her deep within …just like him…and like him  she is also unaware of the reason…..


Within half an hour they reached the registrar office and signed the papers…now officially geet’s land was maan’s he is the official owner of the land….


When they were coming out of the office…maan saw geet still lost….by now he was regreting his teasing….this was not the outcome that he has expected ……


Maan: geet come I will drop you home….


Geet first neither listen to him nor answer him and kept walking …when maan holded her wrist and pulled her towards him with so much force that she directly landed on his rock hard chest ….some flicks came on her face..which maan gently placed behind her ear and looked into her eyes and ..he was amazed to see a known blankness in her eyes…the same expressions that he saw somewhere….


He made her stand properly and pulled her with him just like a baby she followed him and settle down on the passenger seat of the car…….


When maan was about to start geet spoke….


Geet: drop me here…I will manage ..


Maan was first furious at the innocent smart yet dumb girl sitting with him and answerd her……


Maan: no ….i promised your grandfather to drop you safely at home…and you are my responsibility ….so just be quiet….


Geet was irritated by his dominating behavior and said…..


Geet: you know today is local festival and I want to go and enjoy…you know it only comes once in a year so just drop me here and you can go and go according to your schedule …..


Maan: I am having holiday today… won’t you mind if I join you…he asked by raising a suspicious eyebrow towards him…..

Geet: if that is the matter why would I mind….. okk…so now when I am your guide so you have to go according to me….


Geet said ever so chirply forgetting that she was in a very low mood some time ago….


Maan: ( gave a slight smile) as you say mam….


Geet: she smiled widely… we are going to gauri’s village remember the girl we met at the construction site…..well she invited us…so we will go to her village….

Whole way maan was following her instructions and she was talking endlessly when maan asked her….


Maan: geet can I ask you something…..


Geet: hmm…ya offcourse …we are not strangers anymore now…I hope so…and you are not much arrogant that I estimated she said while pretending to estimating the amount of his rudeness and arrogant behavior…..


Maan shouted at her ….


Maan: GEEEETT!!!!!


Geet: ohh so you do know how to shout…I thought I am the one who could yell on top of her lungs……


Maan couldn’t hold himself anymore and smiled with a naughty smile….


Maan: you know geet ….. I seriously thought that you are matured but you are even little than a five year old…..


Geet: MAAAANNN!!!!!….what …what did you say I am even little than a baby….ohh wait let our baby come then I will tell you who is little….i know how you will behave….


Both maan and geet were astonished what geet said….maan was surprised while geet was embarrassed…she bent her head down quickly mumbling a sorry to him….

Though they had started developing feelings for each other …or say their  feeling which were wrapped with the sheet of time has started to unfold…..


Maan to ease situation asked geet…..


Maan: geet do you know the way of Rajgarh fort… must have visited that many times…..i have heard that it is very beautiful….but …..


Before maan could complete geet interrupted….


Geet: the voices….. you must have  found out of the rubbish that villagers say about that place…am I right..and now you are scared to visit ….am I right…..


Maan: what rubbish….maan singh khurana is never afaid of anything….and by the way I was asking you about the way….route…do you know……. I want to visit it today itself…..


Geet was happy hearing him…finally she could be able to visit the place ….her bhai saa never allowed her to visit that beautiful palace but now she will know about the history of the palace…..


Geet: I know….and I will tell you the way….but on one condition….


Maan: okk what do you want….


Geet: I want to accompany you…..i too wanted to visit…..


Maan was suspicious on her demand and asked her…..


Maan: but you must have visited it before also….so why now you wanted to visit it…..and that with me….


Geet couldn’t hold herself and blurted out…..


Geet: bhaisaa never allowed me to visit ….but I want to go there just once…want to know  about the raja and rani…who lives there…. You know all says the the rani was very pretty …… I know I can’t see her but atleat I can visit it….please …I don’t know why bhai saa never allowed and please take me there with you….


Maan was helpless in front of her and decided to go with her unknown to the storn that is gonna hit there life changing their destiny…binding them together………………




Maan was somewhere glad that she wants to accompany him but on the other side the question that was bothering him was that “why she hadn’t visited there ..what was the reason the her brother barred her to visit that palace…..were the voices that are heard are real….is that not any kind of superstition… he was confused but can’t even ask her she herself…given him all the answers without being questioning….


Maan looked at her who was enjoying looking outside and let the topic drop for the time being….”


Maan was quietly following her instructions….


When geet suddenly told him to stop the car….both of them came out it was gauri’s village….


Geet: maan lets go….


Maan was confused where she wants him to go….


Geet hold his hand and dragged him with her…he was walking as if in a trance…..and when saw her about to trip…he pulled her to him causing her to come in a semi hug position… ..they were staring at each other and would not mind staring at each other but there cute staring session by a giggling…..


Gauri was standing with her two friends …wearing traditional choli and lehnga ..wearing silver jewellary….geet pulled herself away and looked away getting shy….


Both of them went to the village…there was a kind of celebration….. the elders welcomed them warmly….. for about two hours they stayed there…. Since there was festive celebration the girls dragged geet to dance with them….the local folk songs were there …they draped her dupatta on her head and she danced twirling around…giggling…geet also used her dupatta as a prop making it flow in air holding by her hands….they were offered…to lunch…geet was more than glad and excited and failed to see maan’s hesitation….


Geet: maan come….lets have lunch know I just love the traditional food….i am sure you will also like it…


Maan wanted to say something but was helpless infront of her….. when she didn’t found his reaction she looked at him….


Geet: you don’t want to eat here…am I right…..


Maan: absolutely not…..its just I am not hungry…..


Geet: are you sure…coz I feel something different….. okk lets go….before maan could say anything….


Geet went near gauri’s parents ….


Geet: we have to go know….i promise we will have lunch someother day….maan has some work….


She politely apologized….and came…..


Geet: maan lets go…


Maan was angry at her….if he didn’t want to eat then why can’t she….

Maan st: this girl is seriously mad……


Within fifteen minutes they reached the palace….maan and geet were mesmerized seeing it….maan was looking at the architecture the fine designs…..and geet looking around…imaging the life of the people lived here with so much royalty…..


They were about to step inside when an old lady stopped them….she was the care taker of the palace…lived outside the palace in a small room…she’s been there since sixty year…. Witness of all the activities..happened here…..


Lady: who are you what are you doing here….just go away….this place is cursed….


Maan : look we want to see the palace….and moreover it’s one of the tourist spot so you can’t stop us…..


Lady: why are you putting your life at risk…..


Maan: I don’t believe in all this  irrational thins…it will be better if you could guide us….we are here to know more about the persons who belong to this fort…..


Lady: come….with me…


First she took to them to the royal court….


Lady: this is court…where all the political decisions were taken….this fort has seen many ups and down…love and hatred….the possession..obsession….that prince DIVYAM  RANAWAT…..had for the princess MEENAKSHI….when the lady was describing the small small things geet was busy looking around…..but after hearing the names….


Her attention was diverted towards the conversation….


Geet whispered…MEENAKSHI……….RAJKUMAR ….


Maan and lady looked towards her…..


Lady: rajkumar….thats what princess call prince…she never took his name….


Maan: tell me about the voices….. what is that matter why everyone is scared….


Lady: these are not any myths….its the truth….for some hundred and fifty years the voices were  heard …. I am also one who heard them….


Geet: what kind of voice you hear…are they still echoed here….


Lady: a painful cry…….a painful soul crying ….. meenakshi’s pain was heard….people can’t sleep those were very loud…..

Geet: what happened to her….


Lady: meenakshi was attacked by the adjoining territory Udaipur that we know today ….. she was brutually killed…. May god never give this type of painful death to anyone….


Both of them were curious…..


Maan: why what happened to her…..


Geet answered his question looking at the thrown in front of her….


Geet: meenakshi was stabbed in her stomach…. Geet chocked ….she..she was pregnant….


This piece of information only the royal family know who are now in US….or care taker …but how did geet knew this was a question…..


Lady was shocked….


Lady: how do you know this….this is not known by all… do you know….


Geet looked at him and shouted she grabbed maan’s coller ….


Geet: hum jaante hain…samji aap…..kitni pratiksha thi hame hamare hone wale bache ki…par sab khatam kar diya…. Rajkumar ko berehmi se maar dala……. Hamare hone wale bache ko maar dala….. she left maan and clutched her stomach crying…..


Maan was looking at her and lady knew what has happened…. Suddenly geet went limp….maan was immediate to hold her and rushed her to his house …geet was not in her conscious…..she was crying in her sleep….


Maan came with geet in his arms it was around five when he came and called a doctor….geet was totally lifeless….


Doctor checked and gave her a injection… it was seven geet’s brother came and was informed that she was with maan….maan was sitting with geet she was cluthing his hand

…uday came to his room and saw both of them sleeping…he was already informed by servants about geet’s condition…..


Geet stirred in her sleep…she started murmuring crying….uday knew what was going on…. But fearing of maan’s reaction…


But he saw left him in shock….


Geet:  “Mat jaiye hame chod ke…….ruk jaiye mat jaiye hame chod kar…….hum vinti karte hai aapse mat jaiye ………….

Ruk jaiye……..”


Geet: Mat jaiye….. hum aapke bina nahin reh sakte…..rajkumar ruk jaiye…..


Maan woke up hearing geet’s sobbing ….and was looking at him…it was the same pleading that used to haunt him in his dreams….


Geet opened her eyes …she was crying very badly seeing him…..


Geet went near maan and was almost in a hugging position…..


Geet: “ aap mat jaiye…..yudh par ..aapko kuch hogaya toh…..hum mar jayenge….hamara nahi toh hamare aane wale bache ke bare me sochiye…”


These were the lines that uday also never heard ….first time he didn’t know what to do …his sister was in a position with a stranger…. He cant deny ….


Maan :” mat roiye meenakshi …hame kuch nahi hoga…..”


Some people were shocked hearing maan and geet …dadima who had come along with vishal didn’t know what was going ……


The three of them left the place….leaving maan and geet alone….



The three persons were seeing them …for daadima she somewhere knew that maan was having a tough life all these years….those nineteen years that he spent in those nightmares were something that she couldn’t even help him but today what she saw not only maan’s whimpering but a girl calling him Rajkumar….. asking to stay with her …not only she but vishal…poor Vicky was first time seeing his brother miserable state not knowing what is going on and who is the girl crying and hugging him tight….. Vicky along with his daadima and uday ( geet’s brother) left the two in the room…..


While geet was continuously crying and sobbing very badly in his arms …. Maan was not in his senses or rather say he was conscious and living in his past and present duely…..


Geet who has completely lost herself in her past again went unconscious ….maan was in panic seeing her again going lifeless….he patted her … smoothened her back to bring back life in her but nothing was giving him result…..


Maan: geet wake up…..geet what happened to you ..he was continuously looking at her he sprinkled some drops of water on her face and finally she gained her conscious…maan knew that there will be some unanswered questions that both of them needed to find answers but at this moment maan was not ready to face her…..


Maan came downstairs and saw all of them sitting with worried faces…..uday came forward seeing him …


Uday: how is she now….


Maan didn’t know who is uday so he looked at daadima with a questioning gaze as if want to know his relation with geet…..


Savitri devi understood her grandson’s face his speaking expressions….


Savitri devi: he is geet’s brother maan….. and uday he is maan my grandson….


Uday greeted maan and with daadi’s permission went to see geet…


His heart cried seeing his baby sister crying like as if her most precious things is snatched from her and he even can’t hold her in his arms and console her that every thing will be fine….


Uday somewhere knew that somewhere geet is related to the fort of rajgarh…he can’t forget that day when first time he heard his baby sister’s whimpers …a thirteen year old geet crying and that time he heard what the people were hearing ….it was the same painful cry that uday heard from geet’s room…..






It was the eve of geet’s thirteen birthday ….. only four minutes to go and she will be thirteen…uday was five year older than geet and somewhere a kind of over protectiveness he always had towards her …he was about to open her room when he heard her sobbing….  Geet was lying on her bed twisting and turning like trying to run away……..


She was sweating…her tears were continuously wetting her cheeks…


Geet:” hame chod dijiye….hum yahan se chale jayenge…..hame jaane dijiye ….. .”


Her  whimpering subdued for a minute or so…


And again geet shouted…..




This was the painful cry that the natives are forced to hear from years….but from around twenty years no one has ever witnessed anything unnatural….

Uday only knew this by his grandfather and servants….who sometimes would talk about

the matter….






That was the day uday came to know that there is some relation of geet with that palace…that’s why he always refused her to visit…and once also he had to shout at her in order to stop her from visiting that place which is somewhere responsible for his sister’s agony and pain….


He went near geet ..geet was half awake..uday caressed her hair …geet slowly opened her eyes and looked at her bhaisaa…. She first smiled slightly seeing him….


Geet: bhai saa….. he said in half dazed state…due to continous sobbing her eyes were paining…cheeks and nose was red….


She sat up and hugged him …uday was first started seeing her …. Geet was not showing any reaction towards the incident…..behaving calm and composed….


Uday: how are you feeling now….


Geet: I am fine bhaisaa…what will happen to me …but when did you came….


Geet was about to question him ..but she saw maan’s photo placed on the table…


Geet : bhaisaa where I am….


Uday: geet this is Mr. khurana’s place….come we have to go….


Geet was just listening….


Suddenly she remember maan taking her to registrar office….their trip to village…visiting palace… caretaker telling them about the life of rajkumar DIVYAM…and rani….geet’s outburst on maan….then ….she tried to gather the broken pieces but nothing was coming….she was totally blank…..






I shouted at maan…..he brought me here…..what did he know….why I shouted on him….i clearly know that I shouted on him…he ……he must have brought me here….what will he ask me know….why can’t I recall what happen after that….tears gathered in her eyes….

Geet: why these nightmares are destined in my life…. Why do I have a wrong feeling that he will also leave me …. Like….


She couldn’t fill the missing gap….the gap she somewhere didn’t know whom she wanted to address …..




Whereas on the otherside…maan was about to go….when daadima stopped him…


Savitridevi: maan you can’t escape this time you have to face this now it’s the high time….


Maan  pretended  that he didn’t hear her when Vicky came infront of him…


Vicky: bhai…daadima…is asking you something …


Maan: Vicky its none of your matter …just leave my way….


His daadi couldn’t now stop and made him face her…..


Savitridevi: I know everything maan….


Saying so she left….


Vicky look at maan…. He hugged him…maan was also lifeless trying to put the broken pieces he didn’t knew that someone is there who share his pain..the pain that he is living alone from years….


For sometime he didn’t felt anything


Vicky: bhai….. please share your pain…. You are not alone….. your brother is there for you…tell me bhai…


Maan: Vicky there is nothing to talk about…


He left from there….






How could I …how could I say something when I myself is not aware what is going on with my life…..


Geet when I first hear her saying the same thing that I hear in my dreams …I didn’t know how to react ….. she was crying addressing me as rajkumar….i didn’t know what to do…when she went lifeless…it was like someone snatched my breathe…. Why do I feel her similar like the vague image that I often saw in my dreams….why …

Why I am not able to know ….why can’t I collect those missing pictures of my life together…


Daadima is asking me to open up…what do I say daadi…when I myself is not clear….i didn’t let anyone know about my pain…coz I was myself helpless….now why di I feel that my destiny is taking me here…I wanted to go tomorrow…but look dadima and Vicky came here….. I don’t have any answers now…..i don’t have any…..







NOTE: hii guys I need your suggestion…since the story is going on the main twist so do you want me to open their past life fully or continue like like and finish this SS….need your suggestion…. Please do reply…..


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Uday and geet went to their palace….geet was pale her skin had turned from baby pink to yellow she was looking like she is suffering from any major disease….at that time she didn’t had any memory what she told to maan in the fort or at his place…. But her subconscious was having all the things….


Uday took her to the room….. and made her eat something light knowing that in this condition she will have temperature…. This was the routine a one way suffering that his baby sister suffers for no reason….


When he came to know about geet visiting rajgarh palace he knew that now the things are going to be change either they are going to be better or worse…. Till now uday didn’t told anyone that he know that geet;s nightmares are related to rajgarh…she is somewhere related to meenakshi and divyam….


But what he saw today …the way maan was speaking was like he knows about geet’s dreams or he is also related to it somewhere ….. he needs to talk to him may be he can help geet till now he had been to many physiatrists infact his grandfather had not left any spiritual methods … they had all the pujas and havans for geet but nothing had proved beneficial till now…



Maan on the other side was looking for the answers that why did he said all those things to geet …. The way geet was shouting at him in the fort was similar what he had been seeing in his sleep but till now the face was unclear may be she is the one whom he saw in the dreams…but how can it be possible….


Maan: how can I call geet meenakshi….


He was having his own confusions trip to Udaipur had really made him lost in this never ending puzzle…but how did geet knew about his dreams was a big question…. He needs to ask her how does she is aware of his cursed and bitter reality …..


Maan was in his cabin he had left the moment Vicky and his daadi was expecting something from him  but he was in his own world that was making him loose all the patience with which he had dealt till now…..


He had came to one conclusion that now his pain and sleepless nights can only come at an end with that fort….


He called the caretaker ramsingh….


Ramsingh entered his cabin ..he was surprised that why did hokum called him here in his office he also called keshav …. And asked both of them to sit….


Maan: ramsingh who is the owner of rajgarh fort ….


Ramsingh: hukum rudra ranawat he is the present owner of this fort …..


Maan: where are they  …. Now I want to meet them…


Ramsingh: they are overseas hukum…. They are not here since the fort encountered last death of the tourist who tried to buy this…it was fifty years back…. Since then no one from their family is here …..rudra’s father’s with his family went from here…..


Maan: do you have any contact ramsingh I want to meet him….and buy this fort…


Keshav who was till now listening to the went into horror mode the palace which had been the reason of many deaths ..maan wants to buy that …no one was successful till now…. He interrupted him….


Keshav: sir that palace is the reason of many unwanted deaths …. You can get any other property but please leave that place…..


Maan: keshav I want that palace only and this time no misfortune or mishappening can occur….

Maan st: atleast it will be less fatal then this daily torture…


Maan: ramsingh give the contact details to keshav and keshav contact them immediately and buy that palace at any cost…..


Maan was at peace somewhere that this palace will be his AGAIN…..


That he didn’t noticed somewhere the memories that DIVYAM had carried with him to this birth as MAAN had made him satisfied….




Ramsingh immediately informed daadima about maan’s decision telling her  about the incidents that had been till now occurred due to that palace….


Daadi went meet someone….she had come to Udaipur for a purpose till now due to maan’s behaviour she didn’t meet the person but now she cant hold herself from meeting him….


Savitri devi has her rots from rajasthan her family was from here and she is been married in a rajasthani Punjabi family …. There is a guruji that her sister always talked about  …this time she will meet him and will tell all the problems to him…but before that maan has to be made understand to drop the idea of buying that cursed palace…..


Maan had purposely came late to avoid any confrontation…but daadi and vicky were still waiting for him….


They had caught the hold of maan ….he can’t escape more …. Opening up will only give him a sence of peace his mind and heart will get some rest….


Daadima: maan finally you have come come lets have dinner…..


Maan denied but who is he infront of his daadi …daadi knows her grandson’s in’s and outs … she made him eat and finally started to question him….


Daadima: maan are you going to buy that palace ….


Maan: I am daadima but please don’t say those things that ramsingh had told you….


Daadima: maan … when you know that the palace is cursed …it’s the reason of many accidents then why are you buying that ….. if anything happens to you what will I do…. Have you ever thought about this old lady….


Maan: daadima please nothing will happen….


There was a confidence in his voice…

Daadima: if you are adamant maan then wait for one day I will ask guruji first …


Maan was annoyed that how can a human being will know what is going to happen next …. But he didn’t knew that now only guruji can help him….


Maan: daadima please …. I don’t believe in these all stuff….


Daadima: why don’t you understand maan that this matter is not only related to you…geet ..that girl is also connected to you ….


Maan gasped…. His daadi was teling the same thing that he is been thinking ….


Daadi continued….” I am going to meet her tomorrow…. I want to know about her too …maan you two are connected … she also shouts like you in her dreams…. “


Maan: daadi do what you want to do I don’t care but I am buying JALSTHAL and that’s final……





maan went to her place …he needs to meet her …but will it be right to meet her at this time…but he is totally defenseless….. she is haunting her day and night…yes the face that have been in his dreams now is cleared ….and what is saw this time..was getting on his nerves…. His body was drenched in sweat …ragging heartbeats…. He should feel ashamed on himself of thinking like this about her….but here there is a sort of strange contentment deep in his heart…..






How can he saw her …..dream her like this….. still feeling her deep within him…..

Does our dreams are so much connected to us…that he is feeling her as if she was with him ..beside her right now…. His wild dream…how can he ….?????

That was a passionate and aggressive love making…… but he can also feel that every move was filled with love…long lost love…..




Daadi continued….” I am going to meet her tomorrow…. I want to know about her too …maan you two are connected … she also shouts like you in her dreams…. “


Maan: daadi do what you want to do I don’t care but I am buying JALSTHAL and that’s final……


Savitri devi was somewhere scared…scared of her grandson… the difficulty …the crisis he is facing seeing years can be now put to an end….geet ..who is still unaware of the fact that somewhere someone can be living same as she …. The restlessness…the cry of agony is let out she not only hers but she shares it with someone….and now that someone..had unknowingly started to capture her dreams ….her soul..the resistive she used to get seeing any men is not with maan that geet noticed…not to mention she still hates his teasing and calling her RAJKUMARI…but still…..


“ ek ajnabee ne dil me ghar kar liya….

Ek anjaan chera jise ek roop mil gaya…..

dil ne toh samjah liya kon hai tu ….

par hum abhi bhi anjaaan hain….

kya wo betaabi ruk jayegi tere ek ehsaas se……..

kya wo khwab sach hain..jinhone hame ab tak baandha hai….

Kuch sawaal jinse hum abhi bhi anjaan hai…

kuch jawaab jo sirf tumhare paas hain…..”


( I know its just most weird phrase…but me tried….”)




Uday had told all the happenings to dadaji..who was equally amazed and kind of fear he also felt…..


Maan reacting the way to geet was something no one expected…it was actually not at all normal….till now the secret of knowing a bit of geet’s condition that uday had kept till himself …he was not able to keep it with him…he needs to tell his dadaji…till now geet always cried in her sleep…but the event that occurred now …had surely made their life to take a new turn……


Uday after being contemplating himself ..finally open himself to his daadji…..

But didn’t knew that someone will be now join with them….. geet who was not having any clue what all she blurt out to maan …and what all he answered ..for her it was a usual fit…. And she was crying…but her subconscious knows that finally her soul has found its mate..which it has been searching for years..making her and others life a living hell…..


Yes it was true…..the soul which was not at peace for some hundred of years….which was in a desperate search for its soul mate is now relieved after listening to his one consoling….the same arms that provided her the relaxation at that time….on finding that same touch..her restlessness subdued a little…but it went away making her forget that who was the one who comforted her with his words….


But the heart that provided her the comfort is now burning with the burden of that same past….. somewhere he also found a narrow path to come out of that bleak trail….


Before uday could continue geet came…from that day only she was all pale…not eating properly…her chirpy and angry self was vanished….. though uday also wanted now to talk to geet…but seeing her not well he didn’t start any conversation….


Geet went towards her bhaisaa…..and complained cutely….


Geet: bhai saa you left me alone in the room…. You know I was searching for you….


You don’t love me ….see daadu bhaisaa left me….


She sat close to her daadu…putting her head on his shoulder…geet was feeling terribly weak..though uday the day itself consulted a doctor…but the doctor just prescribed a complete rest….the doctors even didn’t get the sudden reason of her fallen state…..


Well it was just not a normal condition…when you are attacked by your past…that too a horrible one which left you dead on the spot then these are the after effects….. since geet had again encountered with the deadly experience but still worst is come ……


Maan is still not registering the same things but the time is not too far…destiny is itself making him do the things to go inside his past once again…..


And buying the PALACE is one of its progress that their vocation is making them to step forward…..


Uday looked at his baby sister who just accused him of leaving her alone….he knew that geet didn’t like to be alone that too when ..when she is not in a good condition….geet always wants someone to be with her by her side so that she didn’t feel lonely….


Uday: geet you were in a deep sleep what would I have done in your room…you didn’t even let me touch your latest I phone however I only gave it to you….


Geet just came into her sherni mode and immediately was ready to get a pay back from her brother if did even touch it….


Geet: bhaisaa you played games on it…. And probably you have chatted too …..


Geet was very particular about her things…however her bhaisaa was always welcomed to use whatever is hers….but with her due permission….


Maan on the other side made his assistant to immediately contact  to the owners of the palace…..


The news spread like fire that some one wants to buy that cursed palace…and even uday heard but still no one knew that who is that unlucky person who wants to destroy himself….


But the truth was like that the destruction will be reduced now……




Maan on the other side made his assistant to immediately contact  to the owners of the palace…..


The news spread like fire that some one wants to buy that cursed palace…and even uday heard but still no one knew that who is that unlucky person who wants to destroy himself….


But the truth was like that the destruction will be reduced now……


Daadima went to guruji that she probably will be visiting for the first time…. Till now no occasion came that made her go to him but here she is ought to go to him …like destiny is making her do that she wants…..


The day hectic for maan….


The owners of the fort have agreed to sell off that palace to him…and inface he was getting that place almost at no cost….


According to the owners that will get rid of that place that is just tagged with them…neither it is giving them any profit nor is of any use


So when maan directly approached them how can they deny and even just got ready to sell him at the lowest cost possible….


Well when the real owner is taking his own posession than how can his own things will not be beneficial to him….

It was even surprising for the owner that till now who so ever wanted to buy that land ..that property it nearly took them two weeks to reach india and then all the while something weird happened and the deal got cancelled but this time ….


It was within a day that the owner reached to rajasthan …it was like that the time was itself making all the things in favor of maan……


Where on the otherside daadima reached the guruji and she told him the entire problem…..


Guruji was an aged man…a glow was there on his face…..


Listening to his name itself a slight smile came on his lips……


Daadima: guruji maan is buying that palace …… he is already very tensed due to those dreams…. And now this fort… every thing fine ……


GURUJI: only the real owner of that place will be able to buy the palace …every time when someone tried to make the palace his…. The magic that was done on the palace does something that the buyier goes away from the palace…but its real owner will be able to get his place with ease ……………


Daadima was in awe with the revelation……


Daadima: but maan …how my maan is related in all these guruji……


Guruji: destiny is testing them savitri ji…… he is not alone…..


Guruji didn’t reveal reveal who is the second soul which is being tortured…..


Daadima: maan…. Why maan is having those nightmares guruji…he is deing every day guruji…. He can’t even take a peaceful sigh ….. he is disturbed guruji….


Guruji: everything is not in our hands ……. He was selected and he is suffering with her…. But the time is not o far when he will be free from all the tensions savitri ji……


Daadima: does we need to do anything …..


Guruji closed his eyes once….


Here maan signed the deal….


JALSTHAL now belongs to the great businessman MAAN SIGH KHURANA…or say MAHARAJ DIVYAM……


Guruji : your grandson is the owner of his palace savitri ji…… the real owner again took his posession……


Daadima was not able to say anything…..


Daadima: any solution to this problem guruji….


Guruji: it’s still having some time……


Guruji st: you need to learn the whole truth maharaj and maharani…till then no one can lessen your pain..but you two will be each other’s balm till then…..


Daadima took her leave….now she was going to meet geet…..


Here uday was not able to say anything….


When geet was literally pouting …..


Geet: bhaisaa what did you do with my I-Phone ……


She was just getting angry..when uday out of fear told her truth….


Uday: geet stay away from me…don’t come close…..


Ohh she was coming close to her bhai saa to tickle him…..


Geet: why ..first you leave me alone in the room…and then you played with my I- Phone …you didn’t even even cared what if I got scared……. Bhai saa you will get the punishment


Uday: ohhkkk,….. any punishment but don’t come close to me…..


Here daadi who had just came was witnessing the scene…. With a smile….whereas maharaj welcomed her….. he had met her many time when she came here ….sometimes with maan’s dadaji too…..


So they were knowing each other …….


Whereas geet and uday were still playing like they used in their childhood……

Uday somehow tried to escape from geet…. He actually ducked her and ran….and geet how can she left him…..


Geet : bhai saa I will not leave you…. She was running behind him…..


But her breathing got ragged…..


She sat on the nearby dining and gulped water……


This time that face to face had taken a toll on him…..


She came to her daadu ..and noticed someone there….an elderly lady may be in her seventy’s…she was looking at savitri devi with great concentration….trying to recognise her…… when maharaj introduced them……


Maharaj: geet …meet her she is savitri devi….


Geet greeted her with a small smile still trying to know her…she was sure she had seen her….


Actually  geet was almost in her dazed state when she was there in khurana mansion….


Though daadi very clearly know her…but still a formal introduction is must…..


Geet: namaste….


Daadima/ savitri devi: come and sit here beta….daadi very dearly called her….she was also shocked seeing geet in that deadly condition at that time….


Daadima: how are you now…..


Geet felt a little awkward…she didn’t want anyone to know her condition …. An unsecurity lingers withing her…..


Geet reluctantly….


Geet: I am fine now…..


And left from there to her room……




Next: to be continued



Daadima: how are you now…..


Geet felt a little awkward…she didn’t want anyone to know her condition …. An unsecurity lingers withing her…..


Geet reluctantly….


Geet: I am fine now…..


And left from there to her room……


Geet went to her room…. She was confused why everyone was asking about her well being …was she not well…. Why they are showing their concern for her…..

She lied down on the bed thinking…and drifted into the sleep…..


Here in the hall…uday saw savitri devi looking at the direction in which geet went…he looked at her….when he reluctantly asked her….



Uday: dadiji…why are you looking at……


Savitri devi : I am here to talk about something uday….


She clearly told them the motive of her coming…uday looked at her skeptically trying to know what she wants to know ….her facial expressions were clearly telling that something was serious….


Uday : is it about geet dadiji…..


Savitri devi smiled a little….


Savitri devi : it is about maan and geet….


Uday looked at her in confusion and clarity ….the thoughts those are haunting his sister is related to maan he can’t believe….


Uday: maan….. you mean…..


Savitri devi : you are thinking right uday….  Then she turned to maharaj who was till now listening the conversation between his grandson and her old acquaintance….so he interrupted….


Maharaj: what are you indicating at savitriji…..

Uday: daadu I also wanted to talk to you regarding this…..  and daadiji… maan you mean that day what maan was saying was true…..i mean is he also having some nightmare like geet…..


Savitri devi: maharaj … uday that day when  I saw maan consoling geet wiping her tears it was not normal itself knowing maan he never come close to any girl…leave coming alone he never acknowledge any female presence near her ….but that day seeing geet crying and maan consoling…and geet was addressing maan as maharaj was something not normal….


Savitri devi: I cant hide anything from you…..maan is having some dreams which are still haunting him…. My child is suffering day and night and now maan had decided to buy that palace which is also preoccupied by some unknown curse….. and then that day seeing geet I was worried …. I think these two are related to each other…..


Uday suddenly got alarmed knowing maan was the one who is the owner of the



Uday: dadiji …di you say maan is successful in buying that palace which has been always a cause of someone’s destruction…..


Dadima nodded. Affirmly….


Maharaj: what are you saying uday….and savitri ji ..i know geet have some problem that she sees some dreams but….


Before he could complete uday interrupted..


Uday: that was the thing I was trying to tell you daadu…. But geet was there….the way geet was unconscious and when she gained conscious the way she was with maan was actually surprising…she was calling maan as maharaj..telling him not to leave her…and maan addressed her as meenakshi….and you know who was meenakshi……


Savitri devi: MEENAKSHI and DIVYAM…. Are you saying…..


Uday: exactly dadiji….they were the cursed soul who died in jalsthal ….and the way I have heard geet crying at night calling someone….those cries were similar what forty years ago were heard…..


Savitri devi murmured…..


Savitri devi: that means guruji was right maan is the owner of the palace that’s why he had brought it……


Uday somehow heard her…


Uday: what dadiji…. Guruji…


Then she told them about what all guruji said and requested to bring geet at their place…..  as she will organize that pooja soon so that maan and geet can be freed ….but she doesn’t know that


“ kuch bandishon ko todne ke liye kuch naye bandhann judne wale hain….”



.maan relaxed on his chair….he was feeling relaxed like a very big responsibility is taken off from his shoulders….. he closed his eyes only to get lost in those blue hazels…..


A girl nearly twelve or thirteen years old was in a garden with variety of flowers wearing a cream colour saree covering herself….with no ornaments……having pallu on her head picking flowers ……pure serene atmosphere in the background …….


A huge building …like a temple behind her ……. Loud voices of HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA…… KRISHNA KRISHNA HARE HARE……

Was  echoed at the place the girl was singing the same…..


A boy wearing a dark green turbun having a sword with him …dressed like a rajput prince is seeing the girl from far away……


Someone came from behind and forcefully snatched the flower basket from her hand….she just smiled and those beautiful eyes were clouded with fear and pain…but her lips never left that sweet smile…


Here the prince was seeing her from far…somewhere he wanted to go near her and wanted to kill that very person who made those hazels filled with agony and pain…


Before he could go…someone called her…she was extremely beautiful no less than any rajput princess..he could see her long blackish brown hairs coming out of her pallu drapped on her head…..


A smile enchanted on maan’s geet’s lips who were actually having the same peaceful dream of the prince lost in lost with the beautiful princess…


When they heard…..


Geet : “ rajkumar divyam kahan hain aap…… jaldi aayiye….darshan kar lijiye maa sa aapka intzaar kar rahi hain…..”


Geet was so lost in her dream…. A sweet whisper came from her mouth…” RAJKUMAR…..”


Here maan  was seeing the same thing…. But his pretty and innocent princess….


Maan heard someone saying…


“ rajkumari meenakshi jaldi aa jaiye …. Aarti shuru hone wali hai….. aapki prateeksha ho rahi hai…..”


For the first time in his life after his mother’s demise….


Maan smiled seeing that dream….


Somehow  he couldn’t relate that to meenakshi…he can only see the glimpse of geet …and whispered “ meenakshi..”







Geet : “ rajkumar divyam kahan hain aap…… jaldi aayiye….darshan kar lijiye maa sa aapka intzaar kar rahi hain…..”


Geet was so lost in her dream…. A sweet whisper came from her mouth…” RAJKUMAR…..”


Here maan  was seeing the same thing…. But his pretty and innocent princess….


Maan heard someone saying…


“ rajkumari meenakshi jaldi aa jaiye …. Aarti shuru hone wali hai….. aapki prateeksha ho rahi hai…..”


For the first time in his life after his mother’s demise….


Maan smiled seeing that dream….


Somehow  he couldn’t relate that to meenakshi…he can only see the glimpse of geet …and whispered “ meenakshi..”


May be life is so cruel like we thought off… geet and maan were so lost in their dream which was actually the revival of the time there souls were connected ….


The impact of this sweet dream was actually very sweet and good on geet…not to forget maan.he was in a good and vibrant mood…. Neither sulked ..nor got angry..his staff was actually spared of his anger and glares..but surprisingly geet was thinking of her Mr ARROGANT…


Geet : first time I saw something that was pleasant that had not scared me… I am so relieved today… she for sure didn’t knew the reason but was very happy and enchanted….


Geet st: what to do… I need someone to go with me.. I want to visit that palace again..last time I had lost my conscious but this time I wont…


Geet was thinking of every other possible way .. to get to the palace..but she knows only one person can take her there … that is her MR ARROGANT who was not that much arrogant today… actually he was kind of soft like melted seeing the beautiful sight of a prince and a princess…..


It was almost six when maan came back..vicky to surprised to see maan back so soon when he usually comes late at night…. He actually blinked twice to confirm that its his dear brother……


Vicky: it is definitely a illusion how can I see bhai at this time.. Vicky get yourself checked in the next appointment with doctor… you are definitely having some eye sight problems… I think I need a specs… no lens would be fine…


Maan who was standing beside Vicky just glared at him looking at his stupid brother who was making his own logics about maan’s early arrival…. He looked at the servants who were also totally amazed what they saw…  even daadima came and saw maan..she was happy yet surprised seeing her grandson home….


Daadima: maan you came… go and freshen up..i will sent your black coffee ..but maan was maan..he just nodded smiling a little…. And he was about to enter his room he turned and told daadima…


Maan: daadima I am coming down will have my coffee with you and this idiot Vicky…


Vicky gulped hard..he looked at his daadi for help… Vicky in a meek voice like a scared lamb….


Vicky: daadima ..

Daadi could not help but chuckle at Vicky who was looking so cute with his scared expression…..


She smiled a bit….


Daadima: Vicky why are you so much scared of Vicky..he is your brother only…..


Vicky looked at daadima like trying to know what she is trying to say….


Vicky: daadima you know na bhaiki personality hi aisi hai and moreover when he show his big big eyes to me I just want to hide into the safest place….


While Vicky was saying all these to his daadima.. maan who was descending the stairs .. heard all… he just looked at his brother…


Maan: VICKY!!!!! His voice was enough to see a scared Vicky..


Vicky like a small baby…


Vicky : see daadima what bhai is doing see isn’t he looks like a Dracula with two of his canines coming out…see daadima..dhyaan se dekho….


While daadima wacked his hand..vicky himself imagined his dear brother…


Maan: Vicky tu ruk let me show you how Dracula drinks blood…


Vicky shouted and ran for his life….


Vicky: see daadima I told you bhai ki jagah bhoot aa  gaya hai ghar par…. While maan chased him….


Vicky: no please spare me..meri toh abi tak shadi bhi nahi hui hai… daadi why don’t you say to this Dracula to spare me….


While maan was quick to catch Vicky….


Vicky: bhai he saw maan was going to wack him….


Vicky hugged him tight ….


VIcky: missed you bhai… I didn’t know that my bro can still run this fast ..bhai I wonder what do you eat..except that boring pasta… tell me too It will help me to impress girls.. you know girls like macho man types…. He whispered in his ear..


Maan looked at his little brther who was all grown up…. He was tongue tied..know he knew his aloofness had actually made him missed his family..he did knew that Vicky went to school and college but never knew what he did…. About his schedule..his friends he missed his brother….


Maan engulfed his little brother who was his only toy In childhood and very softly with guilt ridden voice….


Maan: sorry Vicky…


His voice was chocking that Vicky didn’t need to guess what his brother must be feeling..this is actually called blood relations which are more powerful than anything…..


Vicky reciprocated his long lost brother in a soothing hug…..


Vicky: bhai never ever go back to that nightmare again.. I don’t want my maan bhai to suffer anymore…


Even servants and daadima looked at both of them ..she was having tears in her eyes… now she knew what guruji meant..may be this was the starting of ending of maan’s miseries which has started with him being the owner of that palace…..






The evening was soothing with maan all relaxed even he filled up his lost data of Vicky ‘s doing all these years..and Vicky very enthusiastically filled his brother with all the juicy details of his life and even asked maan to settle down…


Vicky: bhai don’t worry maine apne liye bhabhi bhi select kar li hai… know I want you to settle down … after all I want my little neice in my arms soon…


Daadima chucked with his demand..while his brother’s  blatant insistence left him in embarresment….


Daadima too supported Vicky….


Daadima: Vicky hum maan ki shaadi toh karwa denge par unke liye dulhan … zara hume bhi dhikhaiye ..hamari hone wali bahu..vicky was so enthusiastic..


Vicky: let me bring my laptop daadi.. you know bhai ke liye kitne dino se ladki dhoond rha hun main… I am having a long collection just maan bhai needs to select….


Maan frowned what is this going on..for a second he thought was this change acceptable and appreciable in his life when he is almost pushed into the dark world of nightmares from where it Is actually impossible to come out….



He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t see Vicky who had came…Vicky was lost in selecting and finalizing the girls for his brother….  When he saw maan lost….


Vicky: bhai where are you lost have you already selected my bhabhi … tell me no.. I need to know…


Maan just gave Vicky an angy glare which he ignored coming towards daadi….


Maan: Vicky stop his nonsense.. I haven’t selected anyone…


Vicky: fine… then let us select… waise  bhai I know you wont like I have selected simple and sober natured girls…. You know gaon ki gori types… coz  koi princess aapko toh pehle hi reject kar degi she will straightly say that you are arrogant …..


Listening to vicky maan cannot help but to remember his princess who was no less than any sherni… she was the one who was clear in her motive and didn’t even feared before  saying anything to anyone not even she care what the person will feel but she respects what needs respect .. that was the unique quality that she had… maan chose to leave from the marriage bureau….


Maan: daadima i am going I am having a meeting to attend… good night ..saying so

maan left to his room…




Geet was in kitchen trying to make smething but to her dismay she was not getting what to make… all the chef even lata didi was standing infront of her while she was trying to make something….


Geet cribbed cutely….


Geet: didi what should I make I am bored of this rajasthani daily.. tell me something….


The chef tried to intervene only to get a angry and non interesting look..that was clearly saying that geet didn’t want any interruption…


When something popped in her mind…


She quickly told one of the chef….


Geet: get me all the ingredients to make pasta…. The chef who was already sweating with geets anger .. he quickly helped her what she told…


So the princess made pasta and took a big bowl of chocolate chip icecream for herself..and went to her room since no one was at home….



Sleep was far from both of them….


Geet was tossing on her bed..she was now getting annoyed,,,,


Geet : first those nightmares didn’t let me sleep and now what else don’t want to let me sleep….


Here maan who had finally drifted into a restless sleep… went to somewhere which seems to be known yet he cannot recognized it….




Their was a kind of celebration going on everywhere the palace was decorated like a bride … there were different types of flowers which were made  making the path so unique looking like it was just laid for welcoming some one..


Here comes a beautiful palanquin .. and a small feet came out of it..  a small girl..may be sixteen came out..dressed in heavy jewels her face was covered with a veil..maan could see her clutching the pallu … there were like ten to fifteen of her girl servants .. sevikayen with her..


Next he saw a rajasthani prince …descending from the horse..there was a big sword adorning with him… he was truly looking like a prince… there was a glow a pride on his face that no one can touch… both were looking like newly married….


A smile enchanted his lips..he was now feeling comfortable in his sleep… the restless was vanishing…


They were welcomed with great pride and honour..all the rituals were performed….


Maan was all the while seeing the things that were related in his life… but their was a sudden blankness that he noticed..everything now seems to be blurred … again he wanted to see all those but nothing was there..he was trying to locate the place but was unable… when  a sudden light got illuminated…


Maan saw a decorated bed..there were red and white roses..the bride was sitting in the middle. There was still the veil on her face… there were several candles and diya’s illuminated in the room .. the stars were twinkling the shiny white marble like curtains were flowing freely with the wind…. There was a big window.. where moon could be seen…


There was a clear picture of each and everything that was crystal clear to maan…


He could see the newly wedded bride curling her toes..even the sweet jingling of her heartbeats he could hear.. nothing was so perfect …so clear like transparent sheet before….


A few minutes later.. he saw the same prince in the room… now he was having no turban or sword.. he was having a gentle calmess on his face..knowing his love is with him….

The prince with his slow steps… came towards his princess.. and unveiled her face… there was the beautiful princess




His mouth whispered …


The bride just shied…and immediately melted in his arms…. He too hugged her..  he kissed her forehead… clearly indicating that she didn’t need to fear till he is alive .. he kissed her eyes.. letting her know that know no tears can be in her eyes…. Slowly he took all the jewels followed by gentle kisses… she just melted like wax in his arms… his lips were worshipping her like a goddess while she surrendered her self to her husband….

RAJ KUMAR.. a soft moan escaped her lips… he freed her tears and made her lie.. down.. she smiled when he again kissed her forehead and very softly came to her supple baby pink lips…. She herself parted her lips…. They were passionate with their every move.. their was a longing in their moves that maan could see them getting lost in each other….


Next he saw… the girl was changed to geet…. And he was loving her… maan was all over geet .. he was kissing her shoulder … the blush that was there on her cheeks.. the contentment that was there in her eyes… was something that cannot be explained… he nibbled her lips..and entered her mouth… just to seek the sweet honey from his love…  though he could see him and geet but he couldn’t see her parting was filled with red sindoor and her neck adorning his symbol…


He could see him loving her carnally with geet just surrendering to his love..even she was moaning and he groaned when she scratched her nails on his back….


They completed their relation.. their was a pure estasy and bliss… when he made her his… marking her his from her soul… she was all his.. he hold he when she was about to loose her conscious… but there was a smile of contentment of her face…


Meenakshi: hum aapse bahut pyar karte hai rajkumar….


The declaration of her love ..


Maan abruptly opened his eyes only to see himself sweating….




hum aapse bahut pyar karte hai rajkumar….


The declaration of her love ..


Maan abruptly opened his eyes only to see himself sweating….  His breathing was uneven .. vision seems to be lost in that moment of love only… he couldn’t relate anything… was it his past and future.. and moreover seeing something like this was purely a thing that he was totally unaware he himself found his being in the sudden embarresment of what he saw.. how he can see like this.. this was more than what he thought about his dreams … they were actually related to some princess and prince and










He needed his answers .. he needed to talk to geet..what if she was seeing the same dream and him in her thoughts that could create problems and it will be certainly  outrageous moreover now he has seen her that means something is there which is still needed to be discovered..


Maan looked at himself his body was fully drenched in sweat inspite off his room having very less temperature because of air conditioner….


Maan: I need to talk to her right now.. he was desperate with his questions that needed to be answered…. Suddenly he looked outside it was pitch dark .. cold freezing winds were blowing his mind and senses were betraying him.. the fade pictures of that girl in the royal rajasthani attire than the princ.e… maan tried to rmove all those pictures from his mind but nothing seems to get vanish … it was actually getting deep and dark like his senses knew significance of those dreams…


He knew he cant meet her at this time… maan glanced at the full moon inspite hidden between the dark clouds it was tryin g to come out and illuminate the darkness with its light ..though the shadow was prominent but the small amount of that intense light was enough to glow the lifeless souls…


Seeing no improvement in his wandering thoughts… maan decided to divert his mind he knew that by doing his martial arts he can easily get away from the deep recesses of the past…..


His moves were furious.. eyes were dark with the pain of loosing himself the ache the gush of anger that was taking toll on him.. maan kicked and puched the mirror that was there .. mirror was like long lost shattered love for him… his knuckles were bleeding .. he was having pain but nothing seems to satisy him…


It was six when he actually found himself slight withdrawn with tiredness…..  while geet found herself all fresh that night with a new jest like something in her life is provoking her to find her lost self… like something is making her to come out of the darkness that was not for her.. but her love had indeed made her to get herself lost in that life which was so scary and vulnerable at times….


It was just few minutes when geet had  finally decided that she will not let her past come in her life… when suddenly maan called…


Maan didn’t slept even for a second after that dream… or say the picture of his love… he was determined to face her to ask her how can she be connected to him .. does she is also subjected to the kind of life he is living.. does she is having a constant fear in her life of loosing someone very precious….


The feelings the emotions the words that were coming out in the form of words were actually the past incidents that had made him to live like this….


Geet was not annoyed by his morning call and even he wished to meet her at an early instant.. he was not demanding but requesting .. though at first place geet wanted to say a NO but something in her snapped and he immediately agreed like she herself wanted to see him but was not getting how to say him ….


Geet: fine Mr Khurana I will meet you after an hour .. at the university sight… I hope you dont mind…


Maan: fine.. I will meet you there geet….


For the fisrt time he called het geet .. there was nothing like what she can call arrogance….


Exactly after an hour… geet was there at  the project site.. there was no worker.. the project seems to be at halt… maan looked at het..not only he was feeling miserable by his love making dream that she was looking just like the baby princess he saw in his dream… strangely geet thought to dress up in a pure rajasthani style.. so she was there with a anarkali in pure rajasthani prints…everything in her from the glass bangles in her wrist to the eyes having a thick layer of kohl.. her baby pink lip gloss… everything was just like MEENAKSHi..


Maan turned his back.. he couldn’t fathom the fact that she was actually the kind of girl he was looking and searching in his dreams all these years.. no she was actually the same gal….


Geet tapped his shoulder… maan composed himself and turned… she didn’t believe he was looking lost ..his eyes were slightly red .there was visible dark circles….  She directly questioned him….


Geet: you didn’t slept maan…..


Maan who was in his own world of confusion and conflicts… didn’t hear her question….


Maan: do you know who is meenakshi and divyam geet.. do you know ??? … are you also having some night mares …


Geet took two steps did he knew ..and Meenakshi and divyam she never ever told anyone who were they then.. how did he know…


Geer: no I don’t know..and why do you want to know…  you don’t have any right to know my personal life…


She snapped back…


Maan sighed in frustration she was really a fiery and scary at times…

Maan again asked in a composed tone….


Maan: do you know them geet.. please don’t lie to me… I need to know….


Geet didn’t said any single word.. but she started going back.. now maan couldn’t hold


her indifference to something that was making him to force her..


maan grabbed her wrist… he dint want to listen to her now….


Maan: fine then come with me….


Geet wriggled.. but maan just scooped her in his arms….


Maan: believe me geet I am just tired now of all this.. I need my answers… and if you don’t cooperate then I know how to make you understand .. I cant handle this torture any more….


Geet slapped his arms… and he glared at her.. her eyes were not having any kind of ressitance but she was certainly having an urge to just remain like she is in his arms.. instead of telling him to put her down she snuggled closed to him…. Her breathe was falling on his neck….  Maan was not having any clue that he will be subjected to her sweet torture…


Maan: stop doing that … he asked her in certain irritation…


Geet who has started to play with his shirt buttons unknowingly snapped him…


Geet: you had forcefully took me in your arms and don’t you dare to shout at me… I will do what I want….


There was nothing like strangers or mere acquaintance between them… but they were just like two souls who knew each other very deeply and indeed they were lovers fom last birth so they were bound to know…


Maan placed her on the passenger seat…. .. geet was so much annoyed with his behavior.. that she didn’t even pu on seat belt..


Maan: geet tie your seat belt..


Geet just didn’t listened…


Geet: I am hungry lets have breakfast…. You didn’t even let me have my breakfast… now come on take me some dhaba.. you know its been long I had something from outside ….


Maan: did I tell you to come without having anything.and I am not your driver so stop ordereing…


Geet pouted…


Geet: wait and watch till I make you mine….


Saying so she averted her eyes.. her face was red with anger… but she didn’t even know what she said..whether it was in the respect of her driver but the actual meaning was making him to hide those emotions that she had waken up in him….




As per geet’s order maan made her have her what she wanted to have … .. he didn’t even said if he will not comply to her demands but he himself agreed to her demands infact she herself ordered…


It was old and known restraurent of Udaipur..well well geet was first annoyed on maan that he didn’t took her to any dhaba but how can he … he will not approve the hygiene from that place…but geet was surprised to see all the arrangements in totally different style… it was not at all rajasthani … but with a modern Punjabi touch… kind of modern small dhaba that you can see in Punjab….


She was looking here and there …


Geet: where are we geet asked in sudden astonishment tell me we are not in rajasthan… am I right maan … tell me na..she nudged him when he didn’t responded ..

It made geet angry and she frowned a little she just stand infront of him and holded his hand when he still didn’t budge to come with her….


Geet: its so nice lets order…


Geet just ordered she wanted and even when she saw that maan was not having anything then she herself forwarded a morsel to him… maan first wanted to have but he couldn’t at this time tust himself the weird sensations he was having couldn’t have trusted himself when she was around…


Maan took that morsel and had himself..making geet to grimace at him….


She murmmered…


Geet: arrogant khurana….


Maan did heard but he actually didn’t find it annoying he just glared at her and she just made a cranky face….


Maan: have it fast I don’t have whole day for you… I need to know what is there in our fate….


Geet: my fate with you.. not possible I cant even stand your presence and you are saying me that I should spent my whole life  with you .. that is not possible.. certianly impossible mr khurana…


That was purely a lie.. she knew what all she is feeling now and now she is trying tofein away her feeling distract herself by her false words ….


Maan didn’t said a single word…


Maan : do you see any dreams geet….


He questioned straightly ..she have to answer this time everytime she cant escape because he wont let her go this time…


Geet lowered her lashes..and very quickly finished her breakfast and started going when maan pulled her and made her stop from going away ….



After fifteen minutes …he stopped at the same old palace… geet didn’t believe that he will again bring her here… she quietly steeped out and even he did came out… her steps unknowingly started taking her to the entrance like she know this is the place she originally belongs… maan slowly followed her.. the vague images were getting clear that he used to see till now…


The same caretaker was there that old lady who this time didn’t find courage to stop him since he is the one who owns it now….


Maan stopped infront of that lady and stopped her from leaving the palace….


Maan: we need to know the truth of this palace whole truth.. about the prince and princess… their death those voices that were haunting people…


Lady just nodded ..this time she didn’t even stop him….


Maan looked for geet but she was absent..he was searching for her ..but found her in the same room which he visualized last night everything was same.. there were some royal fabrics or say some boxes in geet’s hands….


She was caressing the things like she knew for whom it was…


She looked at maan and gave a wide smile to him….


Geet : aap aa age..dekiye na ye sab .. she showed the small piece of cloth it was a small kurta ..may be for some one’s child..least he know that it was for thier child that she had very lovingly made …. Geet quickly showed him a secret path ..that was the actual room where meenakshi and divyam stayed … geet just removed the reyal mirror hunged there she got all the adornments of hers and maan’s all the adornments even those things were same like they were…


No one knew this ..that today geet had opened…


Maan and the caretaker went inside … all the things were arranged very finely… there was a royal sword hanging…maan touched it..and geet she just explored the small and tinest things ..when maan saw the blood… it seemed to be dried … when he was looking around geet just became numb.. she immediately left the place…


Maan followed her …and she just lept in his arms crying….


That was her blood .. it was hers…their unborn child.. she was gaining everything back yet the last moments were there…..


Geet: sab khtam kar diya unhone.. hume maar dala ….


Maan made geet looked at him….


Maan:  geet two sab ab nahi ho one can part us… dekho we gained what he had ye humara jatsthal hai….


The caretaker didn’t believe what she was seeing… she knew it was hard to believe but it was indeed true the prince and princess had been taken rebirth…. They were born again..that’s why the girl knew all those things which no one knew….


Lady: aap..dono… rajkumar … divyam ..rajkumari meenakshi…


Geet who was still crying didn’t said anything but maan just commanded her to tell them all the events that can still make them know why they were living in nightmares…..


Maan: hume sab bataiye ….


His tone was just like the king of Udaipur….


They were seated geet was still in maan’s embrace ..she was holding his hands tight….


And maan was sitting listening to the entire truth….


Lady: rajkumar divyam mahraj aur maharani ki eklauti santaan the..har cheez me kushal .. ma pita ke agya kari.. aur rajkumari meenakshi mithila ke maharaj ki putri thi….rajkumar divyam uss samay pandrah ( fifteen)varsh ke the jab unhone rajkumari ko dekha tha ve mithila gaye hue the…


Maan : mandir…mandir me dekha tha rajkumari ko… radhe Krishna ka mandir…


Lady smiled and nodded….



A girl nearly twelve or thirteen years old was in a garden with variety of flowers wearing a cream colour saree covering herself….with no ornaments……having pallu on her head picking flowers ……pure serene atmosphere in the background …….


A huge building …like a temple behind her ……. Loud voices of HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA…… KRISHNA KRISHNA HARE HARE……

Was  echoed at the place the girl was singing the same…..


A boy wearing a dark green turbun having a sword with him …dressed like a rajput prince is seeing the girl from far away……


Someone came from behind and forcefully snatched the flower basket from her hand….she just smiled and those beautiful eyes were clouded with fear and pain…but her lips never left that sweet smile…


Here the prince was seeing her from far…somewhere he wanted to go near her and wanted to kill that very person who made those hazels filled with agony and pain…


Before he could go…someone called her…she was extremely beautiful no less than any rajput princess..he could see her long blackish brown hairs coming out of her pallu drapped on her head…..



“ rajkumar divyam kahan hain aap…… jaldi aayiye….darshan kar lijiye maa sa aapka intzaar kar rahi hain…..”


Geet looked at maan and smiled… they know knew why they always felt a longing a desire to be close…it was just because they were connected spiritually back from years and now they were made to meet again….


Lady continued….


Lady: rajkumari bahut hi sundar thi par ….


Geet: wo rajkumar se vivah nahi kar sakti thi kyunki wo widwah thi… she was married when she was four… par rajkumar nahi mane aur rajkumari se vivah kiya sab ke virudh jakar…


Maan : par unki mrityu kaise hui….


Lady: maharaj ki mrityu acahnak ho gayi jiske karan rajkumar ko jaldi hi maharaj bana diya gaya… unke vivah ko tab ek varsh bhi nahi hua tha… rajkumar bahut pyar kare the rajkumari se.. unki kabhi bhi koi baat nahi taalte the…


Kuch teen varsh beet gaye… tab pata chala maharani rajvansh ke varies ko janam dene wali hai…


Geet recalled her dream ..talking to an unborn baby….


There is a girl may be seventeen or eighteen….. dressed in the heavy jewels and lehenga choli…..looking extremely beautiful ….. wearing anklets toe rings….a waist chain but loosely around her stomach…. Having a slight  nudge and sitting on a bed with velvety bedsheets….. the room is having ancient architecture….. different carvings on the walls beautifully painted….


Girl is having her one hand on her nudge… and seems like talking… taking to her baby….


Girl: hum aapka…bahut hi besabri se intzaar kar rahe hai….. jaldi aa jaiye…..hum bas aapko apni baaho me uthana chahte hain….jaante hain aapke pitaji ko bhi aapke aane ki prateeksha hai…. .. hum intzaar karenge kab aap hame maa kehkar pukarenge…. Hamage haath se khayenge….. hamare saath khelenge…..


The girl is talking to her unborn baby…here geet is smiling … infact there is a glow on her face…



dono bahut kush the… par mano unki khusi ko graham lag laga… udaipur ki padosi..( neighboring territory) ne aakman kar diya…. We maharaj ke mitr the aur unhone hi chal se rajkumar ko maar dala….


Maan recalled his dream of a girl of saying or stopping someone to go on a war… he didn’t understand that at that time but know he knew why did he saw that….


“Mat jaiye hame chod ke…….ruk jaiye mat jaiye hame chod kar…….hum vinti karte hai aapse mat jaiye ………….

Ruk jaiye……..”



Maan: par rajkumari ko kyun mara …. And their child…..


Maan certainly didn’t know what happened to them but geet was like half of their life geet was dreaming and half maan….


Geet: the king of that kingdom stabbed meenakshi .. maar diya unhone humare bache ko…she cried…..


Lady: uske baad se yahan aawajen sunai deti thi ..kuch kehte the wo meenakhi aur divyam the par kuch saal pehle sab sunna band ho gaya tha…..


The lady left them saying the truth….


Geet and maan were still in the past moments of their everything is cleared…  maan got up…geet didnt get the courage to face him but to accept that love that is there in their soul for the other was difficult for them…..


Daadima was amazed listening to what maan told her and even geet told everything to her family….



As per guruji’s view maan and geet’s dream were made to halt if they were married and they did accepted their lost love





ek ajnabee sa ehsas dil ko sataye, shayad yahi toh pyar hai
betabiyo me dhadkan meree chal paye, shayad yahi toh pyar hai
kutch bhee kaha naa, kutch bhee suna naa
phir bhee, bechain dil hai humara
behke kadam hai, mushkil mai ham hai
dekho sambhle bhala kaise yara
chahe bina bhee, najdik ham chale aaye
shayad yahi toh pyar hai

najare bichade pehare laga de dil pe
par dil kisiki naa mane
kaanto pe chalke sholo me jalake roke
milake rahenge divane
o o o
chahat kee lau toh, aandhi me bhee jilmilaye
shayad yahi toh pyar hai
ek ajnabee sa ehsas dil ko sataye
shayad yahi toh pyar hai

yeh mulakate, yeh teree ankhen
ek pal naa mai bhul pau
kitanee mohabbat hai kitanee chahat, tumase
kaise bhala mai batau
achchha lage jo toh samane muskuraye
shayad yahi toh pyar hai
ek ajnabee sa ehsas dil ko sataye
shayad yahi toh pyar hai
kuchh bhee kaha naa, kuchh bhee suna naa
phir bhee, bechain dil hai humara
behake kadam hai, mushkil mai ham hai
dekho sambhle bhala kaise yara
chahe bina bhee, najdik ham chale aaye
shayad yahi toh pyar hai - (5)




relations are really meant to us and what if they were some lost relations , the relations that were binding us from some hundred years .. the strong and thin bond of those relations made them one.. yes one..


maan looked at his wife she was looking tired .. after all she had full day adventures with their sons  daksh and parth  .. daksh was same as his mother naughty and playful… he never does scared of anyone… and geet she never does tired of them.. parth was shy and quite like him… he was reserved to himself… but he loves to annoy daksh…maan looked at his small symbols of love sleeping peacefully beside their mom who was also tired .. she was continuously patting them to sleep.. within few days daksh and parth will turn one.. but still it seems that it was yesterday when geet came in his life.. his princess made him complete in every sense..the love he had been craving since ages was now complete.. maan changed his office attire ..he had already taken his dinner that his dear wife had kept for him…  maan took his calm baby towards him who sensing his dad opened his eyes and gave a toothy smile to him….


Maan took parth hin his arms and looked at daksh who was just lost in his mother’s embrace well this was the regular routine that whenever maan would come late parth will be there to gave him company….


Maan took him in his strong arms and parth smiled looking at him with his sleepy eyes..he was having sleep in his eyes but the strong urge of having in his dadda’s arms made him to wake up..


Maan and parth went to the adjoining room .. in their nursery ..  he switched on the lights and took him on his lap..and started playing..parth was blabbering in his baby language telling maan his all day activites….


Parth: da..aks..arth  pway.. ma ehh  he made a face..telling maan that his dear mommy again made him eat that tasteless ceralac….


Maan tickled his naughty shy baby… he was just like him..and his eyes just like his princess…


Maan:  mumma made my parth eat ceralac..and parth didn’t like it… he said taking to him in baby language…


Parth nodded… and smiled then made a baby face what he makes when he and daksh fights….


Maan cooed his little champ…


Maan: dakshi fought with you…. I will scold him….


PArth smiled after his play he started dozing off..this was the daily routine and know it was the turn of his naughty dakshi..who will wake up as soon as he will place him on his bed…


And same happened maan was about to pick daksh geet stopped him … saying to sleep now…  she was still bossy scaring maan ..she never lets him overwork and their dreams have stopped since the day they were married….




Maan and geet were in dilemma what to do..they were now clear of their dreams those nightmare was their past life..the life they had once lived… she was the girl he saw and was not able to recognize… that day maan dropped geet home she was in her thoughts..she was thinking how to face him know..the feelings the emotions that she had for him the touch of him that she feels within her was actually real he was hers she couldn’t fathom the truth….


Geet was sitting in her roomshe had told everything to her daadu and uday bhaisaa.. both of then were surprised at the revelation… daadu again consoled her but uday didn’t knew what to do..he was feeling very bad for his sister..the way she elaborated the whole incidents that she and maan had undergone were heart wrenching… geet stood up silently she was quite today her eyes were blank..she was actually fighting from her inner self… the geet she used to be why she used to hate him..when he called her rajkumari..why she was feeling the attraction when she didn’t wanted anything with him at the starting of their relations…


RELATION that was the truh they were tied with each other their souls were connected ..they the soulmates and were meant to meet at this age…


Maan was no less worried all the things will turn out like this he had no clue..he silently told everything to daadima..even some lone tears escaped from his eyes on narrating the events..he was feeling her pain.. she was killed with their unborn… maan kept his head on her lap..he just hug his daadima like he used to do when he was small..vicky was seeing his bhai all shattered he came and wiped maan’s tears….


Vicky: bhai you also went through this ..bhabhi was not alone… and you two are connected that’s why you found solace with her.. I know I am sounding a bit childish but believe me bhai there is something more to be discovered …


Maan looked at his brother first he addressed geet as his sister in law..the relation that till today maan had not accepted was now accepted by vicky very easily..maan was not able to recognize his feeling but his little brother did… he just knew the ins and out of his elder brother,… he is the only one left for Vicky after all…


Daadima consoled maan ..he slept in her lap that night….



Encountering your past and feeling the unknown pain was something that the two lost souls were having…. Next day itself daadima told guruji everything… guruji knew everything he was the one who told her that truth will be revealed….


She even insisted to come and look after the grah and nakshatra of maan and geet since now the Havan and pooja he was wanted to conduct can be happen.. savitri devi even requested maharaj to attend the havan and bring geet along with uday…  having no other option he agreed ..even he was eager to know what guru ji wants to do for geet and know maan was too involved in this….


Two days later…


Geet was feeling agitated she was having no clue why she was having some kind of desires to be with him..she wanted him to be with him..his presence she was craving….


Having no other option..she left for the ultimate place where she always find peace of mind..she wanted to go to dargah may be ALLAH will seek her some way..may be the calm and peace of heart was waiting for her…


Her heart was beating very fast..she was in stark white suit..her dupatta elegantly drapped on her forehead ..her small nose ring was adorning her perky nose..the thick line of kohl was making her look divine… the peace she was craving was there..he was there..she saw him with a white shirt…he was tying the mannat ka dhagha at the dargah the impatientness that they were having was making them edgy… both were the mirror of each other..if he is the image then she is his shadow…her heart fluttered in smile..she smiled widely looking at him..he was murmuring something his eyes on the dahgha..whenhe felt someone looking at him…her stare her love the eyes those were reflecting her love was making him to crave for her more… even if he averted his gaze she was keep withing him.. nas nas me basi hui hai woh…. She was his life and he was having no right to push her from him…

ek ajnabee sa ehsas dil ko sataye, shayad yahi toh pyar hai
betabiyo me dhadkan meree chal paye, shayad yahi toh pyar hai
kutch bhee kaha naa, kutch bhee suna naa
phir bhee, bechain dil hai humara
behke kadam hai, mushkil mai ham hai
dekho sambhle bhala kaise yara
chahe bina bhee, najdik ham chale aaye
shayad yahi toh pyar hai

the pious feeling of being yours..the attractive with a resistive pull was there..she was looking at him..slowly her steps were getting hard..covering that ten feet distance was making her look she was searching for him for some centuries… her lips turned into an enchanting smile..she lowered her eyes when she felt that he was looking at her..the shyness of being his took over her….


najare bichade pehare laga de dil pe
par dil kisiki naa mane
kaanto pe chalke sholo me jalake roke
milake rahenge divane
o o o
chahat kee lau toh, aandhi me bhee jilmilaye
shayad yahi toh pyar hai
ek ajnabee sa ehsas dil ko sataye
shayad yahi toh pyar hai


they had been tested by the destiny .. their fate made them apart took their everything but the love and affection the sense of belongingless was still there..cruel destiny could not separate them..their love was still intact and the dust of time made it so strong that even if the almighty wants them to part it is not possible… he looked at her..her duppata was flowing from her haed..he securely made her wear the duppatta..she looked in his eyes..his emotions that he was trying to conceal since long denied him to stay away from was for her..and will always remain for her…

yeh mulakate, yeh teree ankhen
ek pal naa mai bhul pau
kitanee mohabbat hai kitanee chahat, tumase
kaise bhala mai batau
achchha lage jo toh samane muskuraye
shayad yahi toh pyar hai
ek ajnabee sa ehsas dil ko sataye
shayad yahi toh pyar hai
kuchh bhee kaha naa, kuchh bhee suna naa
phir bhee, bechain dil hai humara
behake kadam hai, mushkil mai ham hai
dekho sambhle bhala kaise yara
chahe bina bhee, najdik ham chale aaye
shayad yahi toh pyar hai - (5)


she touched the hand with which he was tieing the thread and prayed together for was true the almighty had listened to was them..there love..   together they left the serene place to get in touch of themselves….



Today was the day their further lives will be decided by the third person… the person who was having no relation with them.. nothing to do with maan or geet or meenakshi and divyam….


It was early in the morning when guruji came to the khurana mansion..the aura the serene atmosphere the tough of slight arrogance in the abiance itself says that the mighty king was living here..his charm was spread here just like it was needed ….


He couldn’t help but to look at the view himself maan was at the terrace practicing his tai chi in the open fresh air… his eyes were focused ..his goal was set..the moves were done with perfection… he was a perfection that was written within him….

Guruji smiled seeing the maharaj having the same tone and impression of him that he carries wherever he goes….


Savitri devi welcomed him.. he was not the person who will agree to come at someone’s place..he was above ninety years… Vicky was made to look after him which annoyed him since guruji never asked or wanted something his eyes were just waiting for the reincarnated soul …


Maan when came to his room look at a simple embroidered kurta placed on his bed ..he never wore this kind of clothes except on the death anniversary of his parents… but today he was given..he was about to shout when his daadima itself came to see him knowing the next second maan will make the place deaf….


Daadima: humne nikala hai ye maan..aur aap aaj yehi pehnege samjhe…. She ordered him and maan being maan not knew what to do…


Maan: lekin daadima..


Daadima: aapne suna nahi maan…


Maan had left no choice and specially he cant argue with his dadima…  she was his ony world including Vicky….


Maan made a hard face and left to get ready… when his daadi mocked him… making maan to smile since these days he missed a lot…


Daadima: aisa muh mat banaiye …. Hum pighalne wale nahi hain…


Geet and maharaj with uday too came… geet was looking just like a princess..vicky who was standing beside maan praised geet making him feel jealous….


Vicky: bhai she is truly a princess… his words were enough to make  maan  flustered he gave Vicky an angy look and poor he , he was scared of his own brother..he cribbed looking at maan…


Vicky: don’t you dare to show me these big eyes bhai.. I am a poor fellow who  gets scared… ye aankhen kisi aur ko dikhana…


Maan couldn’t believe that what he was seeing..his brother was turning into a full fledged cartoon show…


Maan: Vicky I will get your appointment fixed with a psychiatrist so that you stop doing your antics..


Vicky looked at his brother with big open wide eyes…


Maan again mocked him hiding his smile..


Maan: now you are scaring me Vicky…


Vicky: annoyingly , bhai you are very bad…


They would have continued when they heard someone giggling at them..geet was standing there looking at the preparations going on..while her eyes were searching for maan…  when she found him arguing with Vicky two were fighting like kids and geet was enjoying…


Maan looked at her she was looking a true beauty in her red suit… she was having cute dimples on her face…


Vicky came near geet and asked geet getting annoyed…


Vicky: why were you laughing miss…


Geet glared him….


Geet: its princess geetanshi singhania …samjhe… she said in a loud voice again making


Vicky scared….


Vicky: okk okk why are you making the poor guy scared of yourself princess…. Waise hi I am Vicky ….


Geet : geet …  they did a formal introduction….


Geet : you know Vicky some arrogant people here doesn’t even know to greet…


Vicky made a face not knowing what she was saying…


Vicky: hu..h..h….


Maan gave an angry glare to her and she just pretended that like she didn’t care… her heart beats were racing like a marathon..she wanted him to confess but here both were looking like they were waiting for the other one… but they didn’t knew that destiny has other plans….


The pooja started and geet was sat beside maan..they were doing all the rituals… having a confused question in their minds…


Guruji: maharaj divyam aur maharani meenakshi ab aap dono ko kabhi nahi dikhenge… jis pal ka unhe intezaar tha wo aap dono ke vivah se sampurna ho jayega….


Both were shocked…. They wanted this…. Or did they… their wedding..


Maan looked at geet she was looking down….


No answers..even the elders were having nothing to say know..they cant decide anything knowing maan and geet…


It was lunch..geet’s eyes were just following maan…  when  he looked at two office staff.. maan’s presence was must for some projects but he was not able to give time so daadima suggested that he ( aditya) should come and here one more maan drooler was tagged with him..she was with adi..maan looked at both and got the papers signed… the girl was oogling at maan..she was wearing a short knee length dress… her eyes were on maan and geet’s blood was boiling…


Maan asked them to stay for lunch… and they agreed….


Maan was in stuy when he sensed someone was there in his room…. He looked and found his fuming princess shooting daggers to him….


Geet marched towards him and maan was taking back steps..she was having rage and arrogance just like him and lots of jealously…..


Geet : why will you maary me when you have those bloody B*** oogling at you.. ohh my my maan made the princess furious… first her words were out of his head..then it clicked him….


Maan smirked…


Maan: what are you saying rajkumari….


Her eyes went wide.. as she was about to hit him…he pinned her hands backward… and when geet tried to protest both fell on the bed with geet on maan… while her hands were still in his grip….


Maan: know say what you want to say…..


Geet was so angry she looked away….


Geet: I hate you….


Maan: I know..anything else…..


Geet: I wont let that B*** take you are only mine.. you belong to geetanshi singhania do you listen ….


Maan: her name is sasha…

Maan was having a gala time with her…..


Geet: whatever … what I have to do with her… she yelled at him….


Thankfully the door was locked else their loud voices would have reached to all…


Geet: and you will have to bear me , my tantrums this lifetime…


Maan: what if I say I will have you for me all my lifetimes…..


Geet: as you wish….


Maan: now …


Geet: what… are you expecting something……


Maan: actually no… saying so… he captured her lips with his rough ones..this was their confession… her eyes were closed he lft her hands and pulled her up to his frame… she was more than willing to get loved by him it was the craving of many years..he sucked her lips ..her tongue wanted entry in his mouth and in order to seek what she gians she bit him making him to look at her angrily but she licked and soothed his pain….

Geet mumbled..


Geet: I love you…..


Maan: same here..


Geet showed him her angry eyes..and wacked him…


Maan: I mean I love you too….



Love never asks if it seeks its place in your heart…two hearts beat as a single tune when they encounter the melody of love… their confession was just like them sweet and sour…. Life had given them a second chance to prove their love and this time it was maan instead of divyam and geet instead of meenakshi..her eyes were full of glitter ..the small tear drops were still there in her eyes that were obvious ..she left her family and the bidaai is most painful for any bride ..and here she was royal bride… maan’s geet..the life they gave a meaning…


Her eyes were lowered as soon as she saw her love coming towards her..she was feeling the butterfly deep inside her tummy..his gaze was just penetrating … her jinkling of the anklets and the bangles..made his heart beat to run fast… she was dressed to kill him..  maan had seen her in those traditional dresses during all the ceremonies but still he was not aware that his princess will look so heavenly in her wedding attire..the lehengha the deep cherry red colour with a touch of milky creamy skin of hers was making her look gorgeous… though she was having the veil on her face..that was till her neck..


Maan st: typical rajasthani….the princess I saw in my dream… she was here in front of me….


Maan slowly hold her hands..kissing sensuously ..loving each bit of her.. geet’s cheeks were turning crimson red..she was buring just with the touch of him..


Geet st: abhi ye haal ye ..age kya hoga geet… he is really a dusht ready to kill me…


She blushed shied and concentrated on him…. She could see the v opening of his sherwani… she wanted to couh him..devour him… but right know its his turn… their love was not only emotional but the longing and the agony of being apart had made it a pure desirous passionate love living story that they wanted to cherish with each other….


Maan slowly kissed her pinky finger ..following rest of her hands.. his touch was having a killing sensation..maan was a devil and geet was ready to give up for this devil… he slowly lifted her veil…. She was till now brave but know the syness crept over her making her to engulf her love in her ..she was perfect was his rough structure … maan’s stubble caressed her soft face while her perky nose ring was the biggest hindrance he slowly opened it making sure that none of those heavy jewels made her feel ncomfortable..his every other gesture was followed by deep kisses.. her eyes were closed wanting to feel him..geet’s hands were clutching his shervani.. maan slowly withdraw the bangles from her hands .. suddenly she snapped her eyes open..when she found the knot to open her choli was tied with a criss cross pattern and it was having a single knot and

maan snapped it open making her choli to loose…geet hold herself while maan removed the flowers from her hair making her hair to cascade freely … he slowly gestured her hands towards his upper half… her shivering form looked at his intense eyes … those eyes were speaking volumes….


Geet turned like a red cherry when maan kissed her forehead ..she smiled and tried to open the buttons of his shervani …  but her trembling hands were not able to do it..she looked at him with baby face..he knew that she will be angry in a minute..she slowly mumbled…


Geet: maan…


He smiled and lifted  her making her sit on his lap and captured her lips in his..geet gave him her all the sweet treasure to him..she wanted her husband’s love today..she wanted to be his today..she wants to complete that LOST RELATION that was waiting for them since ages….


His lips were sucking her juices slowly extracting her sweet honey..she opened her mouth a little to tease him she was about to close but maan saw her naughtiness and immediately grabbed the opportunity..her hands snaked towards his torso..finally geet maan khurana was able to complete her task..her hands snacked under his cloth .. she was feeling everybit of him when she felt his bulge..she herself was wet and extremely wanting for him..she was aching to be his…


She shied and maan made her upper bare ..he opened her B** hooks making her to look desirable for him… she laid on the bed and maan hovered over his lips after garzing at her little petite form that was ready to make him go insane….


Maan: jaan you will make me mad with your tortures…


Geet giggled she was circling her hands around his neck…


Geet: what about me …


Maan: I want to make you mine princess geetanshi singhania…


Geet looked at him with her eyebrows raised …she pulled him close to her and whispered in his ear…


Geet: geet maan singh khurana only and will be always ready to be loved by her husband…


Her words were enough to make maan arouse… he looked at her almond eyes they were not hiding anything but she was crystal clear to him…she wanted him and his love she wanted him to be hers ….


Maan kissed her every part of her luscious body..geet was breathing heavy..her N*** were frisky wanting his attention..he without any delay get through her..his hot mouth was over her curves…while his hands worked to get away every piece of cotton from them.. within some minutes they were having each other in their birth suit…maan’s arousal made her aware what was coming next..she was getting twichy and excited …


Maan’s hands went towards her V**** she was already wet… he inserted his one finger grinding slowly making geet to breathe heavily his superb and slow minstraryins made her wild..she looked at him..he was just wanted to have her slowly tonight while she wanted him eagerly…


Geet : maa..n..she moaned when she felt a sudden gush of heat and the next moment she climaxed her first O****…


The next moment she felt him on her entrance..he made her comfortable.and slowly penetrated through her… the sudden pain made her tear apart when she felt him tearing her apart she was his now..he made her his wife..her hymen was not there… tears followed but his skils to love his dear wifey made her to love him more … they were drowned in their own estacy till they had enough of each other…..




Life had never been so perfect for them.. the way they still fight or bosses around each other was something that no one can change… it was get who never let maan overwork..she was an obedient wife and if gets gussa with him she was the one who mets withing second since she cant stay away from her maan..her life was perfect..daadima adore her …geet preferred to stay at home to give company to daadima..she wa though dependent on maan for something sbut those things he happily oblize to her..her cute demands..their morning kiss that almost longs for fifteen minutes… her eyes always shine when he was around her like she got her jackpot her treasure…


Maan was no less.. he loves to annoy her still calling her rajkumari and in turn she makes him does all the work of manao her… geet still never wants to be called as a princess may be this princess tag made her life a visible nighmare the nights were haunted and his were same… his restlessness the craving that he always felt gets finished when he saw his snooty princess… maan loves to tease him..and inturn his lovely continental was changed with Indian spread specially punjabi and rajasthani spread…. And leaves maan with no option to get along with his wife…




Today again she was upset ..but he cant blame her she was demanding and difficult to handle now..he was having a tough job to manao his pregnant wife..geet was carrying their love..their little prince according to her and a beautiful princess according to maan… after seven months of their wedding she found out that she was expecting..actually it was wrong to say that she found out since he was the one who found her strange behavior and concluded that their love was finally in her womb..geet was excited thriiled shied and nervous with the news…she was having a sudden belief that she wont be able to have this little happiness this time also….




Maan looked at his two handsome prince who were no where to be was there fisrt birthday and he wanted to wish them first ..but parth and daksh were no where to be seen…maan looked at geet who had just came and was looking at something..he went near her and asked her…..


Maan: geet whom are you searching where are babies…


Geet looked at maan..she was confused where are they … they were with him… she had thought that they must be playing with maan..geet immediately asked maan…


Geet: where are parth and daksh maan…


Maan: that’s what I am asking you geet ..they were with you…


Geet: mere paas nahi toh..i was downstairs , where are they…


Maan looked at geet and both immditely started searching them.. they were looking at every place like manics… but both burst out laughing when they saw both of them covered with their birthday cake that geet placed in their nursey to wish them first it was then the clock ticked..and maan hold daksh while geet parth and kissed the chubby caked messed cheeks of their prince….


Maan: happy birthday dakshi….


Geet: haapy birthday shona…


maan cooed his little one..while geet hugged her shy naughty parth..who messed his mumma’s face with his birthday cake… they fed some cream to both of them…. And both of them licked the cream from their dadda and mumma’s face….


Maan: geet today our angels turned one.. look at him he asked geet who was lovingly staring at the two ..they were sitting on the floor.. with maan and geet..both were excited to open their birthday presents …and geet opened all their presents …daksh stand on his feet and made parth stand up..both walked till their bed in the next room..geet looked at maan…they were never complete this much…when parth was about to fall geet ran and hold him and maan hold daksh in his arms…


They cleaned them and made hem sleep..maan was having geet in his arms while these two were sleeping soundly.. daksh sneezed and geet was about to call doctor.. she was a mother and she was still concerned about her little prince…


Maan: geet he is fine..see they are fine…. Geet looked at him with helpless loved filled eyes….


Geet: maan what if I had lost them..i wont be able to live..they are my life maan.. meri zindagi you three are my soul…


Maan: geet see that phase is over daksh and parth are here…


Geet: what if something happened to them that day…


Maan: no one can snatch this happiness from us jaan….




Geet was four months expecting her twinkling in eyes was now turned into a sudden expecting excitement..she was eagerly waiting for her little prince..she still remember her dream of meenakshi taking to her unborn…she was sitting in the cool breeze at night on the terrace..she was waiting for maan he was late today…


Maan came and saw his wife caressing her bulge on her tummy talking to their baby….maan didn’t want to disturb them so was looking and hearing them from safe distance…when geet turned to move she found maan ..maan looked at her and gave her or rather say feed her , her favourite icecream with strawberry …  geet was looking delighted and herself like a baby..she messed her face and the next second the desire in her eyes was well visible… maan first licked her icecream and the next moment he took her to their room.. geet clutched him..kissing his nape..she was beginning to devour him like she did…. And the next moment maan was about to go when she hold his hand….


Geet: no…


Maan: dinner…you cant skip jaan.. you know I am yours …


Geet : please she was craving for him….


Maan: dinner first….


Geet completed her dinner with difficulty ..she looked at maan and kept her head on his chest…


Geet: why you always does this..maan ..her words freeze in her throat seeing his smirk….


Geet frowned and pushed him hovering him urgently but he made sure that she was fine….


Geet: don’t just don’t maan.. you know this is all your seduce me… mera khuda pati and I cant have him raw…


Maan: jaan you are getting wild…. Mark my words this pregnancy is making you too much aggressive and demanding… mera kya hoga….


Geet: toh kya karun.. I cant ..i cant keep my hands off from you… and you are my legal husband I have every right on my dusht danav ….


Geet sensuously started her sweettorture with pleasure … soon maaneet were having ech other feeling their love …


After a week..geet shrieked in a sudden pain… she called maan..she knew something was wrong..she was having no energy to talk she was hell worried…she was not feeling her baby since morning…she immediately told daadima and maan…they were at the hospital..the pain was now unbearable… the doctors checked andinformed was the truth geet’s baby was not visible in scan..the baby’s hearbeats were not visible..both maan and geet were in a sudden fear…. It was actually the time when meenakshi was stabbed and still it effected geet afer multiple scans the baby’s hearts beats were recognised it was those three hours in which meenakshi died…geet was feeling those sensations again..that was the end of their past life….  They wre gifted with twins… that was the gift of a sudden panic….




Maan assured geet again…


Maan: geet they are fine and it muct be dakshi who scared you that poor parth cant even do anything he defended his son…


Geet frowned and looked at maan …


She hit him and sleep having her little angels in her embrace…


The next day baby’s were having their first birthday blast with whole media present showering their love on them… maan and geet were with their angels… the life the relation that was lost was now complete with the blessing of the almighty never to leave them….




Finally completed LOST RELATION

Final closure of a thought that touched me …


  1. Phenomenal Story
    I totally loved it
    the fact that both Maan and Geet were suffering from
    nightmares and even their families could not do anything
    these nightmare changed the behavior of both Maan and Geet
    but when they met slowly their past history started coming forward
    and that love that they had in their past lives was just on into their
    current lives as when they were together their hearts already
    connected and they got married even had twins
    they past life torture ended and they lived a joyous life
    Truly beautiful Story


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