Just stop right there..where do you think you are going at this time…just stop or you will have to face the worst MISS GEET HANDA….. maan just grabbed her hand and dragged her into her room…. He was actually hurt , shattered and angry on this girl ….. how could she hide such a thing from him and if he couldn’t be on time today only god knows what would have been done….

geet got up..she was hurt both physically and mentally… her head had a big bruise ..blood was tricking down..her lips were bleeding ..she was withdrawn …she was not in his usual self….

maan looked at her she was not sitting in the same position he had made her to sit..no movements nothing just like a rag doll…. Wrapping her dupatta protectively over her…. She was actually trying to cover her….
she looked at him with her blank eyes ..she was not responding to him..

geet : just leave me.. dont..please dont come close..

maan looked at her in the sheer shock ..what had happened why was she doing this .. was she seriously hurt or just this was an illusion to his eyes..he couldn’t believe his eyes still the ruminant of his past come in just like a bad and wicked memory ..he didn’t knew but why her presence made him to remember the worst phase of his life..

maan looked at her she was just numb..and it was not good for her state…. She was nearly three months pregnant and now she needed an immediate medical attention… he just for a split of second closed his eyes …and went to washroom to bring the first aid kit….

maan went to the couch and gently scooped her in his arms carrying to the bed…geet was not responding …it was like neither his touch , his closeness that nearness was affecting her..she was extremely cold and rude with her behavior….

maan knew that this was bound to happen.. he didnt knew why this was affecting him.. this was a pure and undeterred hatred of him towards this girl.. but right now he knew that she needs him..the look on her face made him to melt..he softly touched her bruised face and she flinched in pain..the cut was deep and this was making him to soothe her pain.. he wanted to calm her down..the shivering that was coming to her was making him worried she was already hurt and this is going to hurt them more..

maan placed her on the bed and very softly dipped cotton in antiseptic and started to clean that blood… the burning sensation made her to hiss in pain…

maan whispered to calm her… his words were so soft yet she didn’t feel any comfort the wound in her heart was so deep that it was instilled on her soul.. the betrayal and the pain of her own blood made her so sold that today even the appease her ..she was so tattered that he needs more efforts to bring her out of the shock..

maan : just a second it is almost done…

he looked into her eyes but the blank expressions made him worried..she was his baby’s mother and this time he needs to take care of her for sure … she is so vulnerable at the present stage and he needs to make sure that she is fine.. else it was he who will suffer..the little life that was connected with her will suffer and inturn it was he who will be again in the era of pain and hurt..

He bandaged her wound… he wanted to remove that protective thin shield from her but a sudden uneasiness started to affect him… for a second he just forget that she is the same girl whom he wanted to throw out of his life just few minutes before but certainly he cannot…. She was the would be mother of his baby… and he is not that good who would easily let her go taking his priceless possession….

She is ought to live her with him till his baby is in his world… but some part of his life..his heart was still saying …waking his conscience telling him that… “ she is the same girl whom you lost for ever ,…. They why are you still backing yourself..just take her into your life…”

But the other cruel and devious part is not at all bothered … it was actually ruling him saying..” dare you forget that betrayal.. she broke your trust..she had broken you once maan…and loosing yourself again will just leave you shattered to die in your own grief and agony….”

He very consciously remove the dupatta..he was constantly looking into those hazels that were having an undue pain…. The pain and torment was so much that it had started to affect her…

maan looked at her…he couldn’t believe what he saw… there were wounds ..some burns on her hands..looked like someone had recently caused them…. He immediately called a doctor…. His anger just went down the drain..she was hurt…and the pain she was bearing was much more that even he could imagine….

Her palms were red… he even noticed some part of her dress torn… he was dreading what could have happened if he hadn’t reached on time….

maan very softly asked her…

maan: who did this geet….

Geet just averted her gaze… his words were making her shatter the pain the hurt that she had gone through was nothing that he wants her to say she can never .. the precious asset she had lost cannot be retrieved..maan was seeing the changing emotions on her face..she was almost on the verge of crying and this mad him to compel her to say she cant keep her pain within her she doesn’t have the right this will hurt his child and this was not that he will endure..his irritation and frustration came out as he roar at her in rage….

maan: dam it…just open your mouth who did this…where were this all this time… and who were they….

His voice was hoarse and commanding just wanting every query of his to be answered…..

Geet looked at him…. Her eyes were red..like she had cried..but now when she wanted a soothing hand to comfort her…her voice left her tears were dried up….

Geet : My Family….

maan was dumbfounded …her family…. Her family did this to her… he was dreading the reason of this brutal torture….

maan : did they find out about our contract…

geet didn’t respond …maan was terrified what her family could have done if he was not on time… their reaction … he actually forget that he had mentioned the clause that her family would knew every thing about their contract..her so called job..everything….

maan yelled when she was still numb…

maan: did they found out…. Why did they hurt you..what is the matter…why you are keeping yourself shut…. Speak up…

geet: looked at him with her blank expression…and whispered with a chocking voice that was barely audible…

geet : they wanted to sell me…..

So how was the return of baby’s mumma ..
No , this is not season two..
But a small gesture from my side to all my group friends and blog readers…
Leave your likes and comments…


33 Replies to “~HATRED FILLED LOVE~ PART 1”

  1. Loved it! That was a mind-blowing start to the story, full of emotions and pain.
    With the bits of revealing facts I know Maan and Geet were together and are now expecting their baby but Geet betrayed Maan in some way. The interesting twist is this contract… I thought it may just be for the baby but then the betrayal? And poor Geet being abused and sold by her family…

    So many different aspects and I look forward to them being revealed as the story evolves.


  2. geet preggy ,
    maanu hate her
    she is bruised
    maaneet contract
    her family behind her life.
    they wanted to sell her chi
    maanu hate her, still care 4 her
    uff so uch in one part wt will happen next
    eagerly waitn
    n ya most imp thing for me baby is maanu’s lol


  3. wow!again amezing story u have started .maan and geet had a contract ..maan wanted a baby from geet ..but y?? is maan married with someone else .or he married to geet for a baby …..lots of questions r running in my mind ..plz update next part soon


  4. Wow fantastic strt n very interesting ….
    Geet is badly injured 😥 N she is pregnant also with maan’s child :O
    Is maan n geet r married also n wht contract maan is talking abt n why he hate her ????
    Geet’s family hurt n wanted to sell her :O
    really amazing strt pls continue soon …:)


  5. This is a fantastic start. Very intriguing read as there are so many underlying layers to the story. Gosh poor Geet, having to go through so much and even Maan who despite not wanting to have much to do with her is still drawn towards her. Beautifully written and can’t wait to see what is in store.


  6. wow excellent sad that some times the people that can hurt you the most are your trusted nearest and dearest greed is to powerfull for some families sad hope maan gets them arrested for this brilliant suhana as usual


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