i have tried my level best to show geet’s condition …how she has become in all the incidents and how badly it has affected her..
still if you dont find it appropriate do leave a comment stating the faults so that i can correct..


On the other side Vicky looked at the teddy , he just like it and he knew that it will be perfect gift to geet and it wont even annoy his bhabhi , since the baby can be boy or girl…  he was looking at it when someone came and take it from him handing him the other … and muttered something that didn’t even make him aware until the stormy girl was off…


She went muttering something that he didn’t even  heard , his eyes were awestruck on her , there was some resemblance like he saw her somewhere but still he couldn’t get from where .. Vicky sighed and look at his empt y hands and again he looked around to find something and took a big teddy ,


Vicky : shayad yehi acha tha , but wo drama queen use le gai…


Though the poor guy was trying to get something else but his mind and heart was struck at that teddy and the girl.. yes he was more interested in the girl ..


Radhika adjusted her side bag and looked at herself and at the gift , she was at KM .. bunking her college she wanted to meet her sister and it was not the only reason she had got something else too for geet and something for maan too …




Geet was desperately waiting for maan she was not getting something and wanted assurance from maan .. she still was no getting why she wanted him to hide that night’s truth ..infact she should be happy that he himself was going to say the truth of their relation.. their almost torn relation will be infront of family and she didn’t have to pretend …


Self contemplation was her problem and this was not her’s but her depression was taking toll on her … her over imagining things , being extra concerned and everything that made her to react vigorously to the situation and that was the reason that she was getting over stubborn and gets hyper on every small thing ..


The truth was she herself was not sure what she want , her condition was getting worst and the reason for this state of hers was still just known to her ..  it was almost fifteen minutes maan was observing her he had already taken the appointment of the best psychiatrist and looking at the flicker of emotions in her eyes..she was getting tensed on something he could say..her hands were twisting her saree pallu.. her eyes were downcasted and looking like in a moment she would burst crying ..




Maan was worried seeing her and cursed himself that he couldn’t even think that something worse could have occurred , to say the truth their relation was acknowledged yesterday .. his emotions , his feelings everything was making sense to him ..a sense of protection .. he wanted to shield her from all the evils.. he immediately went towards her and kneeled infront of her ..maan lifted her face and he was right it was full of tears and she cried seeing him .. prying his hands off her and her sobs increased seeing her ..she was crying helplessly curling herself in a ball she cried and in the process her frustation was venting out on him …


Geet : its all because of you … why did you came in my life …I was so happy in my life I was so happy … me kabhi bhi kuch nahi chahti thi ..then why does it all happen with me .. bolo na why me.. I am not normal.. I am  not perfect .. I am not happy … bolo na me kyun khush nahi hun.. why ..tell me..  why all play with me why they want to play with my feelings.. I am not a doll I was never .. she sobbed  and cried.. wipng her tears vigorously there was a different look in her eyes..rebellious… geet he was seeing … jisne chaha usne aapke use kiya ..and they just wanted me .. why , kya samajte  hai.. I too get hurt.. bohot dard hota hai… I was scared when..when that day… geet stopped as her tears were trickling down her eyes…who ever I trust they broke it.. kyun… she slowly went near him and look at him…


Geet with her throat heavy with her questions.. she was waiting for him to answer her , till now she had choosen to remain quiet an aloof but with him his affection his words and his comfort forced her to seek her answers from him…


Maan patted her back and in order to calm her .. she sniffled and looked at him..again demanding her answers..


Geet : you wont tell anyone na.. I don’t want anyone to say anything to you … I can’t see you with hate then how can I let anyone hate you ..they will punish you .. wo sab aapko galat samjehnge..but you were not wrong … it was my fate that tricked me .. I believed her that was my fault .. I was blind .. mene nahi dekha uska dhoka


Maan wanted to cry and ask forgiveness from her she was a true angel and someone said true that god has send angels for everyone and his angel was sitting in front of him .. he wronged her ..he played with her virtue still she is with him trusting him..her every word was showing her immense trust on him..she was pure from her heart , she was having no grudges against him .. but his all attention was on her words.. dhoka ..she was definitely talking about payal he knew from her words and right now he needed no confirmation to believe her …


Maan : what did she do geet …


His words were registered in her mind..those days to Orissa came in her mind and she felt a jolt across her body .. her mind and heart were telling her to tell him everything .. the innocence left in her was telling her to say him everything.. when he had promised that he will be with her then she needed to trust him..say him everything …


Geet : usne..usne .. she tried to use me.. that day… that guy..


Geet was trying to form the words but she was not able to … she was shivering with those memories and he closed his eyes once taking her in his embrace .. he slowly made her lie on the bed .. caressing her face , kissing her forehead ..




Maan : shhh.. don’t panic… don’t think so much …  thodi der so jao … you will feel better and when you will feel better then we will talk… I am here only …




Next : only past ( I will complete trip days… )



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