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Maan : HM.. daadi abhi kya zaroorat hai uski..i mean let me concentrate on business now aur geet uske next months exam hai… so I think hum trip baad me kare toh acha hoga… and I am not going anywhere jab tak mom wont get all right …


Geet looked at maan angrily … and left from there , maan sighed knowing that she is like this only..he had known her from last twenty four hours and he had enough of her ..he knew her enough now… geet was actually not really mad on maan but she was upset.. she didn’t know why but she didn’t like maan saying  No for the HM or saying her sweety .. she didn’t know but maan and his behavior hurt her .. geet in her baby anger threw took her pillow and placed it on the couch… she was missing her sweety and maan and his NO has upset her..her eyes though were just searching for him , waiting for his one glance but her small ego or say her thinking was stopping her ..


She sit on the bed in an attempt to loosen the anklets .. geet was bending and was trying to open the lock..she was bending and the pallu was slightly displaced .. her eyes were having a slight layer of tears she was distressed and this always happen when she is upset or hurt her eyes automatically starts showing..


Meanwhile maan who had enough of the teasings was now on his way to the room.. he was in a good mood slightly amused by her anger..till now he had seen the baby doll types geet .. her smile those twinkle in her eyes but not to forget that cute anger , her pointed angry nose that was red … that pout and her silence.. that silence was killing his patience though it was just a day , not even a complete day and he was already missing his wify..maan smiled and chided his thoughts..


His vision would have blurred if he hadn’t seen that correctly .. that sensous breathing of hers and that quivering of her lips constantly chatting with her babaji  looking at the ceiling..even for a second he looked up to see what’s there so much fascinating that she is lost in there.. his lips curved into the smile when he saw her complaining ..


Maan : damn how can someone be so open and innocent..she is drop dead gorgeous aur gusse me toh aur bhi pyari lagti hai just like a flower … he was thinking when his eyes went to her exposed waist..the pallu was like playing hide and seek..her curves were partially visible..she was looking like a tempting icecream..and he would like to have her all melted..maan’s eyes would have been struck..when he saw her turning he immediately diverted his eyes .. he was all lost in his wify..and geet made a golgappa face seeing him.. she cribbed and this time it was too amusing and he chuckled listening to her..


Geet : dekha..dekha babaji now he is not even looking at me.ine pata hai that I am angry .. phir bhi.. dekho na he doesn’t even look at me.. and then she looked away twisting her lips..geet finally successfully pulled out the anklets and she in her usual hurried steps went towards washroom.only to get him in her way ..well not exactly geet came in maan’s way and collided with him..his breadth was caught in and he looked at her she was looking right in his eyes.. looking at him with her doe shaped eyes .. those eyes were deep and filled with pain that undue and unwanted pain made his heart beat faster .. she immediately averted her eyes and tried to look away she didn’t want to look at him and made herself vulnerable … she was about to go .. his hold on her waist was firm and it was like that he was telling her by his gestures DARE YOU HIDE ANYTHING … she tried to pry off his hands but he didn’t let her .. maan made her look at him..that thin layer of tears made him worried..


Maan : why are you crying .. kya hua hai .. his stern voice made her scared she nodded in a NO and tried to go away but he was there for her ..


Geet : me jaun..


She asked with her gestures ..her voice was feeble …


Maan : first answer me , are you still continuing your silent talks  geet ..kya hua..


Geet : kuch nahi .. I am fine..


Geet with all her hard efforts let herself free… but when she tried to go he made up the mind to talk to her ..he certainly cant let the thing go..


Geet meanwhile forget to take her night dress and came after getting freshen up.. and went towards the couch.. she was sitting on the couch and trying to formulate his words..


Geet st : pehle toh he made fun of my sweety ..phir he says no for HM aura bb he is angry..geet ye kya o raha ahi..ye ek din me dusht kaise ho gaye hai.. nahi nahi babaji ..dusht nahi..danav bhi..dusht danav .. she pouted and looked at maan who was busy in his lappy ..


Maan was watching her with his eyes she was adorable but why she was there on the couch he looked at the time .it was indeed her sleeping time and she was still awake…


Maan st : aaj ise kya ho gaya hai..itni chup chup… 


Maan : geet wahan kyun baithi ho , kitni der ho gayi hai so jao ..


Geet looked at maan annoyingly and mimicked him lying down on the couch .. she first tried to sleep looking in his direction but that doesn’t happen ..her eyes were constantly struck on his face..how well he was concentrating .. she admired his working skills..she smiled a little and it was not enough when she thought something and pouted and slept looking away ..


Maan who was looking at the MBA forms the colleges for her looked at the couch and found her sleeping..his eyes popped out seeing her he left his work and went towards her ..without thinking even for a second he took her in his arms his hands when touched her skin she felt like she was having butterflies in her tummy and immediately she opened her eyes …


Maan looked at her and she tried to look away…


Maan : now why are you looking away … 


Geet : aap ye kya kar rahen hai.. hum gir gaye toh …


She said in a jiffy..he smiled and without wasting for a second he made her lie on the bed…maan who was already having the goosebumps seeing her in her sensual look she was actually so tempting he just for a second thought to play with her and attempted to move close and as he had expected she moved back… her hands were covered with his …


Maan : now say why were you crying …


Geet : kaha na kuch nahi …


Maan : geet , dekho…


Before he could complete she made a cute angry face and blurted out her words..


Geet : me ro nahi rahi thi I was upset ..aap ne dadima se HM ke liye na kyu kiya..


His eyes popped listening to her ..she wanted their HM.. and before he could say anything she completed ..


Geet : aur jhoot bhi bola..


Maan was confused now.jhooth..as far as he knew he never lied…


Maan : when did I lie..geet ..


Geet : why did you say that I don’t want to go to HM..aur mere toh koi exams nahi hai ..


Maan smiled inwardly she was seriously unique …


Maan took his lappy and show her the bookmarks..those wete the application forms for the post graduation  ..she looked at the forms and then at him …


Geet : aap ne toh MBA ki hai na..phir se karni hai..


Her words and he knew he have to bear a child woman… as far as geet knew that she wasn’t doing any post graduation she was damn sure by now..


Maan : geet , these are for you.. I know that you were preparing for post graduation ..mujhe ye bhi pata hai that dad gave his most talented employee off for a month  for preparation ..


Geet : hmm..par mujhe nahi karna …


Maan looked at her she was definitely a mystry ek pal kuch agle pal kuch aur…


Maan : that we will see ..




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