~khata~ prologue


There was a loud shreak she looked at the girl in front of her , her eyes were dark there was a Darkness all over she was again given the shot…  She again shouted on pain and that made her body numb all over again…

Leave me .. Leave me.. Chod do mujhe please let me die I can’t live please chod do.. Her semi conscious voice made the other girl look guilty and she wiped off the blood that was on her hands and face .. Her dress was smudged with  blood she was writhing in pain and still murmuring his name…

The girl made her lie on the bed it was a small bed in the room and she just made her lie there.. After wiping her blood she just covered her with a soft duvet.. Tears drenched eyes and dark circles on her face made her look so weak and vulnerable…

Divya : I hate him geet I just can’t forgive him.. Ye kya kar diya usne tere saath not that o am not guilty khata meri bhi hai geet gunah kiya hai meine bhi loya hai air is gunah koi sazaa nahi hai geet…

Divya looked at her vulnerable friend she was more of a little sister being four year younger than her … She was looking so pale and yellow.. Divya looked at the small baby bump that geet was protecting even in her sleep… One side she was so much involved in the baby and other side she herself was ready to kill the little life within her along with herself …

Her hands were though bleeding still the going mother within her was ready to give everything of hers to her baby …

Divya wiped her tears and she made geet lie comfortably .. After bandaging her hand she made geet have something..

On the other side there was a man who was drowned in his drinks he just took his favorite scotch and gulped his eyes were fixed on the girls which were the top of models and were ready to satisfy his needs even of it meant exposing to the worst , for them The main Singh khurana was not just any business proposal but he was the one who can make their career go up and just by satisfying him they can get whatever they want.. Maan smirked seeing the girls almost all ready for him but his eyes were struck on the beauty that was standing there gulping her drink his one smirk and she knew that she is the lucky one today…

After all getting maan Singh khurana isn’t easy..*.

But he didn’t know that hurting someone is easy but rectifying and accepting his khata will take ownce of his patience along with his love and his love….

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