One shot ORE PIYA

Part 1
Captivating eyes , the sweet chime of the gungroo caught his attention.. he was looking at her just like a bee is attached to the honey.. the way she was twisting and turning made him hypnotised .. the way everything was turning out to be it was not something that can be judged or was planned .. captivated by the moves he looked at the gigging sound.. she jumped and took a bow .. as soon she turned he clicked a picture ..

So beautiful.. that  were the words that escaped from his mouth.. the innocence that filled in his heart and soul at that instant cannot be seek and seen anywhere .. There was a little hesitation when he clicked that pose for the first time, the way she shied made his heart flutter .. for some time or say for the instant of time he wanted that smile that innocent features and that naive damsel for him.. a soft chuckle escaped his mouth seeing her getting scolded but that was not the thing that he wanted .. it was his heart that laughed seeing her doing a mistake.. a child in her .. taking two pictures more he went in the deepest nook of his life .. every niche that he had hidden was suddenly alive with her ..  that white and red colour outfit made her look angelic that glow on her face when she smiled when her teacher didn’t caught her mistake was so adorable …

He sat on the bed , it was the chilly night .. the December was known for having the worst cold nights in that small village .. he opened his camera and glanced at the photographs… he was marvelled at the beautiful creation of god whom he had clicked… that small wave of emotion on her face .. that deep emotion of the pain that she danced made him live the dream that he always wanted to …

How can someone be so innocent … she is naughty and her heart is full of love.. he said all to himself ..  the way he was talking to her pictures can make anyone say him the deewana in her love but is it possible … asked his cold heart …   he was not there for building any kind of relation again but will it possible for him to remain away from her ..

Unknown to what that innocent smile that pure heart and the bubbly nature did she was unaware of the storm of those emotions that she had unknowingly created in the heart of someone..  that child like heart giggled at the second talk that a friend of hers said sometime back .. She was absolutely delightful.. Her curls that roughly settles on her nape were like the dark clouds playing hid and seek with the shiny stars.. those rosy lips which always find another reason to smile in spite of the heavy circumstances in her life ..

She gestured her friend to say something and apply the dark heena on her palms .. taking in the fragrance on the heena those dimples came on her milky white skin were unbeatable .. her friend said something and the next moment a blush crept on her face..
If she was the epitome of naughtiness than she knew how to portray maturity in her ..  the classical dancer that dances only listening to the tunes.. there was something that always makes her different from others .. 

But this difference will be loved by him…  she is a nutshell princess and he is the prince who will keep his princess in his heart …

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Part 2
The sweet smell of the heena in her palms and the intricate designs made in her hands were the small source of the happiness that she always find in all the things she does.. she wasn’t from a well off family but she was the only person she knows in her family .. leaving alone with the distant relative she wasn’t too happy but the happiness that the sweet princess always finds in her heart was something that nothing can complete . she was self sufficient and self loving .. her love lies in the steps that she learns the only movement that she feels .. deprived of the quality of hearing and speaking she was the one of her own kind…

The princess looked at the heena designs .apart from her dance that relieves her from all kind of tensions the second thing that she loves to do is applying heena.. the heena she felt symbolises the dark effect of someone’s love that she always feel around yet she didn’t know when she can feel it in real.. the reality doesn’t always lie in the eyes that she feels but the deepest truths are sometimes presented in a way that even the non believer of the love and god starts to know that every single heart beats with his permission … 

The next morning he took his camera in the small hope to find her again.. the greenery and the landscape was so soothing that gave even a burning soul the peace in their hearts .. but his eyes were in the search of someone who can reduce the unending search of himself …  the search which can only end with the discover of someone who can see right through him , just for him …

Sitting in the silence for almost an hour he found the sun shining amidst of the heavy clouds and just like his mind said he turned and looked at the beauty painted in the orange hue that was right now looking like the sun that was setting its wings in the sky and she was shining the way he wanted that too in his life for the second time and making him lost in her … he just like a thief he clicked her once again .. but this time he found her hazels staring at him in the confusion .. he smiled awkwardly and tried to look away but couldn’t do so.. making his camera fall in the process …  and looking at her leaving the place …

Next : meeting  and closure
The hide and seek was very much prominent in their life.. she was noticing one stranger looking at her capturing her.. Sometimes she feels too conscious sometimes good to be in front of him.. it was not intentional but the way his eyes depicts every time was something she never understand.. she wasn’t of any rebellious nature.. but the way she was brought up with all the silence of conservativeness in her life was something that she cannot even say what she feels..although she was not given that much of power to express but still her heart knows what was there and wants to speak so much..

Suddenly she felt the dire need of having the voice that could make herself much more prominent and much more sufficient in comparison of what she was not.. there wasn’t anything that she can’t do so why today she felt the need to hear his reply to his questions that his dark eyes always ask her ..

The darkness in her life was suddenly given a path which wanted her to be on that..  she was very well observing him that he was following her from past few days.. but she didn’t knew that those days were actually the span of two months when he saw her first and followed her.. she wasn’t so beautiful she thought and the disability to speak and hear made her different and that’s the reason she never look at anything that will make her sacrifice the smile that was given to her by her mother..she can’t hear and voice out her feelings but she was given the blessing in the form of the basic education that made her that much capable of standing in front of the world..  the artist the pious and rhythmic dancer who just dances without knowing anything still  makes the eyes to glue to her was not less than any blessing and the lady has learnt to find herself in the small happiness that was bestowed by god on her after lost her support her parents… 

The sun was playing hide and seek with the clouds it was like if it permits the sun will let the clouds pour over..she was standing with her other fellow dancers , and her only friend..  she was the most graceful dancer and the way she emotes the feelings was something that no one can do.. it was the practice for the one of the best themed lyrical play that was chosen just for her.. she was the divine and beautiful radhika and the fellow dancers were the gopi’s who were waiting for their salvation… the beat started and it started with all the other girls surrounding her and she was given the ultimate wait of her lifetime..  Fortunately he was also there sitting with her teacher who was constantly looking at her. making her improve and her eyes were closed just like it was the time she was given the salvation.. the music changed and she changed her steps following the beat amazing him .. it was the beautiful moment and for a second he forget to blink his eyes as she looked at him… his camera was lying just there with no owner of his own just like his was possessed with her …

Suddenly the rain started to pour drenching her ..others walked to the safer place but she and her friend enjoyed.. she was dancing more beautifully looking like an angel now.. the way she was playing around his heart skipped a beat.. Involuntary his hands reached the camera and he clicked.. this time she jumped in the dancing pose and he click.. her eyes diverted to him..and just like someone or something provoke her ..she came towards him..they were alone now..her friend has left a little ago leaving her alone with the stranger of hers..

She suddenly felt conscious and adjusted the thick stall around herself covering her..her this gesture made him smile and he looked away while saying a genuine sorry to her with his eyes..that guilt that surfaced his eyes and made his eyelashes downwards spread a small smile around her gave both of them the divine feeling.. standing in the heavy rain..both were getting drenched.. but she suddenly pulled him away or it will be perfect if it was , she pulled him in the surface that didn’t gave any harm to him…

He murmured a quick sorry and sorry to her..only to see her gentle smile..  he had expected a small reply but his expectation was not fulfilled creating a little void and small amount of tease …

Years later ,

He was sitting under the shiny twinkling stars looking at the pictures that made him mesmerized always..  still after years she is the one who with her khamosh nazren is capable of giving him peace for the pain that he once felt at the time she left him without saying anything …

It is not always possible to get your love.. just the feel of some moments can give you the feeling of being loved ..




Since there wasn’t any dialogue involved so i guess many were confused about the girl getting married while she was applying heena and her being deaf and dumb..
There isn’t just a marrying occasion when heena is being applied some girls like to apply them just because they like it.. and here the girl likes it..and yes she was deaf and dumb and he never got to know this ..since there wasn’t any special encounter of theirs… 

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