A game of love and hate


Its a game.. And you were supposed to enjoy it KHURANA.. Come on.. Don’t look surprised.. Didn’t you know ,..

Her words were dangerous and his eyes were red from the same anger that she erupted within him.. He was never meant to have such a betrayal.. And she , she played with him , the dirty game of her so called revenge and his love ..

He grasped her elbow and tried to drag her but she was a brilliant planner and knew his anger , his moves in advance.. She freed herself and made him stumble a bit..

Don’t you dare touch me.. You were just a mere pawn in my plan.. And believe me KHURANA it wasn’t meant for you.. You were just dragged and then I played and now got successful ..

You loved that bitch .. And i hated her to no extent..

She was wearing a black dress that was making her look drop dead gorgeous and sexy.. He never saw her so open and so devilish.. She came towards him and he took two steps backward.. She was stinking of alcohol and this wasn’t he thought..

He yelled at her but she had some other thoughts..


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7 Replies to “A game of love and hate”

  1. Wow suhana that was awesome lost for words how brilliant your work is great story thank you sorry for missing so much just life is getting so busy all the best keep me informed thank you again


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