You chose maan , your wife or your family.. He was given the final statement that was not even expected by him.. He eyes went towards his wife who was looking downwards and there were tears In her eyes..maan didn’t knew why but he always felt a deep will to save the girl from all the atrocities of the life.. She had been clear on the first day of their meeting that she was marrying him as an obligation.. For her, her uncle’s wish and demand matters..Her uncle was the one who took care of her when everyone left her to die on the roads and he was the only person who helped her in her worst times and now since he wanted to see her settled, so she was marrying him..For her it was him or the other that doesn’t matter to her..

Maan remember her words which she spoke on the first day of their meeting..

Maan was busy with his office and the work load was high, since they were the peak months of the year and one thing that he wasn’t able to manage was his mother’s constant pestering about getting married..He had been doing well and now the job was really paying him well and her parents wanted him to get settled.. It was just like any ordinary day when he got the call of his mother that he had to meet the girl at XYZ place and they were sending him her photo..For certain reasons maan didn’t deny to meet..He was a practical man, and he knew that someday he had to marry than why not now.. He was not the one who will get angry unnecessarily so he just confirmed his mother with the time and the place.. After taking the half day leave he went to meet the girl..

He had been never nervous like he was that day..He knew that she was working in some MNC but at what post he was still unknown.. After seeing her picture in the message sent by his mother, he could see she was the one whom he can easily recognize, she was simple and there was just a small smile playing on her lips.. maan looked at the restaurant that was booked for them and saw her sitting in one of the lone corner and greeted her , after their formal introduction , maan asked her likes and dislikes and geet patiently replied to all ..Though there were only two or three but still seeing her patience he asked her…

Maan : you can ask me anything geet.. He tried to make her comfortable and geet just asked about his education and his present job..

Maan : I have done MBA in finance and now working in a XYZ corporation in GURGOAN .. I think you are in NOIDA.. geet nodded..maan liked her being simple and she was the one who offered him water as he came ..Her basic etiquette’s touched him..And he further talked with him..His family, friends, his goal.. Everything..

Maan : I am an architect so maybe one day will be able to set up my own business but as of now its next to impossible thought .. geet smiled and maan asked her about her dreams.

Maan : so are you done with your studies .. He asked knowing that she was just a graduate …

Geet : I am doing masters but now uncle wants to get me settled.. I want to clear something maan looked at her intently. I want to be independent maan..I don’t want anyone to say me anything..I don’t have any problem with you and will do my best to cope up with the marriage and its responsibilities but I want to continue with my job and studies..

Maan knew that this was coming and he was not against this, in fact he himself wanted her to complete her studies and continue with her job… she was doing well and he knew that it’s important that both the partners should have some source of income to sustain their life … getting married is easy but managing the things will be difficult and specially when they are just normal middle class people..

Maan : I really don’t have any problem geet..but I want to tell you that managing with my mother will be a bit difficult , I mean she is a bit short tempered and conservative geet… she may not like wearing your modern dresses .. Will you be able to cope up..i know that this will kill your freedom somewhere and I didn’t wanted to keep you in dark..

Geet smiled and nodded,

Geet : I understand , and I will try my best not to offend you r mother .. maan I will learn to adjust and that’s nothing new to me..Moreover my uncle really likes you and I am fulfilling his wish and with time I will adjust with you too… She looked at her cell phone and geet left stating that she has to leave now..


Maan came out the reverie and looked at his friends sitting with him..

Karan and his fiancé ragini..

Karan : you can move on with me maan.. There is nothing to worry …

Maan didn’t said anything..he was quite and something was running in his mind,..

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