Part 11

Somewhere in the main city of the Kolkata , there was an argument going on..there was a resentment in the voice of the accuser and the tears tat were spilling out of her eyes were for someone who is very dear to her.. Her eyes got struck to the frame that was kept in the table.. The way she was looking at the frame she knew that either she has lost her in the web of lies that they themselves weaved in front of her and now it would be the result of them..

Rano carressed the frame with so much love.. Every passing day she was drowning in pain that she had lost her daughter.. But all their attempts to find her geet were going futile..

It was evening when she found someone taking the frame from her hands and keeping it on the side table.. They were in the main city of west Bengal and Kolkata was also not the place where she would like to come.. But for geet they had come..

Rano found her husband tears and he asked her to have something as the servant informed them that she hadnt taken anything today also..

Mohindar : rano , aise kab tak chalega ..

He asked forwarding the morsel towards her mouth and she refused like other days..

Rano: hamari geet kahan hai.. Aapne pata lagaya kahan hai wo .. Pata nahi kaisi hogi wo kahan hogi.. Aap jaante hai na wo theek nahi hai.. Kahan hai meri geet.. She asked with the tears flowing from her eyes..

More than anything she was concerned about her daughter.. They had to leave London coz of geet and now even after coming here nothing was in control.. They had lost geet and even after the numerous attempts to find her nothing was turning fruitful.. She was like lost ..

Mohindar : we are trying Rano.. Meri bhi beti hai wo .. I even contacted the commissioner here par geet nahi mil rahi hai..

Rano : this is all your fault.. This is all your fault .. Aap ki galti ki saza meri beti KO mil rahi hai.. Didn’t I told you that don’t let her go with arjun.. Meine aapko bola tha na.. Arjun ke baare me bhi kaha tha.. But you didn’t listen to me.. Agar us din geet ko kuch ho jata toh.. Pehle hi badi mushkil se bachaya hai apni bachi KO.. Agar ab kuch ho gaya toh.. Pata nahi kaisi hogi kahan hogi.. She cried bitterly thinking about the adverse condition where their geet could be..

Rano : aap jante hai wo beemar hai.. Aur agar uske saath kuch ho gaya toh.. Arjun ne use dhoka diya.. Chala gya use chodkar.. Yehi bataya hai aap sabne use.. Ab dekhiye kya hogaya.. Aap unlogon ko bata dijiye.. Bulaiye yahan.. Geet ke baare me unhen bhi pata hona chahiye .. Ap use bulalijiye..

Rano was blabbering all the things that was coming in her mind.. She was just not in her senses.. The mother was worried sick for her daughter.. But there was no clue about her.. When handa’s came to know that geet was missing they had turned upside Down to find her.. Her personal security was also clueless and rano’s condition was also bad seeing the situation… Its been some time when they had been over the loss and now geet’s condition and her absence was taking a toll on her mother specially..


After somedays..

There was no end to the problems of Maan.. He didn’t knew but how and when his life was revolving around the girl.. She was though in an illusion that he was her love but after pretending arjun he knew that he was Falling for the innocent beauty.. Maan had called the doctors in the small town itself and geet’s complete check up was done.. He was doing something that no one could have expected.. He was taking time for her and his project was now completely on the managers he had appointed.. It had been almost a week that she was discharged and was now under the strict medication.. Her medicines , food ,her demands.. Innocent wishes he was fulfilling all.. But one thing he couldn’t stand was her innocent confession..

Maan was caressing her head.. She was sleeping in his Lap.. Though her room was all prepared for her but since the day she had been discharged.. She would come to him .. First day she came and quietly laid on the small space that was left.. And this continued and Maan was finding it difficult to resist.. He was no saint but the girl was no less an angel..

Angel , his mind and heart finally confirmed .. She was an angel.. Her eyes were holding the depth of her love and today he couldn’t believe he himself carried her to his room..

It was almost eleven and Maan was working in his room , he had to go for the sight inspection the next day and was checking the files those were sent to him by the chief in charge when he heard her shout..

Maan immediately went towards her room.. There she was crying , fretting on her bed.. Her eyes were pouring the tears in her sleep and she was shouting..

Geet : no.. No.. Please.. Arjun.. Please.. Don’t do this..

The way she was shouting Maan was finding it difficult to understand what was going on.. If he was on her place he would have been hating the person but here she was loving him with the depth that was not measurable..
Maan held her.. Tightly picking her body in his arms.. She was crying and hitting and next moment she was All crying in his arms..

geet : arjun.. Arjun.. She hiccupped and was not able to say anything..

Maan held her close to his heart and made her look at him..

Maan : shh.. Chup hojao.. Shh geet see I am here.. See.. He held her face in his arms and made her look at him.. His voice somehow made her look at him.. She was so weak and so vulnerable..

Geet : you are.. Here.. She touched his face.. and then she hid herself in his chest sobbing ..

Geet : I had a bad dream.. Very bad dream.. You are fine..

She kissed his face ample of times and maan knew that she was again in a nightmare . he scooped her in his arms and brought her in his room..she was all the time looking at him absorbing his presence..

Geet : I love you.. I .. She couldn’t complete as he made her lie and she held his hand..

Geet : please don’t go.. I am scared.. You are fine.. Na.. She again checked him as if he was not fine.. Maan held her hand and kissed her hand.. While his other hand was on her forehead..

Maan : I am here with you.. Ab so jao.. He kissed her temple.. Making her calm down .. She somehow slept in his lap.. While he was not able to held his heart which went out for her..

Maan st : how can you love your arjun so much geet..  Arjun kahan ho tum.. How can you hurt her so much.. How can you.. What I will say her when she will ask me who are you to me.. Ye sach geet ke samne aane se pehle kahin dafn kyun nahi hojata..
How will I say to her that you are my brother.. Mere khud ke bhai me uski he halat kar di hai..


Next : will post a teaser

So how was the twist


14 Replies to “LONGING FOR LOVE PART 11”

  1. wow what a twist.. maan and arjun are brothers … and arjun has ditched geet 😦 oh gosh … I understand why Rano is so worried about geet after all she is the mother… i hope arjun not around, geet should not feel more sick… poor girl


  2. Geet is madly in love with Arjun.. aww & he is Maan’ brother.. what will maan do now… wht Arjun left her? Maan is attracted twds Geet.. her innocence affected him…
    Geet’s parents r worried for her.. especially her mother…searching her everywhere..

    Thanx for pm…waiting for next update


  3. Awesome update…
    Geet is madly in love with Arjun
    But y had he left her
    Arjun is Man’s brother dam what will Maan do now ..Maan is taking care of her…he is attracting towards for her innocence

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Superb update!!!Geet is madly love for Arjun…why did everyone lies to Geet Arjun betrayal her???…Arjun is missing….what happend to him??.what a twist!!Arjun is Maan’s brother…Geet’s parents worried about her and they are searching her but nothing was turning fruitful…Geet is have nightmare…Maan is taking care of her…he is attracting towards for her innocence…Loved it so much…waiting for the next update….Thanks for the PM dear

    Liked by 1 person

  5. part 11
    nice twist… arjun is maan’s brother… Shocked
    ab maan kya karega… ???
    maan is losing his heart to geet … hope so geet theek ho jaaye…


  6. Emotional Update….

    Geet parents r very worried for her and searching for her….

    They told her something that had caused her parent state….

    Twist is Arjun is Maan brother and he his missing…

    Waiting for next…

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Fabulous and at the same time Emotional

    At first too I thought the Handa’s are not worried about Geet
    but seeing her so devastated its actually painful
    Maan seems to be attracted to the innocence of this lady
    but now shocking news Arjun is his brother , and what I mean
    why did he cheat Geet what actually happened
    Maan must have got information about the guy Arjun and found out its
    none other than his own brother but how did they meet
    and now will Geet ever recover

    Liked by 1 person

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