Some relations can never be defined, but the time and course defined the beauty of that sweet relation….

Sometimes the strings of heart are connected that they cannot be broken with the reality of life too..

They were bonded in the short span of time.. Their bond was unique.. And the uniqueness always liked within them only..

The strings of hearts that is always sweeter than any relation. . No force can broke them…

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“Khushi” , she named her as khushi , her khushi , her all the happiness lies with the sweet little baby who filled her life with the sweet nothings.. The doe shaped eyes, curly hair and her smile that always attracted her.. Her heart that always demand her and that craving in her heart that her khushi always manages to end..
She was a gift from her babaji to her when she lost happiness but got a reason to live..

Come here baby..dekho you will get hurt..geet said to her daughter..But her little khushi was so much engrossed that she didn’t even see her knees bleeding she immediately took her daughter in her arms and scolded her and to cool her mum’s anger little khushi wrapped her hands around her and kissed her mother’s cheeks .. She knew that her mum cannot remain angry and she was now expert in doing so..

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~ introducing the third story of EAD concept (second one is still in wraps) ~
It’s a blog story and will update weekly most probably I think.. Rest depend on response..


44 Replies to “~A STRING OF HEARTS~”

  1. Nice concept…waise bhi mujhe baby aur maaneet saath saath bahut achhe lagte hai!
    Aur khushi bhi bahut cute lagti hai…usse pata hai ki geet ko kaise patana hai…
    IF main isska thread nahi mil raha


  2. Beautiful Start

    The title too seems fitting and appropriate
    Khushi the little girl that giving her mother all happiness of life
    her mother somehow lost happiness or went through a terrible
    ordeal in her past
    waiting to see how this beautiful story play out


  3. very interesting start geet has a daughter name khushi she is very smart child knows how to melt her mommys heart liked and commented as i do in if my if id is gayatrisahu1985 update next part soon


  4. hi congrats on the new story! fab prologue! superbly written! Geet n Khushi share a lovely bond! she is her gift frm babaji! Khushi knows 2 manofy her mom! update soon!


  5. hehe …
    IF par mera comment post nahi ho raha hai…
    so yahi kardeti hu ..
    😛 XDXD
    Nice … story ….
    3rd .. when you will disclose 2nd plot ..
    but its good….
    And ..
    ya regular update nahi de paogi !!!
    koi bata nahi … bas.. wait karte karte pagal hone se pehle de dena …
    Waiting for the story to start …


  6. WOW!! Its quite interesting dear….Wonderful Prologue…Khushi is Geet’s daughter..she is Geet’s real khushi….Loved their beautiful bond…Waiting eagerly for the update…continue soon dear 🙂


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