STOP STOP right there .. just stop there… I am saying something can’t you hear.. miss .. listen stop..
he yelled at the top of his voice that even a person who is deaf and dumb from birth could hear him .. he was shouting like Manics seeing the girl in front of him going and she was literally running and maan was having a doubt that now its no it never ..

she is definitely going to do something his inner voice said.. he was sweating , his bear can was dumped on the side as he saw that the girl who was dressed in a blue salwar kamiz jumped into the water .. the loud shrill of the water and the sight that he saw made him jump into the water..

he looked around and found no one and within the second he jumped..

seeing nothing but he was much more worried about the girl who had jumped…
he couldn’t see her face or nothing.. just could saw her running and when she jumped into the water he knew tat his thoughts were true..

maan didn’t thought of anything he doesn’t have to.. the only thing , the only thought that was running in his mind was to save her ..
he wanted to save her at any cost..

even he doesn’t knew her.. had no idea about her but he wanted to save her..

maan thought of nothing he just jumped into the water.. it was of a good height and if anyone who wanted to end their life just like her would have jumped will be drowned unless knew how to swim..

maan knew that she could be any village girl as seeing the type of dress he knew that only those were the girls who covered their faces..
he swimmed and reached at the distance where he could feel her fretting … maan immediately swimmed and held her body in his arms.. he somehow got a hold of her and drag her out of the water.. maan could feel her not responding and when he looked at her face after revealing the curtain of the soaked veil he was shocked…

she was none other than geet

next : maan I am pregnant

shock would be an understatement for MAAN SINGH KHURANA , he had never felt this kind of feeling that hr felt right at that moment.. the lady in his arms..
the petite figure who was right now almost unconscious was none other than the bad joke of his life.. she was geet.. the geet handa..
this can be only a joke for THE MAAN SINGH KHURANA.. the maan who was not getting how to believe the shock that was right in front of him.. in his arms..
he held her tight and took her out of the water..
maan looked at her wet form.. she was looking truly devastated in that state .. wet locks were hiding her face and maan could see her prefect that could make anyone fall..
he had been this close to her since she was a child and lately things were really difficult for him when his parents and daadima started hooking him with this little lady in his arms..

maan came out of the shock.. he looked around to see if anyone was there.. but too his relief there was no one..
he made geet lie on the ground and tried to revive her .. he pressed her chest in order to pump some water out of her system and after some futile attempts it worked.. she started puking water and that was the moment maan felt that gush of relief that came within him as he saw color coming back on her face..
maan patted her face and tried to wake her..

maan : geet.. geet… wake up..
geet ..
he tried with his tone that was changing from the worried to angry.. this girl had made him Go through so much emotions in such a short span that maan couldn’t see anytime coming in his life soon…

maan when saw that she was not gaining consciousness he just slapped her hard on her cheek.. maan was worried and her this action was causing him the deep pain that he too was not understanding deep within..

after many attempts , he found her opening her eyes.. maan when saw that she was opening her eyes he got himself a side and let her adjust…

geet looked around and thought that she was in heaven.. she looked at the trees that were surrounding her and she thought that she was truly in her babaji’s paradise..

geet smiled a little and then her thought went to someone and her smile faded..
geet st : babaji now I am with you and I know that even you will feel me the culprit.. I am the main reason that my baby is suffering but babaji its not only my fault its that’s b***** fault too too.. how can he do it and now I know that you will too say that I am not a good mother..but
I am not a bad mother neither..

I did what I thought will be the best..
babaji waise I like your place but kuch kuch hoshiarpur jaisa nai…

I mean ..

before she could have continued she heard a hard grumbling voice..

maan : geet this is hoshiarpur and babaji ko itna shauk nahi nai jo apni musibat itni jaldi apne pass bula Len…


maan’s words were though sarcastic but they were true.. he was so used to this bak -bak of this girl who was now looking at him with her almond eyes which were all over him and her nose scrounged , staring at him with those eyes now looking like a soccer ball…
maan : get up.. now he held her roughly from her elbow and geet pushed him a little making a little space for herself and she now talked to her babaji more loudly..

geet : babaji , aap dusht daanav ko bhi apne pass bulate ho.. chi chi babaji kitne boring ho Gaye ho aap..

she said so loudly and maan’s insides burned .. this girl is mad that maan had a doubt but now it is getting cleared with every move of hers..

maan held her up and jerked her towards him , his red angry eyes made her gulped that moment and she looked at the surrounding trying to get away from him..
geet : leave me maan.. maan held her more tightly and his eyes were enough to show her that maan will not leave her her.. she tried to see anywhere if she could ask for help..but there was nothing.. everything was deserted ..
geet : babaji why me now.. I just asked for a small help for me and and.. she was about to say baby when she zipped her mouth and maan’s demeanor was enough for her to say that he will definitely say her suicidal activity to the family..
she knew that she can never rely on this KHURANA , he was more like a dusht daanav and she knew that things will never fall on place..
geet : I am going …
she tried to leave after getting herself free from his tight grip but before she could move two steps she bumped into him again as she didn’t saw that maan held her hand again and that brought the messy queen in his embrace again..
maan : to die again.. or to replay that adventure of yours again.. tell me are you deaf.. didn’t you hear me calling you ..
bolo behri ho gayi ho geet handa..
he yelled and she knew that he was the one who saved her but she didn’t wanted .. she was doing all this to save herself and her parents from the shame that they will encounter when they will get to know that their daughter is going to be a mother..
and most shocking thing an unwed mother.. she knew that she was wrong but this was the only option left for her..

maan : now say something , why are you quite .. do you think that committing suicide is a child’s play geet.. have you thought about your family , parents ..

for god sake grow up and now what’s the matter .. did anyone rejected your love proposal or anything..
any new silly reason geet..

maan’s words were adding tears in her eyes.. she was childish and over excited child and she did things in over excitement when she is sad or happy…
but this was totally not expected ..

maan shook her when she didn’t said anything..

maan : for god sake geet you are here for rajji’s wedding , she is your cousin dushman nai so tumhari , she is your sister why do you want to give her the life time memory that her cousin did something that she couldn’t couldn’t even enjoy her own wedding …

geet by now started crying and her sobs were getting prominent till now she was only having some tears forming but maan’s words proved to be fuel and she cried loudly making maan nervous and he was now worried sick for her.. this was definitely serious that geet was crying like this…

maan held her and wiped her tears making her to cry more loudly , she threw herself on him and he was stunned with her this sudden Acton.. his long lecture was not necessary that he was getting now but seeing her cracked up with sobs he was looking a bit anxious as why did she jumped in the water.. ..
yes they were not friends but they were not even enemies maan just stayed away from her due to her activities

maan patted her back and asked to stop crying..
maan : acha listen I am sorry I went too much .. but Rona toh band Karo..geet.. geet… baby.. listen..
listening to the word baby she cried more and ended up saying leaving maan in a complete shock
geet : maan.. maan.. she sobbed.. … I am pregnant .. maan I am pregnant …


geet’s words were so shocking for maan.. he looked at her trying to find any change in her..he wanted to confirm .. he was so worried for her and here she is actually what..maan couldn’t voice his thoughts and asked her again..
shocked ,surprised and somewhere angry on her ..

maan : you are what??..
his voice was plain .. devoid of any emotion , she was still glued to him and her tears were soaking his already soaked shirt..

geet hiccupped and said whatever she knew..

geet : I.. I didn’t knew what was with me.. I am sorry.. I am so scared.. it was a stupid night .. I went to pub with my friends.. and then …there.. i was drunk.. kuch hua.

something happened .. and now.. i am scared.. I heard that there they kill the girls.. I don’t want to be murdered.. so i thought…

maan asked again ..

maan : you what ???

geet looked at maan with her almond eyes which were now soaked with tears and he was looking at her intently..

geet murmured again with a heavy voice..
geet : i am pregnant

her eyes lowered as she was even feeling shame and now she definitely wanted to die.. she was feeling so much embarrassed when she said the truth to maan what will happen if anyone comes to know…
her insides were tensed.. plus the scary stories that rajji had narrated to her..
she was a free bird in Delhi.. her parents didn’t left any stone unturned togive her the freedom that she wanted , she was given all the freedom all the things that she wanted and now if anyone will come to know about this then it will be surely very shameful.

unknown to geet what maan was feeling at the very moment she looked like a baby in his arms telling all her problems to him..she looked at maan and he suddenly parted her …

maan : do you know what are you saying .. you know the meaning..
geet nodded looking at him and replied in a meek voice..

geet : I have done a sin and now I am going to pay for it.. she sniffed and maan glared at her .
maan : how..
he barked at her and she stilled on the ground , his loud voice could make anyone quite and she was now deeply hurt and scared ..
geet was quite and maan gave her a good piece of mind..

maan : you were going to end your life right..
this was the only solution geet am I right..
his sarcastic words were doing nothing except making her cry a lot…

geet : I… she sobbed

geet : I don’t want that these people should know about me .. they will kill me like they killed rajjji’s friend.. she only eloped with her love but I .. I am … she couldn’t even say now..
maan was not getting why she was saying again and again of the killing.. he was confused ..
maan : no one would have even touche you .. its not anyone its you who was going to end your own life and what about the child.. how can you be so mean and selfish geet..

committing a sin and giving your parents and the ones who love you a lifetime punishment and what about the person who’s baby who are carrying .. does he know.. maan’s words made her reveal one more truth

geet : I don’t know who was him.. I was so much drunk that I hardly remember any thing

she confessed

maan knew that this was the thing that was expected from her.. he knew that she was spoiled but this was totally unexpected …

maan wanted to say something but seeing her state of mind he didn’t said anything .. he just gave her a warning that made her a little frightened..


geet took his name.. she was trying to voice out her thoughts now.. she was confused and now her brain was finally working and she looked at him in a sheer hope that he will listen to her at once..

geet : maan listen to me please.. her cracked voice made him at look at her and his eyes were soften a bit..
she was like a princess for the family and if she had taken this step then it was definitely not good.. he had to make her understand… there was a appreciable age difference in them and he knew that she was still a baby by heart.. but a totally spoil one..

maan : now stop crying like a baby .. he asked her and finally he wiped her tears making her smile.. her lips curved into a smiley face and maan couldn’t help but chuckle at this notorious child of his life.. the more he tries to move away from her , she enters into his life with a more eminent force that even he is not spared from her charm . ..
maan held her hand and they walked some distance , it was a long distance that he had covered running behind her..
maan : whose clothes r these geet..
he asked her and she looked at him replying with honesty that makes maan a little bit calm after the childish acts of hers…
geet : I borrowed from rajji so that no one can recognize me.. but how did you recognized me maan..
she asked with a curiosity and after listening to him she felt that she was not only impulsive but mad too..

maan : I was saving the woman that was committing suicide and it happened to be you ..

geet : ohh..
maan : and by the way geet if you have been successful than too everyone would have recognized you by your face.. you didn’t have to take the pain to get new clothes like these village girls or rajji..
Maan’s words brought that out of geet’s mouth that was till now unexpected ..
Geet : I am sorry..
She said with a guilty face.. Her tears again made a way and maan passed a hanky..
Maan gave her his hand as she climbed his jeep , they had reached to the place where he had laced his jeep.. He was in HP just because his family was also invited for rajji’s wedding and he knew that even if he will deny his mom and dadima will not listen so having no other option maan chose to came to HP and he was glad that he came else he would have missed hgeet and her adventures and this mistake that she did..
Geet : I am sorry ..

this was the first time I went without you and it happened why I had to get drunk..
something struck at maan and he felt that why didn’t he thought of this before , it was the reason .. his mind was at peace finally and he looked at geet with a straight face
maan : geet you are not going to tell this to anyone now.. let this affair go for sometime. then we will see what we have to do…
geet nodded like a baby and again said with a cute baby voice..
geet : it was not my fault babaji ki kasam.. it was that idiot pagal ullu..
before geet could continue maan stopped her
maan : bas.. now be quite and if anyone ask you how you are so wet then say that you have been to the river with me and some of your cousins rest I’ll see..
and don’t open your mouth un less asked .. samjhi…
maan : now wipe your tears we have reached …




though maan had stopped geet from telling anyone that she was pregnant and the story related to that but she was very careful regarding the talks and the things she was sharing with her family.. she was now unusually quiet and remain aloof… she would spent most of the time in her room.. maan on the other hand was also tensed he was collecting the moments of that day and that stupid girl..
maan was sitting in his cabin and was looking at the file when he was suddenly disturbed by someone … though there are only a few people who can disturb him when he is at work but seeing the intruder he was more than surprised.. he saw the feminine version of geet for the second time .. she was looking like a baby herself in the baby pink salwar and what made maan look at her twice was the style of her duppata.. she was looking a little different with this unusual style of the duppata.. the pink and white duppata was drape in a way that her entire front was covered with the duppata itself like she had a bedsheets wrapped around her petite figure and maan laughed at the moment he saw her making her frown…
Maan : what is this geet.. He asked seeing her frowning and somehow he bit his lips making himself quite.. She would have looked like a saint totally if it was an orange suit..
Geet : shut up … She shouted and he smirked still irritating her.. This six years difference did nothing but to make them look adorable when they fight..
Geet : here I am so worried and you are busy in looking at me KHURANA..dont forget that I am pregnant and I have covered myself in this way so that baby ko kisi na nazar na lage she said with a cute concerned expression .. Her words made maan to gulp and he asked to sit..
Maan : geet be comfortable here I have to talk to you something important but usse pehle correct your dress , you are looking nothing but a odd looking beautiful girl..
So first go and correct your duppata .. He asks her but she just let his words go unnoticed and asked him to sit..
Geet : maan I want your help.. Please say yes..
She asked with a puppy face.. Maan was getting confused .. This disaster was asking for help that means that it is definitely something important..
Maan : calm down geet.. He said seeing her getting impatient..
Geet : no first you say , you will help me.. I know we were never in a good relation , you never liked me and me too .. Actually I never thought that I have to ask help from a dusht daanav like you.. But what to do babaji hai na he is so clever he made me cone to you.. Only you can help me..
She was going on and on and didn’t noticed his angry glare on listening to her DD..
Maan : what did you said..
He asked gritting his teeth and she smiled nervously..
Geet : na .. Na kuch nai.. Ab itni si baat ka bura manoge maan.. Please help me its for my little baby.. She asked with a puppy face and this time maan took a deep breathe and revealed the most important truth of her life or say their life..
Maan : geet listen to me carefully..
Geet : hmm .. But promise me you will help me.. Maan please help me to find that guy who was with me.. I have to first kick him and beat him how dare that idiot do this.. How dare that **** you know I am impulsive and that was the first time I drank and then I..
She started crying ..
Geet was such a baby and maan had to come and held her to make her stop her crying ..
He kneeled down and held her face wiping her tears..
Geet looked at him and he nodded not to cry..
Geet : I did a big mistake maan..
Maan : that was me that night with you geet..
His words were like a balm or a spark that finally ignited the fire in her.. Her brain finally recollected and she slapped him ( though it was not as powerful ).. Her hitting continued with her sobs..
geet : you are the father of my baby.. you.. she asked
looking at him and then talked to babaji..
geet : babaji ho hi nai sakta koi aur tha wo not this dusht
daanv Aap aisa kaise Kar sakte ho babaji.. She now hit maan ..
Geet : you were there.. You dusht daanav.. Hey babaji.. Maan Singh KHURANA I am going to kill you.. She yelled holding his collar and cried .. Maan was finally thinking how to stop her imaginative thinking ..
Maan : stop.. Just stop.. Bas yehi aata hai tumhe geet handa.. Haina… That day if I haven’t come on time then you have left with that I don’t know who was he.. Thank God that rano aunty asked Vicky to go behind you just because geet handa never listen to anyone .. She is such an idiot who doesn’t know the difference. Between fruit juice and hard drinks.. His eyes were glaring and she was returning that with equal intensity..
Geet : dont try to change the topic MSK.. You .. You did that..
Maan smirked and covered her with his arms slowly putting away that cover of her dupatta..
Maan : what I did handa ..
He asked and geet frowned and looked away and maan was a bit forward who made her look at him..
Maan : look at me and answer..
Geet : this baby is yours..
Maan : there’s no baby… How did you know you are pregnant..
Geet didn’t said anything.. And she tried to get up..
Maan held her tight and he demanded his answers..
Maan : tell me how did you get to know that you are pregnant.. Did you check.. Did you went to the doctor geet.. He asked her..
Geet first didn’t answer and then on seeing his glare she answered..
Maan : say me.. How I am the father of the child who is still not into the existence..
Geet : I don’t believe what happened that day. She demanded the answer..
Maan : first you answer my question..
Geet : I missed my cycles.. She answered meekly…


maan knew that he can expect anything from her.. But this.. Geet was such a baby and he was having no doubt that inside the body of a twenty year old there resides a child of hardly four or five..
Maan : you said what .. Even he was surprised that she would say this to him but at the end she is geet and anything could be taken from her mouth.. Its been years he was used to her chatter..
Geet who was now feeling embarrassed on saying him the most intimate part of her life she was shying turning red and that was the combined effect of her shyness and the anger that was now in the form of bubbles and listening to maan’s WHAT will definitely be poured on him only..
Her eyes turned red and she was about to get up but maan sensed her actions and he immediately held her intimidating her , her eyes turned wide and before she could say anything he glared at her.. He knew her next move like always she will run , will cry and everyone will again think that its him who is again responsible for the tears in his eyes.. In all these years no one believed that their beloved geet is the reason of maan’s distress and his pain.. His mental torture .. Maan was in such a condition where he was caught like a strict school teacher can’t even leave her nor he can stay with her ..
Maan held her hand and warned her to stay..
Maan : stay where you are I doubt on your mental ability geet.. You know that there are several reasons that you have probably missed your monthly cycle and ..
He saw her opening her mouth for the counter attack but maan held her mouth with his one hand and continued..
Maan : and I am confident just because someone can’t keep herself in control after drinking a juice that is mixed with alcohol and then can do crazy things and finally will sleep after throwing up everything in the middle of the night on me..

Do you get..
Maan’s voice was sharp and sarcastic.. He looked at her and she tried hard to speak this time , she was shocked and wanted to hear from him everything..
Geet : uaeee…
Maan saw her getting impatient and he released her mouth and hands .. She immediately pointed at him with her index finger and was so angry on maan .. That she again said everything that made maan angry now..
Geet : what did you say..
I drunk , I was throwing up and ..
Maan : yes , you bloody puked everything on me.. And that was the reason I had to get you to the farmhouse first and get you changed in my shirt and track..
Geet : your shirt.. That means that black wali shirt..
Maan : was mine.. Geet I know that you are a disaster that makes my life hell but please don’t prove it again and again I thought that you will stay at home that day just because I was having an important presentation to check but no the great GH went alone.. And if that was not enough you ..
Geet frowned and tried to defend herself..
Geet : you know amaya is my best friend and it was her birthday .. And when you denied I had to ho alone .. No one was there.. Vicky was out with his girlfriend and you were busy as always..
She made a cute baby face that was always there when maan scold her..
Maan : no.. No geet handa no.. No puppy faces…
You were really at mistake..
Geet : how could I know.. You know that idiot rahul … She said with so much conviction that maan had to listen..

Maan : who rahul.. Oh I got it.. That boyfriend of yours.. With whom you were dancing and who was ready to take you to his..
Before maan could complete she glared at him making maan to stop he knew that today this girl was making him to cross his limits..
Geet : believe me I just got a fruit juice I didn’t knew that rahul will mix alcohol in that..
Maan : and drugs too..
Geet was flabbergasted at the mention of the drug she just knew till now that she was drunk , crossed her limits with some random guy but she considered it her fault till now she was not known that her drinks had drugs..
Geet : drugs.. ?
She whispered in a low voice to confirm but maan was angry.. Her acts and foolish attempts makes him crazy for sure.. He never say NO to her that doesn’t mean that she will take him for granted but she takes sometimes and then apologize ..
Geet : can you please tell me what happened that day.. And baby..
Maan shouted now at her… Girl was mad for sure..
Maan : geet there is no baby.. If you are considering that night when u went alone.. If there is any other adventure of yours like this then there can be a baby.. Maan said coolly and this brought tears in her eyes making maan guilty..
Maan : now stop crying.. First you do a mistake then you cry.. Geet for god sake tears are not the solution of everything… Grow up..
Geet (while sobbing) : I should have listened to you.. Maan I am sorry.. You always correct my words , my mistakes and I just get angry on you.. I am not good.. She sobbed and he had to wipe her tears just because no matter how much he shout on her.. At the end he will be worrying for her.. That was the relationship they share.. They can’t stand each other but they are always for each other..
Maan : now don’t be a baby.. Stop..
Maan consoled her.. and geet nodded ..
Maan : if you still have a doubt geet we can go to a doctor.. But as far as that night is concerned.. When you were dancing in the pub I had saw that guy mixing your drinks but before I could have stopped you , you drank it.. And then you gave me a hard time in handling you.. You were uncontrollable ..
Geet smiled thinking she gave maan a hard time..
Maan : don’t smile geet.. He warned her.. His tone was strict and kind of harsh.. She kept her finger on her lips and maan continued…
Maan : you know I had to lied to everyone.. And had to make up a story..
Geet was confused and maan sensing her confused state answered her..
Maan : you were high with drink and drug in your body so I had to take you to the farm house and there had to call a doctor ,
Geet : doctor didn’t gave me a shot ? Did it maan.. She asked interrupting maan , making a baby face and maan answered with a plain look..
Maan : two shots..
You were so uncontrollable geet.. So I asked
Geet jumped listening to him and he took a step back seeing her getting furious.

Geet : haww.. You know I don’t like shots and you asked doctor to give me two.. She showed her fingers indicating two and maan had to suppress his laughter..
Geet : you know how much it Hurts maan..
She was going on and now her voice was so much painful like she could feel the pain at that moment as if she was given the shot at that time..
Geet : maan you are so bad… Very bad.. I hate you.. I hate you.. She hit him but he held her hand after having her beatings two time..
Maan : yes , now you will hate me , why won’t you.. After all I am the one who saved you that night.. Waise geet did you have any affair and all with him.. Or did I disturbed you two that day..
His words made her glare at him.. She could have hit him again if her hands were not held by him..
Geet : leave me you idiot.. I love him.. That cheap , dog rahul.. He was a b**** chi..
And you.. You are saying..
Maan : shut up.. Just keep this mouth of yours shut..
You are the one who cause most of the problems in my life and leave from here before I end up telling that suicidal and this pub adventure of yours to the family..
You owe me a big time geet handa don’t forget..
Just leave now..
He left her hands and asked her to leave..
Geet scowled at him and before she could leave her duppata entangled with her feet.. Since maan had unwrapped that so geet didn’t corrected it making it fall completely and she felt pushing maan on sofa and herself on him crushing him with her small frame..
Maan : get up.. Right now.. This is what I can expect from you.. You are the only one who can assume herself to be pregnant when nothing was done..
Geet : so what do you expect when I saw my self in your shirt.. And there were marks on my body and blood on the spread she yelled at him
Maan : geet handa what do you expect from me than.. I should have changed the spread where my blood was smeared .. You broke the glass in my room and it pierced in my palm.. You wounded yourself and me with your nails .. And I don’t know what you did In sleep when I left the room you had the track pants on you mind it track pants Were still on you..
Geet : don’t lie she attacked him..
Maan : geet get up right now.. You are miserable seriously..
and I am really SORRY that I tried to save you that day.. It would be better if I would have left you..
Geet felt his words and immediately tried to get up but she slipped and her nose hit his chest..
Geet meekly apologized..
Geet : sorry..
Maan remained quite.. But he held her from her shoulder and made her stand ..
Maan : leave now..
He said rudely and she left with a sad face knowing that the misunderstanding was really bad that she even upset maan..

And she was now really sorry and whispered
when she left…


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