part 15

Naina asked maan to say whatever he wants to say..
Naina : say what do you want to say maan..
Maan took a deep breath and asked her ..
Maan : where is arjun..
His words were so clear and holding the emotion that was definitely the hatred and this scared naina.. But for whom this hatred was for..
Naina had thought that maan may be still upset with all the facts and the happenings that occured regarding his marriage but things were really not same now.. Maan’s words for that forbidden truth that she and rajveer had choose to bury was now out..
Maan : i want to know where is arjun mom..
Naina didn’t knew how to react on the question that her asking was asking now.. She was shocked and for the first time she was finding it difficult to face maan.. Savitri Devi who was also was naina that time in taking the most difficult and hard decision of her life was looking in the direction where her grandson was standing having no emotions on his face.. The blank expressions that maan was giving was scaring both the ladies..
Maan was expertly hiding his feelings.. His insecurities which were making him restless..
Naina : maan , what do you want to know..
Naina’s expressionless face confused maan a lot..
Maan : his whereabouts..
Daadima who sensed her dil’s mental state and her face which has lost its charm asked maan in the strictest tone that even maan to shudder a bit.. He was used to daadima’s words and her demands owing to her old age But this kind of strict words he didn’t knew if his daadima could use for him.. But if for his geet he had to listen and answer their questions then he will definitely do..
Daadima : arjun.. How do you know arjun.. And why do you want to know about arjun.. Maan this is not any play that you will come and bring out old hidden memories back.. dadima was strict in her tone.. She knew that what occurred years back that one decision was still not very much welcomed but naina had taken that with heavy heart.. She knew her DIL’s condition when she had given her one son to her brother as he didn’t had any children and that time she supported naina though her son was against..
Maan was listening to his daadima and he asked her ..

Maan : daadima , why are you still hiding.. I know who is arjun , please don’t hide anything.. Its a matter of someone’s life mom.. Maan said looking at his mother , who was little restless..
And this time she chose to question her son ..
Naina : maan , arjun is not a part of our family.. Please don’t bring past again.. I know you must have felt that what I did was wrong but maan that was the necessity of the situation…
Maan : mom I even don’t want anything that will hurt you.. Maan said composing his anger.. He came close and held his mother from her shoulder and asked her..
Maan : mom , if don’t want to tell me than its fine I will find his whereabouts myself.. And believe me right now I am more concerned about a life who is dying day by day because of your so called son …
Maan said with anger piling up in his voice..
Naina was stunned..
Maan : I knew that I was having a brother.. My twin , I listened to yours and daadima’s talks years back on my birthday and believe me mom I never felt bad of not having him in our family but what he did now is not acceptable.. You know mom arjun is such a low life that he destroyed an innocent girl’s life… He promised to marry her.. Usse pyar ke daave kiye aur phir chod diya..
Aur wo ladki aaj pagal hone lagi hai.. You know she thinks that she did any mistake that her arjun left her..
Naina and daadima were shocked and they couldn’t believe what maan had said..
Naina : who is she maan.. Where did you find her..
Maan smiled sarcastically..
Maan : what you will do mom after knowing about her.. Your son had done the damage and believe me.. Agar wo agar yahan hota toh shayad me use jaan se hi maar deta ek masoom ki zindagi se kehlne ke liye..
Tears were there in naina’s eyes and she went and brought a dairy from her cupboard..
Naina : arjun is with rudra singhania.. My brother.. I had given his custody to rudra maan..
Maan was stunned he knew that arjun was definitely alive and now he was the same singhania , does it mean.. This is done by arjun only..his own brother was responsible for this… The diary showed the address and the personal details of singhania’s… After naina gave arjun to her brother and his wife , they had cut off all the relations from him.. Its been now 25 years she had seen her son.. But she knew that he was same as her maan aand she would just satisfy herself by loving maan thinking she was loving her arjun…
Arjun and maan were identical twins and she had pages off her debt by giving arjun to singhania’s and never looked back but today maan had open those wounds which she had thought to be cured but today she was feeling the same pain that she felt when she had to give away her arjun..
Maan had left leaving the two ladies..


Next : continuation…

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  1. Hey di..plzz can u pm me on India forums….I beg u..I want to read the second life..but it is not happening…I guess I lost my password..plzz help me…I have been waiting for a long time for that update but when it came….I’m not getting to read it..it is very disappointing


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