MG OS : I want to die in your arms

I want to die in your arms..

Maan.. Gasped geet.. She was finding it difficult to say but she had too she loved him all his life.. She was his best friend , she was his companion , his life and the last realization came very late when his life was slipping away from his hands..
Maan held her close to his heart , she kissed his cheeks.. He was finding it difficult to control his emotions.. Maan had came back today itself , he was away from her from last six months .. Maan never acknowledged his feelings , he was a person who would rather ignore the emotions that are related to love..
His eyes were finding it it difficult to hold on his emotions she was in his arms and dying ..
Please geet .. Maan finally let out his words and hugged her .. His grip was hurting her but she couldn’t say anything , she was finally at peace , she could die peacefully now.. Her cancer has reached its final stage  she didn’t knew why it happened to them but her last wish to have him close to her was fulfilled..
Thank you maan for coming .. For fulfilling my last wish .. Mujhe toh laga tha tumhe dekhe bins hi babaji mujhe apne pass bulalenge ..
She whispered .. She was in immense pain.. Her breathing was getting shallow day by day .. She could go any moment now.. She knew the truth..
You came for me maan.. She asked .. Her voice was just like a whsiper and maan nodded kissing her temple .. He held her close like he will loose her but the truth was he was already loosing her..
Why didn’t you tell me geet.. Kya main itna paraya ho gaya tha.. He asked making her smile..
Maan babaji ne toh mujhe paraya kar diya hai.. Main.. Tears gushed out of her eyes.. Maan wiped them.. Nodding not to cry..
I want to cry with your babaji , meri geet ke saath aise kaise kar sakte hain wo.. I am so angry at him.. I ..
He couldn’t complete as he feel her slipping for a moment maan felt he lost her..
Geet..geet.. He shook her.. She gasped and breathed like she was trying to gain two three more breaths for herself..
Maan… Do… You ..

Her expectant eyes made him nod .. He once again his her in his arms whispering
I love you..
Bahut pyar karta hun geet.. But please don’t go..
Maan.. I want to die in your arms.. She asked.. He nodded taking her completely in his arms.. Till now she was on bed and he was beside her hugging her close.. But her words made him aware that his geet was gone the moment he took her completely in his arms.. Leaving him…


A sad OS
Sorry for this..


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