Part 1
Who is she maan ? Asked savitri Devi who was right now angry on her grandson for hiding such a thing from the family , from her.. She never thought that maan could do such a thing and now his wife is here and is threatening to drag him to the court..

She is geet daadima , maan said sticking to the words that his wife said and now his father came and slapped him on his cheek , rajveer khurana never thought that his only son could do this to the family and family’s reputation moreover he had tried to betrayed the girl , and was now keen on a second marriage when he was already married.

When you were married , then why are you marrying Natasha ? Asked an annoyed and angry raj ..

Maan couldn’t say anything but he just turned towards Natasha and she was horrified seeing the smirk that maan gave her and apologized.

I am sorry Nats , but believe me I never wanted to cheat you.. That’s why I asked you not to marry me didn’t I asked you to deny ? Maan said looking at his and Natasha’s parents who were still trying to grasp what was going on and what was going on ..
Maan very innocently looked towards his father , his mother chose to not to say anything she knew that this could be a plot of her son to get rid of getting married to Natasha as he never wanted her in his life but the pressure from Natasha’s family and the liking of raj towards her was the only reason maan was doing ready to marry the girl who was no match for her son..

Naina is a typical mother who loves her son to the core and supports him in all his mischieves no matter what happen , the benefit of being one and only child was being taken by maan all the time completely..

Dad its not my fault maan said in order to do some damage control , you ask Natasha she knew i was married , I told her once but she didn’t believed me ..
Tell me nats didn’t you know I was married tell me ?

His words made Natasha in a fix and she nodded like a donkey who was not known to anything but the words that escaped her mouth made maan to somehow control his deep desire to kill her at that instant , she was nothing but a pain in his life and he wanted to strangle her right there..

Maan but she is your secretary how come you married her.. ?

That’s when maan looked at geet who was on the verge of fainting and maan’s angry glare made her shut her mouth as he held his swaying wife in his arms panicking the family members as the guest had left already , thanks to maan’s friends .

Geet.. What happened maan held her and scooped her in his arms while she was quite and his mother and dadima came asking him to take her to the room..

Maan bete she is pregnant take her to your room , we will call the doctor before dadima could do anything Arjun came forward and maan couldn’t do or say anything but he just rushed towards his room..

As soon as maan opened the door and placed geet on the bed , she stood up seeing the angry eyes of her boss and her went towards the door which was locked by maan thankfully..

As she was about to open her mouth he held her from saying a word his hand covered her mouth and his anger was lashed out .. He couldn’t believe that he chose her to be his wife..

Who asked to come geet?

Maan asked and she was looking at him with wife eyes and at once sqirmed like a fish without water and maan left her at once and she took a deep breadth..

Arjun sir , came an instant reply before the devil infront of her could eat her alive ..

Maan knew that this was all done by his good for nothing friend and now he was going to beat him black and blue for making his marriage drama a circus with geet as his wife..


That’s all for part 1
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