Love and a lie

A girl in her early twenties entered the hall where a ceremony was held , the hall was filled with so many guests and the center of attraction were then bride and groom who were taking seven rounds and it was not soon that their steps halted as she came close to him…

A loud sound was echoed in the hall when all the eyes were darted towards them and he looked at the source.. A part of him was shocked seeing her there..

How dare you ? She shouted her eyes were red with the angry , her red Saree was actuating her curves and maan couldn’t help but to oogle at her..

Maan singh khurana , I am going to sue you for marrying when your first wife is standing in front of him..

The bride looked at maan and she asked getting shock after shock..

Is it true maan ? Who is she..?
Why didn’t you tell me..?

She is geet maan SINGH khurana wife..
And ..before he could complete.. Geet completed..

And mother of his child..and now maan singh khurana I will make sure that I will drag you to court for cheating on me..
Geet threatened and left leaving the shocked khurana family …


This is something I wrote on other forum sometime back I guess


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