~The mistaken identity ~

She should be here with us , not living alone there and that too not with anyone who don’t know her.. I know I was wrong at that time and let her go but now I want her back.. Get her back rajveer , she belongs here with us not in that environment we don’t know how those people took care of her , she should be here if not for me or anyone but for the parents who had always made me responsible for loosing their daughter, the old matriach of the singhania family was on the verge of loosing, she was in delhi for getting help from her old friend..

I was always right gayatri you will one day want her back.. i always asked you not to give her but you did what you felt right..

ma please why are you bringing the past now.. its all lost now.. and why do you want her now gayatri ji.. rajveer asked her politely.. but she didnt said a word and was unknown that someone was listening to their convo..

i want her here so that she will get whatever belong to her.. you know how much yash and priya suffered she was their own daughter and i want her back now raj , please do something.. raj was about to deny but someone came and assured her…

i will go and bring your granddaughter dadima.. said the only son of khurana’s , the only khurana heir..he was good for nothing according to his father where he was used t avoid his studies and college like plague.Raj was unsure if maan could be able to able to handle the vast khurana empire or all wealth will down the drain.
you remain out of this matter maan , you better do what we want with you, don’t interfere unnecessary in this matter asked raj.

But maan was adamant to help his dadima’s old friend this time he belives that helping her would get him out of the mess that his father is always making him drowned , he wouldn’t be compelled to be a studious khurana heir but a simple maan who was unknown to the world.



8 Replies to “~The mistaken identity ~”

  1. Fabulous Start

    So Maan’s father actually thinks of him as been good for nothing and he wants to help his Daadima
    get her friends grand daughter back that will be interesting to see how he attains to bring back the lost grand daughter

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  2. Interesting start. It looks like Geet was given to someone when she was born. Now her grandmother wants her back. She sought help from Khuranas. Maan who is supposed to be a spoiled son of Khuranas promised to get her back.

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  3. hi there! another story! thanks 4 posting! interesting intro! well written! Maan wants 2 help his dadima’s friend! his dad wants Maan 2 concentrate on wt his expected of Maan! will b waiting!

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