I am sorry ishita , raman’s voice reached ishita’s ears and she was already depressed looked at Raman and his worn out condition. He loved ishita with all his heart and there cannot be anything that he can deny her , there was absolutely nothing but today he was going to give her the news that would shatter her all dreams and hopes . he was going to give her the pain of the lifetime .

Ishita went towards Raman , there was no one in the bhalla house today , everyone were out , Raman’s parents were out for a dinner party and Raman had enough of ishita’s pain and her longing ..

Raman what happened asked a concerned ishita who was seeing a different Raman all together .. Raman held ishita from her shoulders and in a drowsy moment hug her like his all life is depended on her ..

I am sorry ishita.. I am so sorry.. Its all because of me .. Sab meri wajah se hai ishu.. Its because of me.. I can never give you the happiness of being a mother.. Meri wajah se.. Its all because of me you cannot be a mother..
Raman’s words pierced through her ears and she was shattered at a moment a small happiness that she always wanted to have in her life will be never hers tears fell out of her eyes that wetted Raman’s shirt..she held him tightly and let out the tears of their ill fate .. Till now she was in an illusion that it was because of her that she cannot be a mother , but today she knew that it was because of Raman .. No words escaped from her mouth and she slowly parted herself from Raman wiping his tears ..

Raman listen to me.. Why are you crying , we can adopt a baby… We can. You know medical science is so advanced now , you were the only one who told me that we should not loose hope.. She was trying to console while Raman was calm at a place that he was able to flip the situation …

Chances are very less , ten percent ishita.. Raman told the truth to ishita and she nodded.. Smiling wiping his tears.. This was the genuine smile that still her murugan has left some hope in the form of that ten percent , they can just hope now..

There are chances na Raman , and treatment we will do everything that doctors will say i know that we will have our own child..
Ishita consoled Raman while asked her ..

Are you not angry on me ishita.. Meri wajah se… He asked her and she nodded in a no..

This is all destiny Raman not in our hands . we will face this situation together and what if we will not have replica if our love , its not needed Raman I know you love me a lot ,and I don’t need anything other than your love.. Assured a broken ishita.. They were trying for a child from last year and had undergone various tests and medications but today the reports from the best doctors of US whom Raman consulted for them finally told Raman that it was 10 percent chances that ishita could be a mother and Raman knew that ishita cannot bear the fact if she will know the truth so lied to her making sure that she remain calm and will go all the treatment secretly and calmly.. He knew no matter how much she will try to cope up she cannot bear the fact that she is having almost negligible chances to be a mother and Raman cannot see her hopes shattering so he lied to her about him assuring her that she is no where at fault .

Till now she was finding herself the one that she was responsible that they are not able to have a baby when Raman loves children a lot . they were married for almost three years now and when they thought to have a family things didn’t go straight making them to consult doctors but doctors straightly denied ishita that she is infertile but not once Raman let her knew this and secretly consulted doctors from US who gave him hope and to save ishita from the pressure that was building from his family he thought to say the truth taking all the things on himself , no matter how much a family lives their daughter in law they at once blame her and Raman cannot see ishita getting blamed for no fault of hers..




Mr and Mrs bhalla were shocked with the revelation that Raman had said , he infertile.. Raman’s words shook them to the core but still they didn’t said anything..

Mrs bhalla was more concerned about her son ..

Is there any solution Raman , she asked and Raman assured her that he was undergoing the treatment and this can happen to anyone ..

Raman’s words were more like a shock but one person who was still not able to believe was his own father.. He knew Raman and he also knew that santosh would often ask ishita for a child and there is something that Raman was hiding from his family ..

Raman’s eyes said it all but Mr bhalla didn’t make it obvious in front of Raman..

Days turned into months and it was over a year when Raman and ishita were finally thinking to adopt a baby.. Raman was not getting that why ishita was so desperate for the baby , they sometimes had fight and finally Raman had to agree and it was decided that they would adopt a baby after Raman would come back from his overseas trip..

One day ishita was in the kitchen when she fainted .. Mrs bhalla was there helping her when she saw ishita swaying and held her and supported her ..

She took her ishita in her room and asked her to rest ..

Mrs bhalla suspected that ishita could be expecting , she was watching her from last few days and ishita was not herself , she was seeming tired worn out.. She never said this to Raman but she had often seen ishita depressed over the fact that she cannot conceive.. Initially Mrs bhalla used to ask for the baby but after Raman told her the truth she too didn’t asked anything just always consoled ishita but nothing could give her hope..

Ishita was lying on her bed , caressing the small frock that Raman had brought when they were mistaken about ishita’s pregnancy..

Toshiji came to see ishita and saw her lost in that small frock.. She wiped ishita’s tears..

Ishita mata rani par bahrosa rakh puttar.. Ishita couldn’t control her feelings and hugged Mrs bhalla and sobbed uncontrollably .. She didn’t knew why did she feel that things are not going right…

Mummyji.. Why I feel that Raman is hiding something… He is not the same Raman whom I loved. Who knew me.. He is changed mummyji… Toshiji consoled ishita but she still was not sure…

Ishita , Raman is not hiding anything puttar.. And if you don’t believe me usi se puch Lena .. He will not lie to you.. Ishita when he can fight with you to get married then believe him beta..

Toshiji’s words made ishita a little bit calm.. She knew how her ravan kumar loved her , there was no limits for his love and this he proved time to time.. Convincing her to get married when she was already engaged. To abhimanyu..

She knew that Raman was the one who loved her without any conditions and was always with her but still she felt that something was different.. Ishita was talking to Toshiji when she felt that something was coming fro her throat and she ran towards the washroom.. She threw up again and this was almost fifth time she was getting sick .. Toshiji helped her and brought her out of the washroom.. She made her sit and asked her suspiciously..

Ishita puttar why don’t you check with a doctor.. It could be any news.. Puttar may be mata rani listened to you.. Ishita was shocked to hear the words from toshiji and she was out of the words , didn’t knew how can she explain all to her mother in law..

Mummyji.. I a.. I mean you know.. We can’t She tried to say but toshiji caressed her head and gave her support with her words..

But you two are undergoing medical procedures ishita , why don’t you check.. Ishita smiled with tears in her eyes and went to check.. She didn’t had any hope But now she was having hope on toshiji’s words and came back which seemed almost a century and hugged toshiji tight.. She cried out of happiness..

Its positive mummy , its positive.. I can’t believe.. I am carrying.. I am having a baby mummyji.. Thank you. Thank you mummyji… Its all because of you your faith..

Toshiji kissed her forehead and held ishita as she was going too excited..

Ishita calm down and come with me first you need a complete check up from doctor.. She asked her.. Raman had all ready told her why he had lied and she was now very careful as ishita was more of a daughter for her..


next. : ishu knows the truth




  1. Wow Such an Emotional yet Brilliant start
    I don’t know the couple but the story indeed is very Interesting
    Raman lies to Ishita just so she does not break further and blame herself
    but she has also seen him been different and now that she has finally conceived
    I’m sure he’ll be blissfully happy

    Liked by 1 person

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