It was a difficult to even acknowledge that truth, the dirty plot of his so called wife had made him a unwanted pawn in the hands of her unknowingly, losing his own self, it wasn’t a love marriage but was a relationship he was looking forward. He was not a man of so many words but he was not the one who would tolerate nonsense too.
His life turned when he found how his wife had left for her so called lover leaving him and killing the innocent life that was nurturing in her. He never wanted to be an obstacle in surbhi’s life , if she wanted to leave him she would have left , he wouldn’t have stopped her but she killed an innocent life that had just breathed in the new world. He was set as a pawn in the hands of his wife and his child was set as the payback that she took in the form of his life. Sometimes he wonder was this really his fault. He did everything she wanted just one thing he demanded from her and she took the revenge of his words like this.

Closing his eyes he wanted some sleep but every time his eyes would struck at the chocolate brown eyes that he had seen somewhere, the smile that would reach his eyes and his life would again start breathing. Some people never had the privileged of having their own child and some are snatched of that right. He is not  in any of the two categories just because even after having that little life for himself he was not having anything in his hands just a single void.


It was a very chilly morning and the two angels of his life were sleeping cuddling to each other. He went towards them and kissed the feet of his little one , he was very conscious of his sleep and would wake up if parted from his mother. One hand was holding his mother’s hand and his small body was secured properly with his mother’s protective embrace, they were sleeping soundly knowing that he won’t be home any time soon. The only thing his wife and son hated was his extra hours of work but he couldn’t help he wanted some time alone with them so he was doing extra hours so that he could take some holidays and his baby won’t be mad anymore. He went close to them and his baby’s mother held her little cherub much close to her like she knew that he will disturb her baby’s sleep he couldn’t help but smile , his son was very lucky that he had god an angel in the form of his mother loving , protective , caring and she could save him from any danger even if it means losing her life. He went to the other side and kissed the forehead of his wife admiring her innocent beauty and charm leaving the two he went away.

Maan was having a small smile that was a sign of his inner peace and contentment he would have smiled more if the door of his room wouldn’t have knocked disturbing his sleep he looked around and found himself again in the same hotel room again dreaming of a perfect family with his wife and son but the faces were different. He went and opened the door to see the breakfast for him in the early morning and before he could have asked the guy of the room service himself cleared his doubt.

Sir , madam ordered it for you and maan knew that who did this. Nowadays he was not guilty of his dreams , all he wanted was her in the form of his life partner not because he loved her son but because she with her innocence had also managed to enter his heart. The feelings and emotions he never felt for surbhi , he was experiencing for her , GEET..and he wanted to be a part of their small world. Maan was all lost in them, they have been for an official trip but he couldn’t help to admire the beautiful and serene relationship of geet with her son, baby was naughty and geet was a strict mother sometimes , he even got to know that baby loves to play hide and seek and would often see him hiding himself in his mother’s dupatta. His tongue sometimes when out teases maan and maan didn’t knew why but this baby was attracting him towards himself and maan was falling in love with that little soul even unknown to him.

Even he had tried hard to find his own baby but baby dhruv held a special place in his life, maan’s detectives were searching for the whereabouts of his lost baby. Till now he only got the hold of a goon and didn’t find anything, sometimes he wants to kill surbhi so that he would be rid of the pain and guilt but other moment dhruv’s innocent smile makes him to live and dream for a better life. It was another such day maan volunteered geet that he would look after her baby for the time being she was busy , maan was having baby in his arms when his cell buzzed and he was given some information about his lost baby. There were the pictures of baby he never expected one side baby dhruv was playing with maan’s beard and other side maan was seeing the girl who saved the life of a small baby accepting him as her own. Maan looked at baby and the tears which never flow till now found their way and he cried holding baby close to his heart wiping all the pain and guilt he was having.

He is mine.. He is my baby, this sweet little munchkin is mine.. Maan held his son like he was holding his life , he was too surprised , shocked , thrilled and like his son knew that it was him he gave him the most sweetest smile that maan would have ever know.. He kissed his little hands tears were there in his eyes and his heart was full of love that was yearning to love his little one.. Baby you are my baby.. My dhruv , maan kissed his little feet and baby giggled his son knew him a part of him told him.

You are my dhruv..maan asked the little one and he showed his daddy dearest his tongue making maan smile, his baby was indeed his.. and again looked at geet’s photograph and one lone tear escaped his eye thinking how much she went through all these months alone , she took the responsibility of an unknown child who was abandoned and he couldn’t even know. He wanted to thank her million times for saving his baby but couldn’t even form a word nothing came in his mind just the thought that baby deserved her more and he will have to win her love and his son. Maan looked at dhruv who was trying to scratch his face trying to wipe those tears and maan brought his to his face kissing him again.. his soft cheeks were rubbed with maan’s stubble and his baby made a face making maan know what he wants him to do. He took him to the window making him show the ice covered mountains and initiated man to man talks with his little one.

Baby you have to help me to woo your mumma.. Maan talked with his three month old who was looking at his father so intently like he could understand. Maan kissed his cheeks asking him again..

Dhruv will help his dadda.. Maan asked seeing his baby with expectant expression and his son nodded in a no or it appeared to maan that his son was not ready to let him involve in their lives.

Baby won’t you help , your dadda loves mumma.. And dadda loves baby too maan confessed making his baby chuckle as maan felt baby holding his finger and maan took him in his arms knowing his clear intentions of playing now..

As future to the EAD season 1 alternate ending

Last story was not a love story

While this will be a typical love story of MAAN AND GEET

So how many readers are waiting





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