we will introduce geet as maan’s wife in the party to some of our close relatives raj , said the head of the family , raj looked at his wife who was with her mother in law in this decision and maan was not in KM  at that moment he was away with his wife and savitri devi knew that what she has to do next she knew her grandson very well and seeing raj agreeing to her words she knew that this was nothing new but it was just he was much more tensed about maan.


Naina looked at her mother in law she couldn’t understand how ma could even suggest that when she had already talked to her regarding this whole fiasco especially where maan is concerned.


Raj : ma I think that will be better , we can arrange for a get together or press conference. All the people have been asking me about maan and I have no answer at least we can shut their mouths now. I don’t trust my son anymore. Raj left saying his words, his only son had been a headache for him recently and he couldn’t even now ask him to change. Maan had been always careless but when it came to KC he had a bit of understanding but in personal relationships he was lacking. He had thought that maan was now of the age to get married. For him it was better to get his son married after twenty five then to see him loitering here and there having affairs. Not that raj didn’t knew about maan’s short affairs but he knew that none of them were kind of permanent type. So he had arranged his alliance with his friend’s daughter Natasha and one thing he still had to confront to his son about how he could marry without letting anyone know.


Meanwhile, maan had geet forcibly sitting beside him. She was boiling in anger, it was her own guilt that was making her choke. For once she wanted to kill the person who was sitting beside her but she couldn’t she know that she couldn’t say a word. Her future depends on this act.

Maan was stealing glances towards him when he asked her,


Geet where do you want to go..? He wanted to have a conversation with her but she was still not ready and snapped at him. She wanted sometime alone for herself but maan didn’t gave her any, his demands never ends.


Nowhere, stop on some side, I can handle my problems sir, she said in a rude tone and maan snapped at her making her look at him with some fear.


Don’t have to be resentful geet , I just need some time with you, you know that I just want this to end soon and drop this attitude of yours, even you know that MSK doesn’t keep anything so think before you speak anything. You may have been living with me in the manor but that doesn’t change anything. His words pierced her hard and she just looked away wiping the tears that flow out of her eyes.


Geet didn’t speak anything but she wanted to run away at that moment. Maan reached the place where amelia was living and he opened geet’s side and she didn’t know why he wanted her. What will she do here? She was greeted with a horrible display of affection. Amelia and maan were holding each other like their life was depended on each other and geet averted her eyes when she saw that they were all over each other kissing, she felt awful and before she could think anything, she heard amelia yelling at maan.


Why did you brought her here maan, you have betrayed me enough and here I am a fool who is trying to find my love in you.. She turned her back. And maan was mum, his composure was giving geet the goosebumps not knowing what will happen next.


She is nothing mia. Maan’s words broke something in geet. He was not only arrogant and ruthless liar but he was heartless also that geet got she turned and was about to leave straight when maan’s words stopped geet.


She is not my wife mia, it is a plot to save me from getting married to Natasha. She is just helping me sweetheart. Geet is my secretary and she is just acting right now. Maan’s justification was making amelia more angry, why did he to pretend of having a wife. What will she do if his family doesn’t accept her? Maan was the only heir of the fortune and she know that even if the status will not matter but the cultural difference will become problem and now he is also having a pretend wife that was confusing her than making any sense.




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5 Replies to “A BIT OF LIE PART 7”

  1. Maan taking Geet with him to meet Amelia and his words were
    crude and harsh she is the person helping him yet he has no heart to hurl words at her
    saying she is nothing just his secetary and pretense wife
    oh Geet should let him pay for all this
    but he is so blinded in his love for Amelia that he does not realize he is treating Geet with such disrespect

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  2. wht everybody is thinking n wht maan doing………playing with emotions of others……..

    nice update…

    loved it …

    thank u very much fr d lovely update…

    eagerly waiting fr d nxt prt…

    continue soon plz…

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  3. hi thanks 4 da superb update! wonderfully written! Ahh Hate this Maan! he is using Geet! Geet’s anger is justified! Maan loves Mia so y doesn’t he tell his parents! Geet disgusted with Maan! he is so mean! Mia upset with Maan!


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