Three little khurana’s #1

Triplets , are you sure doctor , I mean are you really sure that geet is carrying triplets asked a frantic would be father. No not father but dadda. Yes , dadda. He was not some fool who would want their baby to call him father. For god sake maan was not living in some Victorian era and he had always wanted Jr. Khurana to call him dadda and now he was sure that he would make the Jr. Khuranas to call him dadda. The initial shock after hearing that his intended was carrying triplets sink in him. He looked at the people who were standing beside him. His best friend arjun , his dad , mom and he was relieved that his dadima was not there.

Well khurana , you broke the family tradition , Triplets , good going , I am going to be the chachu of three at once. His words clearly tried to encourage maan but maan was quite disturbed. He looked in his father’s direction and he knew that he was in a good interrogation to be done once he will be at the mansion.
Raj uncle , there will be three little khurana’s running at KM now. Arjun said smirking. Maan glared at Arjun and he went to see his wife. Well would be wife.

Maan looked at the sleeping form of his love. Yes , love he had fallen hopelessly in love with the beautiful geet handa , she was his secretary and now he was sure that she would be his with all means even if he had to kill anyone. Maan caressed her tummy with his rough hands. Three babies at once , he was shocked , surprised , happy and what not he couldn’t even describe. She was beautiful even in her sleep. A smile crept on his lips as he saw the monitor showing three little dots showing their little ones. Family tradition or not maan knew that he will love his little ones so much. And his dad would probably have a heart attack when he will know that maan was Planning to have more than one child that was as per his family tradition.


3 Replies to “Three little khurana’s #1”

  1. hello! superb update! excellently written! love the update! Maaneet expecting twins! Maan stupefied n happy! Arjun teases Maan! he admires his love Geet! he is emotional seeing the scan! as Khuranas family tradition is one child n nw Maan breaking this tradition! thanks! continue soon!


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