Part 1

There , he was working on a very important project. It will fetch KC millions and he knew that his dad will want nothing but the perfection from him. Looking at the files in front of him , he sighed , he didn’t want one more scolding from him. He was just twenty three and already making his own name in the business world. A lively person who loves to enjoy his life. Maan was simple and had his own set of affairs. And was not so serious for any of them. Maan looked at the clock , it was ten in the night and he had successful finished the file and presentation. Stretching his arms he looked around and saw the dullness of the night. It was weekend , and KC would remain close next day for the employees but he has to make his appearance the next day too. Ahh maan sighed that means no more sleeping late. He grabbed the keys of the car and left the KC premises. Maan had just reached the parking when suddenly with a force something pushed him or someone pushed him making him fall on the ground and a heavy weight was on him. Well it was not so heavy but was definitely a toned body.
What the hell.. Maan yelled in the top of his voice. His eyes were struck and he pushed the weight off him and the person who had fallen on him , suddenly tried to straighten. He was having a bit of curly hair and eyes exactly like maan, dark brown even facial structure was like him and not to forget those perfect M shaped lips.
The person looked around and saw with whom he bumped and his eyes sent wide with the realisation. Where was he, where did he land up. And the person in front of him was none other than THE MAAN SINGH KHURANA. , THE MSK ,whom business world fears. But right now he was looking different. Very different or say young.
Maan saw the young man in front of him. He was in a kind of shock and maan seeing him in a lost state tried to pull him with him.
Hey , you alright ?..Maan asked the young lad, you alright there he asked and the words that came out of his mouth shocked him.
No.. No I am not bloody alright.. Dad.. I .. I am actually here .. Dad I am here in 2017.. Oh god.. No no babaji.. It worked.. Mom ke babaji it worked.. I am in 2017.. His excitement and broken words made maan to snap him out of his own dream land.
What’s wrong.. Who are you.. And who dad. Maan tried to sound confident when he was scared with the creature in front of him.
You.. Dad.. My dad.. Oh I am so sorry I forget, this is not 2037.. Let me introduce my self I am Dhruv khurana , dhruv maan Singh khurana. Son of maan Singh khurana and geet maan Singh khurana.

Just for fun.



  1. fab update! congrats on the story! Its the future – year 2037. Maan flabbergasted seeing a young man looking js like him! he meets his son Dhruv Khurana!

    Liked by 1 person

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