Mending hearts ~ SEASON 2

Part 1

Sir, here is the file said the loyal and trustworthy employee of MAAN KHURANA. He looked and the contents and his anger grew hundred times as it was. There was a clear information on how he was cheated and with how much. The statements and the monetary transactions were not much that couldn’t be handled. He was the sole owner of his empire. Hia everything was created by his own and he didn’t needed anything else.looking at the file that showed him the transaction of a 2 billion made him shocked.

The money doesn’t matter but the loyalty that he demanded from his staff was missing. His eyes were red and he flipped the pages of the same file. Along with the monetary transactions there were so many other documents telling him how blind he was. Cheated was one thing he felt but this was not acceptable. As maan was having the file his mind was diverted by adi.
Sir , there’s more its not only monetary dealings but apparently , vikrant was using your name for his illegal dealings. He forwarded the next file to maan and maan knew that this was true. He needed no justification. His anger was building up and next he was given the information that he knew would make him actually helpless.
Sir, look at this file too. Adi gave a red file to maan and maan glanced at the file and asked adi about the same. Till now adi had briefed him about each and everything but this thing was new to him. He was just given the file.
What is this adi ? Is there anything more that vikrant khanna has done. I want to know each and every detail.
Sir its not related to vikrant but samaira madam.
Maan opened the file and saw the reports it was a pregnancy report and what made him completely shocked that what his fiance had done.
Pregnant. Samaira is pregnant adi , why the hell are you giving me this. Maan had missed some important parts and when he read further. His eyes went wide.
Get her adi , get that girl who is having my child . we need her to abort the child before its too late.
His voice was low and eyes red as he slammed the file on the table.

That was for part 1


6 Replies to “MENDING HEARTS 2 || PART 1”

  1. congrats on season 2! terrific start! Maan livid as Vikrant cheated him! Adi tells Maan Sam is pregnant! Maan shocked! bt who is that girl? wt did Sam do?? update soon


  2. Interesting start. Vikrant has cheated Maan with huge money and also using Maan’s name for his illegal dealings. Sameera is pregnant with Maan’s child and Maan wants to abort this child.
    Waiting for next part.


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